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TKAM #1-20

Vocab for quiz.

condescended to treat or deal with people in a patronizing or superior manner
contemptuous feeling comtempt towards another; scornful or derisive
contentious likley to argue and create a controversy; belligerent
cordially acting with warmth or sincerity; in a kindly or friendly manner
denunciation a public attack or condemnation; a public censure
deportment manner of conduct or behavior
diminutive extremly small; tiny; petite
disapprobation strong dissaproval; moral condemnation
dispensation the act of dispensing, of handing or giving out
ecclesiastical of or related to a church or religious institution
aberrations deviations or changes from what is normal or expected
acquiescence passice assent or agreement without protest
apothecary an individual who prepares or sells drugs or medicines; a pharmacist
arbitrated to judge or settle a dispute or dissagrement
asinine completley foolish or silly; ridiculous
assuaged having been calmed, eased, or pacified
auspicious suggesting a favorable outcome; propitious; likley to have a positive result
austere strict or severe in discipline
benevolence an inclination to preform kind, generous acts
benign showing gentleness and kindness
Created by: spotgurl7