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When standing a gate watch, lyou should be aware that a blud I.D. card belongs to _____ personnel? 0
You should conficate the I.D. card of a person who has a tan card with an indefinite expiration unless the person is _____? 0
A failed compoonent affects safety of flight, you report it on what format? Failures or unsatisfactor conditions of aeronautical materiel affcting SAFETY OF FLIGHT shall be reported by message UR.
A hazard of imminent danger requires that for CG-5082 be posted for _____ days or until abatement. The form shall be posted for a minimum of 3 days.
What color identifies first aid stations or kits? Green shall be used for the identification of first aid equipment. It shall be painted on first aid and medicine cabinets, stretcher boxes, cabinets for gas masks, safety showers, and for all signs relating to first aid and safety.
Who is the lowest ranking authority to sign the investigating offeicer line of a UR? The Engineering Officer may designate a qualified commissioned officer, warrant officer, or petty officer as investigating officer.
If you submit a message UR, what must you follow up with? The message constitutes an urgent interim Unsatisfactory Report and must be followed by a completed for CG-4010 and associated UR tags.
Who is responsible for establishing guidelines for unit towing safety? Each CO shall ensure his or her unit has a well defined towing plan.
Which command sponsored board uses instrument rated pilots and qualified crewman from each position? A Flight Examining Board (FEB composed entirely of designated flight examiners representing pilots and each enlisted aircrew position shall be established.
Which department provides the aviation gas free engineer? Aviation Gas Free Engineer (AVGFE). The Aviation Gas Free Engineer will normally be the Quality Assurance Officer, Assistant Engineering Officer, or Maintenance Officer. The AVGFE manages the engineering department's Gas Free Engineering Program.
Aircraft parts pooling must be authorized by _____. The decision to parts pool rests with the Product Line staff at ALC.
Which Coast Guard aviation units are required to keep oil sampling gear on hand? USCG aviatin facilities must participate in the Joint Oil Analysis Program.
Refuelers must be kept how many feet form another aircraft? WARNING: refulers shall NEVER: be parked pinting towards any part of the aircraft., be driven closer than 10 feet from any point on the aircraft, be left less than 25 feet from a fueling port or vent, be backed near an aircraft.
Who may authorize component testing in USCG aircragt? No in-flight testing will be conducted without authorization from Commandant (G-OCA).
Who authorizes modifications to Coast Guard aircraft? No modifications or changes (including teporarily installed sound systems) will be made without authorization form the Commandant (G-SEA)
The purpose of using a Tennant sweeper on the hanger deck is_____? The primary purpose of hangar deck sweepers is FOD control.
The onlyt class of shop authorized to salvage an HH-60 is _____? Polar class icebreakers are the only Coast Guard vessels considered adequate for recovering an HH_60 helicapter.
How long are completed ACMS cards maintained by the engineering department? Inspection/Discrepancy records. Completed MPCs will be retained for 90 days;Then may be discarded. Maintenance Discrepancy reports and CG-5181 carry forward discrepancies, (Jetform filler) wil be retained by unit for a period of 12 months; they may then b
Type III allowance is determined by _____? Comsumale aeronautical materiel, less avionics, with a wnit price less than $250 and procurable from an Other Government Agency( OGA) source. Units set their own allowance quantities and procure materiel using unit AFC 30 Funds.
A scheduled component change can be completed as many as _____ daus before due time? 30 day s/ 10% maximum for scheduled component changes.
What form must be filled out when processing a member for NJP? Booking Chit- completion of a Report of Offense and Disposition (CG-4910) often called a "booking" or "report" chit) is often the first step in the NJP process.
Which CG aircraft have emergency floatation gear? Only the HH-60 helicopters have emergency floatation systems.
What manuyal outlines the required technical training for Coast Guard aviation personnel? Residential training available to Coast Guard aviation maintenance personnel ranges from intorductory level apprentice courses to specific components or system training. These schools are labeled class "A","B", and "C" Specific information on approved sch
Which officer is responsible for aircraft inventory before aircraft transfer? The Aviation Materiel Officer will ensure inventory of aircraft is completed upon receipt and transfer and ensure that porper inventory log entries are made.
How high should the OPEN/CLOSE buttons for a hangar door be off the ground? OPEN/CLOSE switches shuld be mounted on the indoor face of the hangar door at a height of four feet, and between three to four feet from the doors leading edge.
A cabin pressurization system must be capable of maintaining _____ feet and ____? It must be capable of maintaing a cabin pressure altitude of approximately 8,000 feet at the maximum designed crusing altitude.
When inspecting hydraulic jacks,cracks_____ inch long are not repairable. Lift cylinders with visible cracks should be condemned, carcks up to one inch long in other components may be repaired by welding.
Static blalancing of a component is the condition when the part remains_____ while it is suspended from it's own center of gravity. Stationary or motionless.
When servicing tires you should ensure you are using class _____ nitrogen. Water pumped nitrogen A-A-59503, type 1,Grade B, Class 1 shall be used to inflate tires.
According to the NAVAIR manual series, tires should be stored at what PSI? Afer the tire has been mounted on the wheel and found to be RFI, the tire pressure shall be reduced to 50% of its test pressure or 100 PSI, whichever is the lesser.
What is the nuber of a Report of Survey form? CG-5269.
The color coding system for o-rings indicates the orings_____? Colored dots, dashes, and stripes or combinations fo dots and dases on the surface of the O-ring are no longer used for identification of O-rings. O-rings still found with these color identification markings are not to be used and should be depleted from
Aircraft preservation level I invlolves what barriers? NAVAIR 15-01-500 2-2 LEVEL I: Level I signifies the most basic preservation where systems are kept clea, free of water and fluids are maintined full. LEVEL I is associated with old preservation TYPE D, execpt the storage time is limited to 90 days to prev
What is the preferred extinguishing agent for a clas Delta fire? Class D fires are associated with combustable metals such as magnesium and titanium. These materials are used in may helicopters for weight conservation and in pyrotechnics. These fires can be extinguished by using water in large quantities from a safe di
The critical area for damage on turbine blades is the _____. 0
What must be done for engines in Level II preservation? 0
Morderate corrosion is defined as corrosion extending _____ of an inch into the surface? 0
Excessive heat and centrifugal force can cause _____ in engine turbines. 0
Indentation of a bearing race caused by static loads is called _____? BRINELLS, RADIAL: Indentations at intervals on the center of the raceway coincident withh ball spacing. This type of damage is caused by shock loads in the radial direction while the bearing is stationary.
