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Settings and Policies affecting OT services

What federal legislation includes OT specifically as a related service for eligible students with disabiliites between ages 3-21 IDEA Part B
What federal legislation spefically include OT as a primary service for infants and toddlers wo are experiencing developmental delays IDEA Part C
What does IDEA's acronymn mean Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act
What does ESEA stand for Elementary and Secondary Education Act
What does NCLB acronymn mean No child left behind
What is when public schools have to raise educational achievements for all children (children who do not speak english, disabilites, or those from disadvantaged backgrounds ESEA
When children are not elgible under IDEA they may be covered under which law in order to receive services ADA, American Disability Act or Rehabilitation Act ( section 504) of 1973
What things are covered under ADA and section 504 Rehab act environmental adapations, reasonable accomadations, and accessbility in the learning environment
Which law requires the state to match program provide medical health services for low infome children and adults. Social Security Act of 1965, but amended Medicaid
OT is optional service with social security act but under this regulations OT services are mandatory Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis Treatment (EPSDT)
Medicaid covers occupational services in early prevention and school based programs but must meet medical and educational need requirements. T or F True
A federal funded program that provides comprehensive developmental services to economicaly disadvantaged children (0-5 years) aside from IDEA part C. Improving Head Start for school readiness
This program provides acccess to adadaptive or assistive equipment for children with disabilities who participate fully in education, employment, and daily activities Assistive technology act of 2004
The US department of agriculture food and nutrition service requires _______________food substitutions or modicfications of school meals for students whose disabilities restrict diets National school breakfast and lunch programs
What are the five developmental areas (1 present) that a child must have to qualify IDEA part C Social-emotional, physical (hearing or blindness), cognitive, communication, and adaptive.
What age covers early intervention with IDEA 0-2 years old
What age covers childhood or school aged under IDEA 3-21 years old
What type of plans ensure outcomes are developed collaboratively or transdisplinary IFSP and IEP
What are IFSP's individual family service plan
What are IEP's Individual education plans
Promote independence in self-care (ADL's), collaborate with parents for safe positioning and modification of food textures to enhance eating Adaptation (one of five developmental areas)
Promote ability to notice and attend to objects and people in the environment; sort and classify objects....generalize learning, sequencing steps to complete ADL Cognitve (one of the five developmental areas)
Faciliate language development through social interactions, assistive communication devices, swithches, toys Communication (one of the five developmental areas)
Self regulation, social participation, and play through interactions with peers and adults Social-emotional (one of the five developmental areas)
movement for exploration of the environment, faciliate use of arms and hands to handle or manipulate objects, educate caregivers in handling and positioning techniques Physical (one of the five developmental areas)
What is EIS? Early intervention Services which provides supports for students K-12 who are struggling with learning behavior
What is RtI? response to intervention-is a part of second revision to IDEA which closely monitors how students respond to different types of services and instruction as a prevention strategy of child going to a restricted special ed classroom
What two provisions were made to IDEA in 2004 early intervention services and response to intervention
EIS and RtI are services address certain behavior and learning problems but are rendereed to entire school population
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