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NCSC Humanties 1-2-3

Mr Butts Humanities test on chapters 1, 2, 3

In our modern secular age the humanities are considered to be the fine arts as opposed to pure math & pure science Definition of Humanities
Ideas Objects or events that we care deeply about & that have great importance to us Values
A personal selection of values which become an integral part of what we perceive as our self Taste
The organization of the medium through line, shape, color, texture & composition that clarifies or reveals the subject matter of the painting (artistic elements) Artistic Form (relates to Formal Values)
The meaning of the work of art -- the more general, perhaps universal, idea that lies behind the subject matter -- i.e. what it is about Content
The intensely active involvement with a work of art during which we analyze its artistic for in order to dustcover the content embodies in it & the subject natter that the content interprets. Participation
What we observe when we look at a work of art Perception
What we know (or think we know) about the work of art which we perceive Conception
The continuous marking made by moving a point across a surface line
An area in a painting, print or drawing defined by line, color, or texture. They can represent all or part of some real thing in the real world or be totally out of the artist's imagination. Shape
the property of light of a particular wavelength reflected from an object in the real world or from a painted surface in a work of art. Color
Hue, Saturation, Value Three dimensions of color
The color name (red, orange, yellow, etc) Hue
The intensity, purity, vividness of the color Saturation
The lightness or darkness of the color Value
The basic hue mixed with white Tint
The basic hue mixed with black or it's complement Tone
a circular arrangement of colors like the face of a clocked Color Wheel
Colors which cannot be made by mixing other colors (red, yellow, and blue) Primary Colors
Colors made by mixing primary colors Secondary Colors
Colors made by mixing primary and secondary colors Tertiary Colors
The illusion of real textures from the real world in representational painting or actual tactile surface of the paint itself Texture
This is how the artists combines line, shape, color & texture to make a work of art. It cab be done to create either a 2D or 3D Composition
The illusion of depth into space is created by placing things that are supposed to be farther back in the painted world higher up on the picture plane Aerial Perspective (Birds eye perspective)
The analysis and evaluation of a work of art. Criticism
Description of the subject matter & form of a work of art Descriptive Criticism
Explication of the content of a work of art Interpretive Criticism
Judgment of the merits of a work of art Evaluative Criticism
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