What are the types of wool used in corrosion removal? Metalic wools. Metallic wool is an abrasive material used for removing corrosion that is not tightly bonded to a metal surface. THE FOUR MAHOR TYPES OF METALLIC WOOLS ARE ; ALUMINUM, COPPER, STAINLESS STEEL,AND STEEL. Metallic wools are available in five
Nitrogen bottles stored in direct sunlight must be kept at a minimum temperature of _____? (2) COMPREDDED GAS CYLINDERS SHALL NOT BE SUBJECTED TO AN ATMOSHPERIC TEMPERATURE ABOVE 130 DEGREES F(54.4 oC) Flames, sparks (including sparks), or ignitionfrom any source must not come into contact with hose or cylinders. Do not store clinders near radi
In a vapor cycle cooling system, the reon is changed from gas to liquid in the _____? The refrigerant at a high pressure and high temperature flows into the CONDENSER.Here heat flows from the refrigerant to the outside air, condensing the vapor into a liquid.
The _____ officer is the senior member of the unit safety board. 0
Which rrack and balance transmitter operates by signaling when it's beam is interrupted? OPTICAL PICK-UPS are Electro-optical devices designed to generate a pulse each time its beam is interrupted by the passage of the reflective target attached to a tail rotor or high-speed shaft.
After an engine sling has been repaired yoou test it to _____% of it's rated lifting strength? For aircraft support equipment slings, proof load is a static load test generally equal to 200% of the safe working load.
An ATF-3 engine change requires what checks? EEC Adjustment, Manual Mode Adjustment, Engine Vibe Check, Engine Performance Check, and Acceleration Time Check.
What are the three types of seals used on aircraft? Seals are divided into three main classes: (1) Packings, (2) gaskets, and (3) wipers.
What is the manual for calibration intervals and requirements? T.O. 33K-1-100-1, Calibration Measurement Summaries
While giving training on Customs and Coutesies you inform your students that all of the following personnel are addressed the same as junior officers, except_____? Midshipman, cadets, avcads, medical officers / Officers in the Medical/Dental Corps are addressed and referred to by grade or as "Doctor" if they are commanders and above; if they are of junior officer rank, they are addressed as "Doctor" instead of "Mist
While training on Coustoms and Courtesises you inform your students that when introducing a Navy chaplain you would address him as _____? A chaplain may be called "Chaplain" regardless of rank.
What instruction is issued to give guidance on the use of a special tool? A TIMI may be prepaired when directive or situation requires that technical information be promulgated within an activity. When it is necessary to disseminate information, such as techniques and local policy, which does not direct the accomplishment of sp
Calculate avilability for a three aircraft unit with a NMC of 781 hours during May. 3 planes X 24 hours X31 days
When installing seals you would use tools made of _____ Seal installation tools should be fabricated from soft metal such as brass or aluminum; however, tools made from phenolic rod, plastics, and wood may also be used.
What aer the 3 types fo quich release fasteners used by the USCG? The three most commonly used turnlock fasteners are Dzus, Camloc, and Airlock fasteners.
For specific procedures and quidance on saluting you would refer to the _____ manual? The U.S. Coast Guard Regulations (1992) contains specific quidelines on sauting in chapter 15
What are the three types of seals used in most jet engines? The oil seals may be the LABYRINTH, Or THREAD (HELICAL) type, Another type of oil seal used on some of the later engines is the CARBON SEAL.
Air for the ECS system is commonly drawn from _____? Air for the cabin air conditioning and pressurization system is bled from the compressors of both engines. The bleed lines are cross connected and equipped with check valves to ensure a supply of air from either engine.
What form isnot required in an aircraft log book? The following forms ar erequired, as ordered below, in each logbook for HH-65, HU-25, HH-60 and HC-130 aircraft:
The term _____ appears directly before FOUO on a message. Unclassified messages containing FOUO information will contain the abbreviation "FOUO" immediately after "UNCLAS" ontheclassification line.
The _____ of the United States and Coast Guard operations is dependent on the success attained in the safeguarding of classified information. SECURITY.
13 hours and 13 minutes is logged in what format on AFTO 781J? Accumulation of flight hours on the CG-4377 Part III shall be recorded to the nearest tenth of an hour. Entries on all other forms and records listed herein will be rounded to the nearest whole hour.
A printed maintenance directive requiring a one time inspection is called a_____? SAMI
Which form is used by maintenance administrators for interpeting and/or amplifying technical directives and maintenance requirements received from higher authority and also to promulgate local instructions as nessary? OPNAV 4790/35 (Maintenance Instruction)
What aircraft axis does roll operate around? Longitudinal.
What is the purpose of a washer under a nut? To provide a smooth bearing surfacce.
What is the maximum number of threads that may extend from turnbuckle ends? 3 1-1A-8
How far apart from each other must oxygen and combustables be stored? 20' minimum
What does a bolt head with 2 dashes indicate? The bolt is of aluminum alloy composition.
How much separation is required between wire bundles and control cables? Route wiring to maintain a minimum clearance of three inches from control cables.
What should the PH level of wash rack water be? Between 6 and 8
What are the 2 types of solder? Hard and soft solder
What NDI method is used when cracking is suspected on the tubes fo rescue litters? If the fluorescent dye penetrant inspection (performed when there are known or suspected cracks) reveals cracks, return the litter to ALC (NRFI) for repair. Ensure broken or cracked welds are clearly marked.
Unusal repair work to be performed at PDM at ALC is logged on _____? Any aircraft scheduled for programmed depot maintenance at ALC should note these repairs on the 5181,4377 prart III, and /or 4377 B
Who do you contact when you find aircraft discrepancies requireing depot level maintenacne and the aircraft is not scheduled for PDM? If the condition of the aircraft requires extensive repair beyond unit capability before the next scheduled PDM induction, the unit shall contact the ALC, Aviation Engineering Division, who will assist as necessary in determining the degree of repair requ
Extensive corrosion repairs to be repaired at PDM for C-130's are documented on ____? AFTO form 103- Aircraft missile condition report. This report shall be used to document andy unusual work required for aircraft which are scheduled for programmed depot maintenance at military or commercial activities.
