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random questions

What types of actions are conisdered part of maintenance? rip rom tac-p
what is the purpose of the maintenance process to sustain a capability to support the flying and training missions.
difference between on and off equipment on: typically work performed on aircraft or support equipment off: typically work performed in a repair shop on components removed during on equipment maintenance.
example of org-level maint. an operational check of the alq-131 pod while loaded on an aircraft
what type of document is 21-101 afi
mxs is comprised of which flights TAMPA FAM
for what is pmel responsible maintains, calibrates and certifies tmde using standards from the NIST.
avionics flight primarily performs offequipment maintenance on what systems/equipment avionics components, electronic warfare systems and sensor pods, airborne video tape recording systems, and airborne photographic systems
role of qa assess, analyze and identify problem areas. assess quality of training, determine aircraft and equipment condition, and create reliability and maintainability
how does qa identify trends and problem areas collecting- performance data performing- inspections & spec. assessments recommending- possiible corrective actions to supervisors providing- on the spot assistance
what does AFMAN 23-110, volume 6 cover policies and procedures for af participation in the DoD Precious Metals Recovery Program
organizational refusal is annotated on which form? dd form 1348-1a
in what t.o are procedures for submitting deficiency reports found? to 00-35d-54
what does a warranty explain and identify EXPLAINS responsibilities of manufacturer and purchaser IDENTIFIES how long by operating time of calendar time the manufacturer is responsible for equipment
where can you find procedures and responsibilities for acquiring, administering....etc on WSWs (weapon system warranties) afmn 64-110
when is an isochronal inspection completed? why at this time? on the due date, regardless of hrs flown in order to accommodate aircraft scheduling.
when is a basic postlight inspection done after the last flight of the flying period.
what is the purpose of an acceptance inspection to ensure the equpment received is in fact serviceable and all requiered documentation is accurate
when are periodic inspect.s and lubracation reqrmnts done? on a recurring, scheduled basis.
what 3 activiies are normally done during a periodic inspection cleaning, corrosion control and lubrication
list 6 types of directive standard publications afpd afdd-doctrine documents afi afman afs oi-operating instructions
what is the purpose of an afs extend or add material to publications issued by higher headquarters or agencies
what is an abbreviated to and what is purpose excerpts from 1 or more basic tos that organize and simplify instructions. purpose is to give clear instructions, criteria and safty warnings for performing inspections or tasks.
what is the purpose of a mpto togive general info and sinturctions in various subject areas for supervisory or admin personnel
purpose of tcts media through which extensive modifications and modernization programs are directed.
diff between urgent and immed. action tctos immed. requires immed action to remove aircrafgt or effected equipm. from service while urgent actions tctos do not.
what type of form is the 614 af form
what action must you takd if you find a to deficiency must submit a recommended chaNGE ON AFTO FORM 22
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