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food web words

biology final exam review

biology worddefinition
analysis interpretation of data
biology science that seek to understand the living world
cellular respiration releases energy by breaking down glucose and food molecules with oxygen present
diffusion when molecules move are moved through protein channels
osmosis movement of water according to the gradient
photosynthesis process inwhich autotrophs use light to convert water, co2, into energy compounds usable by the plant; glucose
cell cycle series of events that the cell goes through to grow and divide
replication copying process in which cell duplicates its
heterozygous organism that has two different alleles for one trait
hybrid offspring of crosses between parents of different traits
incomplete dominance situation in which one allele is not completely dominant over the other
principle of independent assortment alleles of different genes; usually segregated
autotroph an organism that makes its own food
biodiversity total of variety of organisms in the biospherean organism that obtains energy throught the consumation of other animals
carnivore an organism that obtains energy through the consumation of other animals
commensalism process in which one member is helped, the other is normal
consumer organisms that gains energy by consuming other organisms
decomposer organisms that gain energy through dead organisms
food chain series of steps in which energy is transformed by being consumed
food web complex interactions formed by feeding relationships between many organisms
herbivore organism that obtains energy by eating only plants
heterotroph organism that eats for energy; called a consumer
limiting factor factor that causes the growth of the population to decrease
mutualism when both organisms benefit from the relationship
omnivore eats bothe plants and animals for energy
succession a series of predictable changes overtime
trophic level a step in food chain or food web
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