Who do you contact for authorization to use chemicals not listed on the ACMS authorized Chemical List? Air Station Engineering Officers may authorze a one time purchase of chemicals not contained on the authorzed chemical use list to meet operational commitments, Air station engineering officers shall coordinate one time use with the applicble ALC engineer
Back up rings are not required tobe installed on hydraulic components operating below _____ psi? 1500
The unit salvage plan is reviewed and updated _____? Each salvage plan shall be updated annually.
What form is used for interpetingand amplifying technical directives? OPNAV 4790/35 (Maintenance Instruction)
What MDE is complete, in-depth study performed by a team of highly qualified experts of any component? There are three classifications, of MDE's, the Engineering Investigation (EI), the Disassembly Inspection Report (DIR), and the Condition Exception Report (CER). Then engineering Investigation is a complete,In-depth study performed by a team of highly qua
What UCMJ article informs a meber of their rights? Under Article 31(b), UCMJ a military member suspected of an offense may not be questioned unless he or she is informed of the nature of the offense, advised that he or she does not have to make a statemen, and informed that any statement made may be used
What UCMJ article descrives the NJP process? Article 15, Unifor code of Military Justice (UCMJ), provides commanding officers with the authority to impose punishment withour resort to the jusdicial forum of a court martial.
What are the 2 types of respiratiors used by the USCG/ Atmosphere-supplying and air purifying.
C-130 "cruise Checks" are performed at _____ altitude MSL? The cruise checks must be performed at 17,000 feet MSL or above 17,000 feet being thelowest altitude at which a pressurization differential valve can be tested.
You can store _____ gallons of flammables in a flam locker. 60 gallons of flammable products and 120 gallaons of combustible products are the maximum quantity allowed to be stored in any one cabinet.
With the relief knob open and the locking ring clear, ____- pounds are required to press down the lifttube (ram) of a hydraulic jack. The force required to fully collapse the rams should not exceed 100 LBS.
Calculate the NCM time for aircraft 6024: 0
Calculate the NMCS for aircraft 1703 0
What type of material can an eddy current test be performed on? Electrically conductive materials.
After a CAMI, SAMI, or TIMI is no longer applicable, what do you do with it? Whenever any maintenance instruction has served its purpose, it should be canceled and filed for 6 months after completion date.
When selecting a torque wrench you would choose one that is capable of torquing between _____% and _____% of it's range. The best accuracy is obtained between the 30 and the 80 percent pooints of the wrenches range.
The critical area of a swageed cable is within _____ inches of the swage. Critical Fatigue Areas are the areas of a cable that contact a pulley or sheave, pass through a fairlead, an area of cable that is flexed, rubbed or worked, or an area within 1foot of a swaged on fitting (swaging may pinch the wires resulting in premature
The maximum allowable size container for the storage of dopes and thinners is _____? 5 Gallons.
What manual provides quidance on the use of CG-4377 parts 1 and II? 3710.1 Air Operations Manual
Which officer is responsible for the establishment and maintencance of the salvage plan? Recovery and salvage fo Coast Guard aircraft is the responsibility of the Commanding Officer fo the unit to which the aircraft is permanently assigned. THIS RESPONSIBILITY INCLUDES THE ESTABLISHMENT AND MAINTENANCE OF A SALVAGE PLAN, The assignment of a s
An "R2" marking on the side of a tire indicates_____? Number to times the tire has been retead. "R" followed by a number, for example R-2 represents 2 times retreaded. ( also referred to as R-Level)
Slippage marks are required on wheels that have _____ and are pressurized _____? tubes/ below 150 psi.
A brown compressed gas cylinder contains_____? 0
IF AMT shop equipment isreceived and is not painted according to CG color standars you must repaint it _____? When the eqipment requires fresh paint.
What color are shock haxzards identified with? International orange is standard for hazards that are likely ot cut, crush, burn, or shock personnel.
An aircraft is inverted, who may enter it for salvage or recovery purposes? Qualified divers are required any time the helicopter is inverted. Only divers are authorized to enter an inverted helicopter
Shop equipmant that is capable of throwing debris should be positioned at _____ angles when installed next to each other. Equipment that produce cuttings or flying particles should be set at 15 Degree angles to each other and secured to floors, bases, or stands.
The wire used in CG aircraft is _____ rated at_____. Wire, electric, 600 Volt, Aluminum, Aircraft, General Specification for aluminum conductor, PVC, glass braid, nylon braid jacket, 600V insulation, 105OC temperatue rating, Wire, Electrical. High tem-MIL-C-25038. Wires used in aircraft contain Stranded con
How much of a ginder wheel must be covered by it's guard? Metal hood type guards shall enclose 2/3 of the abrasive wheel.
Corrosion prevention quidelines ar eflound in which process guide? PG 85-00-60 Corrosion Control Process Guide.
Minimum lighting requirements for shops oare outlined in _____? The criteria for lighting minimums are found in the Civil ngineering Manual, COMDTINST M11000(Series)
The maximum wear a control cable can have before required replacement is _____% 40-50% no bend on outer wires and 50% + on inner wires.
You must have a stan check every _____ months. Annual requirement- Within 15 months of previous check.
The T-56 engine health is checked by performing a _____ check. Calculated Perfomance.
An LTS-101's engine health is checked by performing a _____ check. Power assurance.
Flight line fire bottles should be the _____LB, _____type. The purchase fo Halon fire extinguishers for flight line,hanger, and shop use is prohibited, Exisiting Halon fire extinguishers may continue to be used and serviced as long as it is economically feasible.Should the purchase of replacement fire extinguishe
When adding anti-ice inhibitor to fuel, the flashpont is lowered by _____ degrees. Introduction of theis additive wil lower the flash point of JP-5 by 4 degrees Fajrenheit and will inhibit the growth of bacteria.
An eight gauge wire is authorized to be repaired by what repair method? Repair of small borken wires is accomplished by means of crimped permanent splices. Breaks in large wire (AWG size No.8 and Larger) are repaired by means of terminal lugs bolted together.
The DECU on a T-700 controls what engine parameters? 1 Power turing (Np) sensing (governing), 2) Np overspeed and torque sensing (for engine load sharing , cockpit orque indication,and Np overspeed protection). 3) TGT monitoring for temperature-limiting circuit.
