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Chinese Lit

Chinese Literature

Didactic Literature Instructs its readers
Maxim Statement of general truth about human behavior,or offing advice.
Anecdote brief story that focuses on a single interesting event
Parable brief story
Confucius 551-479 BC
Confucius was the Foundation of Chinese thought and society
Concfucius had A failed political career
Confucius grew to be a respected teacher
Analects written by Conficius,collection of about 500 sayings,put together after his death
3 most important concepts Jen, Junzi, and Li
Jen Humanity-highest ideal for moral behavior
Junzi gentleman-person commited to ethical life
Li ritual-proper conduct
Paralleism similar to grammatical constructions to express ideas that are related or equal in importance.
Lao-Tzu from the Tao Te Ching 81 pgs. best known work of Chinese lit. (2nd most translated book in history)
Wisdom of the Tao Te Ching moves from observation pf the disharmony and struggles in the world to insight into how to create peace and simplicity in life.
Lao Tzu credited for being forrst philosopher of Taoism
From Chuang Tzu The Fish Rejoice express his belief in the unity of the Tao
How do Confucianism and Taoism differ? Confucianism-teachings promote and active life...Taoism-focuses on the individual being in harmony with the Tao and not seeking a busy successful life.
Book of Odes most ancient works of Chinese lit. dates back to 1000 BC
Li po best known poet in China
Li Po wrote about friendship, drinking, nature, solitude, love, and his yearning for other times and places
Tu Fu Talent not recognized during his time, failed political career
Tu Fu wrote about event of his time-devastation of war, the decay of the Chinese society, and the suffering of the common people
Li Po and Tu Fu Li Po-Taoist romantic, bold and original...Tu Fu-Confucian moralist, wrote carefully crafted poems
Li Ch'ing-chao China's greatest female poet
Li Ch'ing-chao wrote lyric poetry-poems in which the speakers express personal thoughts and feelings.
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