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Stack #605467

TKMB Vocabulary (1)

assuaged smooth over
dictum speech
chattels belongings
impotent powerless
taciturn silent, uncommunicative
synonymous same as
dispatched sent off
imprudent not wise
talcum body powder
vague unclear
detachment not connected
entity thing
revelation discovery
eccentric unconventional
repertoire schedule
teemed full of
vapid dull
malevolent harmful
phantom ghost
stealthy crafty
morbid gruesome
nocturnal active at night
culprit person that is guilty
predilection a special liking
domiciled living
flivver a small automobile
conceded admit it defeat
nebulous hazy or confused
ramrod a cleaning rod fort he barrel of a firearm
diverted reroute, change path
gauges digs out
concession giving in in an argument
terrain landscape
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