Serial number tracked components for each airframe are listed in chich ACMS report? This computer generated report lists all serial number tracked components on an aircraft or major assembly. The report also details the actual serial numbers of all installed components. CONFIGURATION REPORT (CONFIG REPORT).
What are the two types fo plastics used on aircraft? Two types of transparent plastic materials are employed in windows, canopies, nosepieces, gun turrents, and similartransparent enclosures of military aircreaft, These two types of transparent plastics are classified as THERMOPLASTIC and THERMOSETTING mate
You have _____ many days to ship type one material after receipt of the shipping message. Type 1 material shall be3 shipped as soon as practical but no later than 15 days following receipt of shipping orders.
What NFPA standard doew Coast Guard crash response equipment hav eto meet? Crash fire rescue apparatus shall meet or exceed the standards as set forth in NFPA 414.
Even if a TCTO takes less than four man hurs, ALC will not ship the TCTO if the aircraft is scheduled for PDM within _____ days? Kits requireing 4 or less man-hours for incorporation will not be issued within 45 dys of scheduleed aircraft PDM induction dates.
You should ensure that aircraft run up is performed in what location at your unit? Only areas designatd by the CO shall be used for engine run up.
What will cause corrosion on a wheel bearing? Moisture in th egrease.
What is the major cause of fuel leaks in a newly installed fuel cell? Improper torquing of hardware or folding of the fuel cell.
What pressure do you not let a compressed gas bottle fo below while in use? 25 PSI
What afto form is used with a C-130 going to overhaul? AFTO 103
If you have structural damage to your aircraft what manual would you refer to for repair? Applicable aircraft -3
How would yo clean corrosion off the outside of a cable? A clean dry coarse weave cloth or fiber brush.
If you had defueled a aircraft with fuel dye in it, if feasible what should you do with the fuel? Put back in same plane.
How close is smoking permitted to a fuel storage area? 50FT
What would the color orange on shp equipment indicate? Shock hazard.
How many material types does CG aviation have? 6
How many days does a unit have to ship 265 parts back after failure? 15 days.
What material type is less than $250 less avionics and is easily procured through the federal stock system? Type 3
When starting a HU-25A how fast should the engine come up to idle N3 50%? 50 seconds
Wha tstandard does crash trucks at coast guard air station fall under NFPA code? NFPA 414
How are landing gear actuator rod ends secured? Locking keyed nut.
Can a female wear pearl earrings with work uniform? yes
How are collar devices centered on a undress blue uniform? 1" form top and front edges of the collar
What does the MCPOCG shield look like? 3 stars over eagle over shield, navy is over star.
How long can corrosin squawks be left open? No longer then 30 days.
How many days after a unit receives a plane from PDM do they have toreport discreps on PDM report? Not to exceed 30 days.
On a NSN wat are NIIN numbers? Last 9 digits.
When attaching an electrical wire to a post what is the correct way to do it? 180 degree wrap around post just enough solder to do the job.
What is the fueling manual CG uses/ M13001.1 US Coast Guard fuel handling procedures.
What is considered a small purchase?\ Under $25,000
When purchasing a item valued at $25000.00 what manual woul dyou use? Simplified acquisitions procedures handbook M4200.13
A change to a ACMS card is called what? Revision.
Can you wear a metal cutterman's pin with a work uniform? no
Why would you not want to use certain Mil Spec RTV on electrical connections? Corrosive
You have shop cans with solvent soaked rags how often should these be dumped? Daily.
Who is the current Commandant? PAPP
What form are you reviewing when you review your CG 3788? Enlisted performance evaluation form.
What causes the LRU-15 to self right? It is identical on the top and bottom
Where is the connecting ring located on the survival vest? under the left bladder enclosure.
A fuel spill measuring 6'x6' requires_____? A fireguard with a foam type extinguisher to stand by until are is purged.
Completed 4377 par III's and 5151's are kept_____? One year by the maintenace department.
What form is used in the aircraft log book to indicate airframe weight and balance? DD for 365F
How often are enlisted fixed wing aircrew required to have refresher pressure chamber rides? Nor recurrent trainnning is required, pilots must ride every twelve years.
What pub gives guidance on how to position aircrft doors during towing? To avoid possible personnel injury and aircraft damage during towing operations, requirements for the position of aircraft doors (open or closed) and ladders, and the use of gear down locks and pins during towing operations shall be clearly defined and de
_____ are maintenance actions, in message format, used for rapid dissemination of information, generally of an urgent or safety -of-flight nature. Message TCTO's
What publication lists the authorized allotment of manuals at an air station? The directives, publications and reports index COMDTNOTE 5600
In what battle was Douglas Munro killed? Battle of Guadalcanal, at Point Cruz, Matanikau River during WW II
When can a service member not refuse NJP? When attached to or embarked upon a vessel.
If you have eight medals, what is the minimum amout of medals you can wear? five
What format message is used to contest a SWE question? Rapidraft message.
Your are exempt from using mandatory supply schedules if____? The dollar amount does not exceed $300.00
What manual provides quidance on the purchase of SAE tools? Supply Policy and Procedures Manual COMDTINST M4400.19
What is the maximum size container for storage of paints and thinners? 5 gallons.
When calculating dynamic balance you need amplitude (IPS) and _____? Clock position.
How long does a member have to appeal his/her marks? 15 calendar days.
What form is used to make changes toa flight manual? AFTO 847
What manual gives guidance on filling out AFTO for 103? TO 00-25-4
The DECU unit on T-700 restricts overspeed conditions to _____%? 120%NP 1H-60J-1
What components on an HU-25 use bleed air for anti-iceing? Engine nacelles and wings.
How many battle stramers does the Coast Guard have? 34
What is the proper number of gun salutes for th S.O.T? 19 (Coast Guard Regulations)
What article covers the reading of someon's rights? Under Article 31(b), UCMJ a military member suspected of an offense may not be questined unless he or she is informed of the nature of the offense, advised that he or she does not have to make a statement, and informed that any statement made may be used
What is the minimum time in grade for promotion from W2 to W3? 4 years
How many days does the CO have to forward appealed markes? 15 calendar days.
What is the minimum TIG for protion form E8-E9? 2 Years
When direct pressure fails to control bleeding the next method to use is _____? depress the pressure point.
How many pints of blood des the average adult body contain? 12 pints.
