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parasites excluding protozoa

Name the 7 species of clinically significant nematodes. Enterobius vermicularis, Trichuris trichiura, Ascaris lumbricoides, Necator Americanus, Ancylostoma duodenale, Strongyloides stercoralis, Trichinella spiralis
What are the 2 molts ovum undergo to become adults? Rhabdiform and Filariform
What is the Rhabdiform? feeding, non-infective form
What is the Filariform? nonfeeding, infective form
The cellulose tape method is used to collect what species? Enterobius vermicularis
What is the common name for Enterobius vermicularis? pinworm
Which form is the infective form of the pinworm? ova
How can male and female pinworms be differentiated? Females are larger and have a pointy tail while males have a curly tail
Describe the digestive system of Nematodes. Complete digestive system with both oral and anal openings
What is the definitive host for Nematodes? humans
What is the common name for Nematodes? roundworms
Describe the physical appearance of Nematodes. cylindrical, non-segmented, tough exterior cuticle
How many species of Nematodes exist? ~500K (most are free living)
Where do the adult female Enterobius vermicularis lay their eggs? on the perianal folds
Which age group is pinworm most prevalent among? children
Describe the appearance of the pinworm ova. smooth edge, oval-shaped with one side of the ova being flat, center may appear grainy or the larva may be folded up inside.
Which Nematode is refered to as the large intestine round worm and is common in dogs and cats? Ascaris lumbricoides
How many ova can an Ascaris lumbricoides adult female lay per day? thousands
What are the four forms Ascaris lumbricoides can exist in? corticated or decorticate and fertile or infertile
Which species of Nematodes migrates through the lungs and matures in the trachea? Ascaris lumbricoides
How large can an Ascaris lumbricoides worm get? As large as a pencil
What is the danger with Ascaris lumbricoides? Size and tendency to migrate
What species of Nematodes is known to cause intestinal blockages? Ascaris lumbricoides
What laboratory technique is used in the identification of Ascaris lumbricoides? Iodine wet mount
Which form of Ascaris lumbricoides is both the diagnostic and infective form? Ovum
What is the common name for Trichuris trichiura? Whipworm
What age group is the whipworm most prevalent? children
Describe the appearance of the whipworm ovum. football-shaped with hyaline plugs on each end, similar in size to the pinworm
What laboratory technique is used to identify whipworm? Iodine wet mount
What is one of the scientific name for Hookworm? Necator americanus (New World) or Ancylostoma duodenale (Old World)
How can the ova of Necator americanus and Ancylostoma duodenale be differentiated? they cannot!!
What is the infective form of Hookworm? Filariform larva
Which ovum is known to have a shouldered operculum? Clonorchis sinensis
What is the source of cutaneous hookworm? skin exposure to filariform larvae in dog or cat feces
What is the clinical picture of cutaneous hookworm? migration tunnels with intense itching
What is the source of visceral hookworm? Ingestion of ova from dog or cat feces
What is the clinical picture of visceral hookworm? fever, pneumonitis, hepatomegaly, eosinophilia, CNS infections
What is the etiology of visceral hookworm? Toxocara cani and Toxocara cati
What is key to note about the buccal cavity of the hookworm? long buccal cavity
What is another name for thread worm? Strongyloides stercoralis
What is the diagnostic form of threadworm? Rhabditiform
What is key to note about the thread worm buccal cavity? short buccal cavity
Which species diagnostic form is encysted larvae in muscle? Trichenella spiralis
What is another name for eye worm? Loa Loa
What are the clinical symptoms associated with Trichinella spiralis? muscle pain and weakness
How are humans infected by Trichenella spiralis? ingestion of wild game meat or raw pork
What are the general characteristics of flatworms? dorsoventrally flattened, solid body with no cavity, hermaphroditic, life cycles typically involve one or more intermediate hosts
What are the two types of flatworms? Cestodes and Trematodes
What is a proglottid? individual unit of the strobila which produces eggs.
How are humans infected by dwarf tapeworm? when they ingest cysticercoid-infected arthropods
What is another name for dwarf tapeworm? H nana
Which species is known for having a hexicanth embryo and bipolar filaments? H nana
What is another name for beef tapeworm? Taenia saginata
What is another name for pork tapeworm? Taenia solium
Describe the ova of Taenia species. hexicant embryo with radial striations
What is the infective form of Taenia species? cysticercus larvae in muscle
What does the scolex of Taenia solium look like? 4 suckers with hooks=armed rostellum
What does the Taenia saginata scolex look like? 4 suckers with no hooks=unarmed rostellum
What is another name for broad or fish tapeworm? D. latum
What does the D. latum scolex look like? has 2 sucking grooves
How are humans infected by D.latum? fish ingest plerocercoid larva and humans ingests raw or undercooked fish
What are the 2 intermediate host of D.latum? crustaceans and fish
What do the proglottids of fish tapeworm look like? broad with clustered uterus
What does the ova of D. latum ovum look like? operculum on one end and an avoperculam knob on the other end
What is sparganosis? infection in humans by plerocercoid larvae of various diphyllobothriid larvae
What are general characteristics of Trematodes? ventral and oral sucking discs, very thin, leaf-shaped
What is another name for large intestine fluke? F. buski
What is the infective form of F. buski? metacircarie on plants
What do the F. buski ovum look like? large and operculated
What species' infectivity is associated with water chestnuts? F. buski
What is another name for liver fluke? Clonorchis sinensis
What is the infective form of Clonorchis sinensis? metacariae in fish muscle
What is another name for lung fluke? Paragonomus westermani
What is the intermediate host for lung fluke? snail and crayfish
What does the Paragonomus westermani ovum look like? operculated on one end and thickening on the other end
What are other names for schistosomiasis? bilharziasis, snail fever, swamp fever
What is Katayama's fever? immune-mediated against ova
What is Swimmer's itch? dermatitis due to cercaria
Created by: Tabi84
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