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ADM1370 Module 1

Web 2.0

Characteristics of Web 2.0 (4points) -Tap into users -Relies of user data/content -Lightweight programming allows ease of being a web site developer -Quick application changes to meet needs
What are Mashups? A web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool
What are some of the benefits of using Mashups in organizations? Simplicity, Usability, and ease of access.
Why are mashups referred to as a disruptive technology for businesses? Business users with little technical ability will be able to create their own mashups and assemble them in dashboards. This will introduce security and privacy challenges for the IT industry
Web harvesting The transformation of unstructured Web content into structured data that can be stored and analyzed
What is an API? Definition and 2points. An API (application programming interface) is an abstraction that allows interactions used by software
What is Abstraction? Abstraction takes out/hide/remove characteristic to reduce it down to the essentials. Takes out unwanted details
How do you access an API? By typing down an URL, inside the URL are parameters, typically followed after the “?”
Types of Mashups Presentation mashups: Enhances user interface Process mashups:inter-process communication and message queues. Data mashups: Integrated at data level
Disruptor Anything that introduces a significant change in industries, disrupting normal business operations
Enterprise system Single software system that integrates key business process of entire firm, enabling seamless information flow. Focuses on the internal process
Enterprise 2.0 Technology and business practices freeing workforce from communication and productivity tool constraints such as email. It is also a web of interconnected applications/services and devices
Five forces model (center) rivalry among existing competitors -buyer power -supplier power -threat of new entrant -threat of substitutes
Digitization Replacement of physical tasks by digital means Eg. Facebook = social digitization
Impact of IT -Internet growth and convergence -Flattened and decentralized business enterprise -Growth of globally connected economy (world market competition) -Growth of knowledge/information based economies (Emergence of digital firm)
Flatteners of the world 1.Fall of berlin wall 2.Netscape browser 3.World flow software 4.Open sourcing 5.Outsourcing (Talent/low cost) 6.Offshoring (china factories) 7.Supply chaining (collaboration of suppliers, retailers, and customers) 8.Insourcing 9.Informing 10.
Mashup composition - API content providers (content being mashed) - Mashup site (host) - Client’s web browser (use sees graphically)
Enterprise social network Social network owned and operated by one enterprise, members are usually employees
Digital goods (and costs) Goods that can be delivered over a digital network Insignificant marginal costs, lower delivery costs
Business social network Social network owned and operated by one enterprise, members are usually employees
Social marketplace Online community using social networking power to introduce, buy, sell products, services, and resources
Why is the world flattening? Time and space used to be barriers, not anymore
IT impact on oganization/behaviour -broadens distribution of timely information -increases speed of decision-making -empowers lower-level employees -increases management span of control -flattens organizations
Social Network Place where people create their own place and share (ideas, pictures, blogs, videos etc...)
What is a web API? A web API is a set of Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) request messages along with a definition of the structure of response messages.
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