Loss of approximately how many pints of blood can cause shock? Rapid loss of 2 pints of blood may start shock.
What percentage of fat do you want is your diet? No more than 30%
A humanitarian TAD is normally authorized for a duration of _____? 6 months.
Request to extend a humanitarian TAD should be submitted _____? At least 1 month before the current HUMS expires.
What si the maximum length of a humanitarian TAD? 2 years,
What can you not do while on a humanitarian TAD? Attend a resident service cours of instruction.
What should the body fat % be fo a 25 year old male? 0.23
Requirements to compete in the November SAWE must be completed _____? By 1 August
What is the terminal eligibility date for the May SWE? 1 January following the May SWE.
How many hours of rest are required before standing strip alert? 10 Hours.
A deployed air crewmember may fly indefinitely as long as _____? They average no more than four hours a day or 28 hurs a week.
Fretting corrosion is caused by _____? 2 pieces of metal rubbing together.
What material type is ground support equipment? Type 6
How long do you have to submit an award on someone? 3 years.
When filing out a 781J how would you log 13 hours and 13 minutes? As 13 hours ( round to the nearest whole hour)
How many compressor stages on a H-60 engine? 6
On a H-60 BIM indicator for a MRB what color is it when it is bad? Turns from solid white to black and white striped.
When you abor an APU start ona H-60 how long do you have to wait before you attempt another start? 2 Minutes.
Where are vents located on flamable lockers? Bottom
How often are fire extinguishers inspected? Monthly, weighed annually.
What percentage of a wire is tinned before soldering? 0.5
What is the max allowed space to be filled in a electrical conduit by the wire bundle? 0.75
An aircraft wire that provides a ground for the system has a _____ at the end of the number on the wire insulator? Letter "N"
What type of corrosion shows up under paint looking like worms? Filiform
What can set up galvanic corrosion? Mositure (presence of electrolyte)
Why is Mil-c-81309 good to apply to piano hinges? Displaces water.
After you apply alodine to a aluminum surface what is the next step? Flush with water.
Who is the lowest ranking authority that can suspen ACMS maint? CO. ALC
What is the max amount a unit should stock of type 3 material ? 30 day supply.
How often are overhead hoist's weight tested? Bi-Annually COMDTIST M11000 civil engineering manual.
How do you prevent magnesium from corroding? Chromic Acid Pickling.
What is the symbol for a fues or current limiter. Side ways "S"
On a C-130 what does a swquencing valve in the landing gear system do? Allows the doors and landing gear to operate on the correct order.
What woulld be the reason to reject electrical matting in shop? Black lamp lighting on the back, less than 3/8 thick, petroleum products is matting , or metallic particles in paint?
When you are a mast rep what is your job? A mast representative is appointed to assist the member in preparing for and participating in the mast proceedings.
Where does a 4377 part2 get stored? Operations keeps for 7 years.
Can you have a polished cutterman's pin? yes
Can you wear lage medals with dinner dress uniform? No
What areicle of the UCMJ deals with NJP? Article 15
What determines the type of tow tractor a unit gets? Type of aircraft and local conditions.
Where do CG-22's go? Prime unit.
when would a E-7 not be required to be marked? If marked within 184 days.
What is the max number of open spaced bolts that can be safety wired? 3
How is maint due for GSE tracked? MSR
A hazardous area that has been cleaned up , how long do you leave a warning sign up? The notification stay sup three days minimum, or until abatement.
On a travel calim what dollar amount don't yo have to have reciepts for ? $75.00 or less.
What is the name for measures of effectiveness report? MOE
What do you use to remove MIL-C-16174 protective coating?\ MEK or Aromatic Naphtha?
If you place aluminum rivets through monel the rivets become what? Anode.
What is better then AFFF to fight a class B fire? Dry Chemical.
What would you not want to ues for a aircraft bonding plate? Copper, Aluminum, Magnesium, Stainless steel?
Whenstarting a C-130 engine how fast should the engine come up to ground idle speed? 60 seconds.
Why are C-130 oil reservoirs pressurized? to provide positive oil folow to the engines.
What causes a blade to twist in the opposite direction of rotation? Torque bending.
What size guage wire requires a red terminal lug end? 18-22 guage wire. (10-12
What type wire does a Coast Guard aircraft use? Single strand aluminum rated at 600 volts.
What aere the total points for the following awards? Navy good conduct, 4 Coast Guard good conduct,coast guard achievement medal, navy commendation medal? NGC
What side of uniform do you wear a brassard? Right.
A person has 18 years TIS and 6 years TIG , what are the total points? 28 points, 1 per year TIS
What manual is the hazardous material manual? 16478.1
Who establishes and inplements a safety program at a air station? Commanding officer, XO is the senior member of the safety board.
What size cable would you want to use in a flight controol system? 7x19 extra flexible.
If you rigged a flight control cable with a air temp of 80F and then the temp drops to 50F what would happen to the cable? Cable tension will decrease.
Who would you place an order with to order commercial pubs not stocked at the air station? ALC using TIMOS.
When purchasing items if the dollar amount is under what amount you don't have to go through the govt system? 300
If you have a class C mishap with the unit vehicle who must do the investigation? Unit mishap board or safety board.
For a class B mishap at a shore unit how many hours do you have to send a message? A
Within how many hours must a QEC engine be shipped to another unit at the request of ALC? 24 HRS
How do you notify ALC that your QEC is RFI? Send in page 1 QA acceptance form on ACMS card toACMS?
What wold cause engine surges and erratic temp fluctuations on a newly built up engine? Air in the fuel system, improper installed thermocouples, bad fuel nozzles/
What aciton is required for a mark of 1,2, or 7 given? Completed remarks on form 3307 (page7)
You are looking at CG 5285, what are you looking at? Trainning record.
Within how many days must you complete a search that is authorized on a CG members property? 5 days.
If major structural work or corrosion work is done on a plane at PDM how is it annotated? 4377B and 5181 if at ALC, Afto 103 for all DOD PDM facilities (c-130)
If a damaged part is received from ALC how is notification made to ALC? Receiving unit submits a UR and ALC will generate a SF-368
How do you dispose of composite hazardous material? By local and state guidelines.
If you have a line near a engine bell moth how do you mark the line for identification purposes? Scribe on the B-nut or put varnish over the identifying tape.
A tire that is under inflated will show what? Wear on the outer edges and will cause overheating.
The proper way to date forms in aviation is _____. MM/DD/YY
Information is reported to ACMS for the MOPT no more than _____? Seven days after the report end date.
Interim messages shall be addressed to _____? ALC, info to Commandant (G-SEA), prime unit, and ACMS.
A TCTO is labeled "SPARE". What is it installed on? Spare components such as engines.
What is the diposition of an uninstalled TCTO kit during A/C transfer? It is shipped with the aircraft.
Which items cannot be extended? Low cysle fatigue and fatigue life limited items.
Who can authorized repairs to primary composite structures? ALC
Which manual outlines procedures for fuel cell entry? AFTO 1-1-3
What kind of container is authorized for storage of oily rags? Self closing and air tight.
How often are GSE fire extinguishers inspected? Daily.
The Fox 40 whistle can be heard up to _____? 1000 Yards.
The towing supervisor can not have a collateral towing position on which aircraft? HC-130
What is the closest you can ground taxi an aircraft to structures without wing walkers? 25 feet.
When do you not need a taxi director for aircraft taxi to a fuel pit? When the rap in lined and the CO has waived the requirement.
The purpose of aircraft bonding is _____? To equalize the static potential.
If a crew member fails a stan check, he lapses to _____? Unqualified.
An airborne functional check of components whose failure would not adversely affect safety of flight is called _____? A flight verification.
Which group advises the CO on mattes concerning standardization, aircraft and crew performance? Flight standards board.
A fire extinguishers location may be identified by _____? A red square painted 12 feet above the extinguisher.
Who can grant a 4 day liberty period over a holiday? The President.
What is the nomenclature for the COMDTINST M5100.47? Safety and Environmental Health Manual.
What day can EMI not be imposed on a member? On the members Sabbath.
What info is reported on the MORPT? AC hours,, engine SN's, engine cycles, # of landings.
What is the inspection interval of NDI of engine slings? Annually.
What is the proper length chock to use on a single axle servicing vehicle? 14 inches, twenty inches for a dual axle vehicles.
Who can authorize the use of chemicals not listed on the ACL? The EO can, but must corridinate the purchase through tech services.
A sea dye marker is visible from how many miles at 3,000 feet ASL? Apx. 2 miles for 23-30 minutes, ceases to be a good target after an hour.
What equipment is contained in th eLPP1? Locator light, sea dye marker, whistle.
Wht LPU-26/P is used on what type of aircraft? Fixed wing only.
How many gallons does the OP35 reverse osmosis pump produce? The OP35 produces 35 gallons per day , th OP06 produces 6 per day.
What is the candle power of a signal mirror on a sunny day? 8,000,000 candle power.
What is the max temp for washing your flight suit? 140 degrees F max for water, 180 degrees for drying.
What is the range of a signal whistle? 1,000 yards.
What should you do to cylinder valve before installing a requlator? Open it slightly to blow out any debris in the valve.
How may times can ou attempt to refire the MK 79 pencil flare? Twice.
What is the height and burn duration of the MK 79 flare? 250-650 feet for appx 4.5 seconds.
in a survival situation, what is the best method fo reflecting radar waves? Drape the combaat casualty blanket over the raft.
If the life raft pump handle is frozen you should _____? Dip the handle in the water until it loosens?
How can you determine the night end of the MK 124? Ridges will encircle the nigoht end.
How long does the night end of the MK 124 burn? 20 seconds.
What color identifies the area around a fire extinguisher? A red square.
What color identifies a shock hazard area? orange.
What color identifies the are around a tripping hazard? yellow
What color identifies an emergency shut off circuit breaker? red.
What colors are gounding points painted? Black letteringon a yellow background.
How often are GSE fire extinguishers inspected? Daily for condition and security, annually for weight and service.
What manual outlines minimum lighting requirements for a shop? Civil Engineering Manual M1100 series.
How afar above the deck do electrical outlets have to be in the hangar? 18 inches
What is the maximum amount of resisitance an aircraft ground can have? Must be less than 10,000 ohms.
In what publication do you find aircraft taxi signals? COMDTINST 13020.1
How does ALC notify G-SEA of extreme corrosion found on an aircraft when it is received at PDM? Post induction letter (copy to CO of the indutcting unit)
What do you do with a TIMI, SMI, or CAMI after it is cancelled? File it for six months.
Who funds unusual salvage expenses? Commandant G-SEA.
Who is directlly responsible for the salvage of an aircraft? The CO of the unit to which the aircraft is assigned.
Who is the salvage plan submitted to ? Salvage plans are maintained in current status at district operation centers.
How long do you have to install changes to a manual? 5 working days.
What approval must you have for parts pooling? ALC product line staff.
How are UR's numbered? Consecutively starting at the beginning of each calendar year.
What is the output of a ground power unit? 11/200 Volts, 400hz
How much cable is used on a ground power unit? 50 feet, to keep unit at least 25 feet from all fuel vents.
What must you do before connecting or disconnecting a power unit? Shut down the power unit.
How many days does a unit have toreturn 265 equipment/ 15 days normally, maximum of thirty days.
How long do you flush your eyes if you spill electrolyte in them? At least 15 minutes.
The number and type of tow tractors at a unit are dependent upon _____? Type of aircragt and special environmental conditions during towing.
What is the taxi signal for "disconnect external power"? Pull extended fingers of right hand from open palm of of left hand.
What signal is different for day signal and nights wands? Stop from taxi director and "REMOVE CHOCKS" from pilot.
How often are tow hitches on GSE inspected? Quarterly.
What is the manual that outlines HAZMAT procedures? COMDTINST M16478.1 CG hazardous Waste Management Manual.
When is the post PDM report due? No later than 30 calendar days.
What ar ethe catergories of PDM report discrepancies? MAJOR- safety of flight items, Minor - any other discrepancy.
If you order a class B part what priority is it ordered under? A
How often is the power cord on a ground power unit changed? Every sixty months. (5 years)
What was the name of Commodore Prebles cutter during the Quasi War? The Pickering.
What is LT.E.F. Stome famous for? In 1919 he flew across the Alantic Ocean, The first tans Alantic flight.
In what war ere th LORAN stations established? WW II
You are reviewing your form #3303C, What info is on it ? Record of Performance Qualifications.
What is bloock 3 on your LES? Pay base date.
What is Block 25 of the LES? Entitlements.
How many qual codes can you have? 12 concurrently.
Who has the authority to remove qual codes? The CO.
You can not fly more than how many hours a week? 50
What is the qualification code manual? COMDITINST M1414.9
What is the qual code for the CPO Academy? JR
What is the qual code for CDAR? JB
What is a two numeral qual code used for? Skill unique toindividual ratings.
A Coast Guard member has 18 yrs. TIS and 6 yrs TIG. How many SWE pints does he have? 28 (1PPY TIS +2 PPY TIG (max of five years. TIG)
How many points are awarded for 1 year of a sea duty for SWE? 2
Who can authorize continued flight of an aircraft that has landed at a small field with minor damage? CO.
Who can authorized contiued flight of an aircraft that has landed at a small field with major damage? Commandant (G-OCA)
Which ACMS report tells what GSE inspections are due ? GS MDL
How many pounds of pulling force should be reqired to remove a grounding plug? 8-14 pounds.
What manual outlines repirator use and maintenance? M6260.2
How often should respirators be fit tested? Annually
Whow many wing walkers are required when taxing an aircraft in a congested area/ 2
PP items must have a document # assigned within how many days? 3 days.
What form is used to document unusual repair work to be completed at C-130 PDM? 4377B and 5181 if at ALC, AFTO 103 for all DOD PDM facilities (C-130)
What is the max wind allowed for jacking an aircraft? Must not exceed 15 MPH
When jacking how many threads should be left between the collet and the lift tube? 2 threads.
AHALON fire extinguisher has what color ID band around it? Silver
What should the water temp be during aircraft washing? 120-140 degrees
The corrosion prevention advocate writes ALC how many times a yrar? Once annually
What HQ office is respoonsible for the respirator program? MLC commander (K)
GSE costing over what amount should be coordinated with ALC? 3000
Penetrant inspection shall not be performed on parts that exceed what temp? 120 degrees F
What solution aids in the removal of emulsifiers during NDI? Water wash.
How many people will an LRU-15 life raft hold? 20
How many people will an LRU-18 life raft hold? 1
What is the required PPE for leak checks on a running A/C? Boots, flight gloves, helmet, flight suit and an ICS connection.
What warning is printed on a flam locker? FLAMMABLE KEEP FIRE AWAY
A unit has three aircragt, The NMCM is 540 for the monthe of June, Calculate the units availability. June
According to AFTO 1-1A-1, how many types of damage are there? 4 (Negligible, repair by patching, repair by insertion, part replacement)
What is the ATA chapter for electrical power? 24
The rescue strop is designed torecover whom? trained military personnel only
If you take 3 months advance pay, how long are you given to repay it? 2 years
What is the lowest altitude for checking a pressure relief valve on a C-130 17,000 feet.
If someone is harrassed, how long do they have tomake a written report? 45 days
What kind of material can you do a magnetic particle inspection on ? Ferromagnetic material.
What kind of material can you do an ultrasonic inspection on? Most all materials.
What is the priority when salvaging an aircraft? recover the airframe without adding the existing damage.
Who inspects life vests? The person preparing to don it.
What angle to the stone should a survival knife be held during sharpening/ 20 degrees
What is a report of offense and disposition form number (booking chit)? CG 4910.
After a CG 4910 is filled out, who is it turned in to for review? The XO
If a mule has a draw bar pull of 7800 what is the heaviest aircraft it can pull? 75,000 pounds.
At what dollar amount does aviation materiel become classified as " type 1"? 100000
Type 1 material can b redirected within how many hours? 24 hours
What are the responsibilities of a mast representative? Assist in preparing for mast and presenting His/Her side of the matter.
Article 31 does not include_____? Civilian lawyer at CG expense.
What kind of sunglasses are authorized? Military issue only.
Light surface corrosion extends how deep into the material? .001 inch.
If a rivet shows signs of chipped paint, tipping or is loose, is the rivet failed? yes.
How often are paint systems air sourced drained of water? daily.
How are flight gloves washed? By wearing them while washing with soap and water.
How much off duty time is required after flying for six hours in a 24 hour period? Enough to allow for eight hours of bed rest.
When is the aircraft custodian physically transferred? after the joint inventory is complete.
An aircraft hoist system must be approved by _____? Commandant (G-SEA).
What is the required action when fuel is spilled and the spill is less than 18 inches? Stand by until the aircraft is dispatched.
Which manual gives specific details about aircraft salvage? The specific aircraft maintenance manual.
What are the 2 types of gunner's belts? Helo and fixed wing.
How often is paint booth airflow inspected? Semi - annually
The components of an eddy current test set are: and oscillator, coil assy, bridge circuit, signal processor, and _____? A read out.
How many days does the receiving custodian have to submit a letter of relief when a joint inventory can not be completed? 30 days.
How may airflow changes per hour are required in a NICAD battery shop? 3 to 4
Who can authorize a TCTO kit designated for 6002 to be installed on 6003? ALC
Which CG aircraft use OPNAV 4790 for aircraft transfer? HH65, HH60, HU25 C-130 uses MPC 000.7
What is the maximum allowable number of broken strands on 7X19 cable? 6
What kind of corrosion would powder graphite cause? Galvanic
How do you remove corrosion in a corner? Use carbide scraper.
If an HH-65 windscreen anti ice controller fails,___ The window is powered by the other side.
What is the T700 engine overspeed limit through the DECU? 1.2
To what percent of a cables rated breaking strength is it tested? 0.6
What is the minimum crane capacity for aircraft salvage? Capable of lifting 50% more than the max gross weight of the aircraft.
Wha tpublication lists the proper amount of pubs a unit should have? DPRI (directives, Publications, and report index)
When painting a first aid marker, what reference would you check? Colors and coatings manual M10360.3
When using dye penetrant the defect must be_____? open to the surface being tested.
How do you NDI honeycomb composites? Ultrasonic testing.
When using dye penetrant, what is the dwell time ratio of developer to penetrant? 1/2 to 2
Can you appeal marks to change a "not recommended for SWE" notation? No
Who is responsible for counseling and explaining the appeals process? The approving offical.
If a member has 75 days left of an enlistment, and is going on a 120 deployment who can authorize an early out? CO
If an aircraft is tranferred to a civilian unit, who has custody of the aircraft? The transferring unit maintains custody.
Who has the final approval of a TCTO? ALC
Blood and urin test are required for what class mishaps? Class A and B
Humidity indicators turn from blue to pink at what percent humidity? 35 to 45 %
What manual would you use to find out how to dispose of hazardous waste? M16478.1
Who issues orders for tranfers of aircraft? Commandant (G-OCA)
The first or second line officer shall initiate the mishap report within how many days? 10 days
What form is CG 5082? Hazardous Condition Notification Form.
Which report lists all serial number tracked components on the aircraft? Configuration report.
Which report provides the unit with availability and flight hour data for the period selected by aircraft type fleet wide? How Gozit report.
Which resin is not to be used on aircraft? Polyester resin.
What is the precedence of directives? ACMS, CGTO'S, AFTO'S, Navy TO's, Commercial Pubs.
Which form is used to report deficiencies of GSA toos? SF-368
What is the form number for submission of JOAP samples? DD2026
How long can a corrosion discrep remain open without the EO'S signature? 30 days
Who is not allowed to be on a survey board? Custodian of the surveyed property
Timos code "Z" indicates what? Cancelled by the Navy or Air Force.
The HH-60 ECS mixes bleed air with engine inlet air throuh the _____ valve? Bypass
When the HU25 throttles are set to manual, what percentage of calculated takeoff power is available? 0.8
What controls the free turbine speed on the HH-65? PT Governor.
What is the maximum ambient temperature for use of nylon cable clamps? 185 degrees F
In an aircraft cable system is rigged during warm temps, what happens to the syystem when the temperature drops? Cable tension will decrease.
Which terminal end is used toattach cables to quadrants with limited space? Swaged ball.
Tires shold be stored at what percent of tested pressure? 0.5
How did the phrase "Semper Paratus" become the Coast Guards motto? No one really knows.
What does the color red stand for in the CG ensign? Youth and sacrifice of blood for liberty's sake.
Who authorizes changes or modification to aircraft? Commandant (G-SEA)
Whow are the wing tips of a C-130 anti- iced? Bleed air.
An awards citation should not contain what? Classified information.
Aerosol cans should not be stored above what temperature? 120 degrees F
A 21 gun salute is rendered on Memorial Day and _____? The Fourth of July.
Which manual outlines quality controls of fuels and lubricants? 42B-1-1
The aviation gas free engineer will normally be _____? The QA officer, AEO or MO
Prototyping of chemicals used on CG aircraft must be approved by _____? ALC industrial systems manager.
What manual provides guidance on purchasing tools that meet SAE standards? Supply policies and procedures manual M440.19
Which form is not in an aircraft logbook? AFTO 820
Which manual tells you how to remove a high lock fastener? NAVAIR 01-1a-8
JOAP sampling documentation and procedures are outlined in what manual? NAVAIR 17-15-50
What process is used to prevent aluminum alloy from ageing? Precipitation heat treatment.
Who has the final approval of an MPC change? ALC contraction officer tech representative.
Who develops, reviews, and updates MPC's Prime unit.
Tech Orders are published under who's authority? Chief,aeronautical eng div, office of eng, Logistics and development.
How far from structures is a nylon sleeve required? If separation is less than tow inches, but more than 1/2 inch.
How many miles are expected to be traveled during each day of travel time? 350 miles.
How many days travel will you get if you are driving 3,050 miles? 9 days
What si the max amount of daily temporary lodging expense? 180
When traveling CONUS to CONUS how many days TLE are authorized? 10
When traveling OCONUS to CONUS how many days TLE are authorized? 5
What are the four types of MSR'S? ALSE,AS,GS,PA
What form is used to track flight gear issue? CG 538
What form is used to identify a component in the UR proccess? CG 1577A
What is the form used for tracking a members CG trainning? Form 5285 (USCG trainning record)
On the HH65 how is an engine exceedance displayed to the pilot? Check CCD light on the WCA panel.
What check is required before doing high powe4r maneuvers on the HH-60? Power available check.
When is a full test flight required? Prior to delivery to PDM.
What is the calibration interval manual? 33K-1-100-1
Who may authorize performance of a night test flight? Only the commanding officer.
Who may authorize intentional scuttling of an aircraft? Commandant (G-OCA)
How many days does a unit have to ship items missing from an A/C inventory? 15 days.
Damaged/ salvaged composites should be stored or covered with_____? Polyethylene sheeting.
Which liquid sealant should be used on damaged composite edges? Acrylic floor wax.
When the HH-60 ECS is operating, how much can engine torque be decreased? As much a 7% per engine.
How long do C-130 flaps take to move from 100 degrees down to full retraction? 10-15 seconds.
What A/C systems records HH-65 engine exceedances? ECMS engine condition monitoring system.
Secret info falls under what inportance level? High/extreme.
Who can authorize a temporary stand or scaffold? The safety officer.
How is a leaking cylinder discharged? Moved to an open space and slowly drained of it's contents.
How often should you be trained on fire extinguisher use by firefighters? Annually.
What marking identifies a ship as HIFR capable? Capital H on the aft port side of the flight deck.
Approved litters on board cutters and small boat staions are marked with _____? Whe the words "Helicopter Hoistable".
Hot refueling is not permitted within_____ feet of an occupied building. 200'
What digits in an NSN comprise the NIIN? The FSC is the first four digits and NIIN is the last nine digits.
What manual would you refer to for quidance on filling out a UR? 13020.1
GSE inspections are tracked on what ACMS report? ACMS MSR report.
How long do you leave the warning sign posted in an area where an unsafe condition occurred? In cases of imminent danger situations one copy of Hazardous Condition Notification (CG-5082) must be posted at the site of the hazard. The form must remain posted for a minimum of 3 days, or unitl the hazard has been abated.
Some rubber matting is not suitable for use in electrical applications because_____? 0
You do not need to complete evaluations when an individual has_____? A) a special evaluation has been commpleted within 92 days for E-6 and below evaluations, 184 days for E-7 and above evaluations, or 19 drill periods for reservists before the end of a reqular period ending date. B)an evaluee has been assigned to a new du
You should be aware that marks of _____ require documentation on form CG 3307? 1,2, and 7
When an MPC is used for a maintenance procedure you should put the man hours_____? On the MPC and ACMS in the 4377 man hours block.
Where are the documentation and comments filed after an evaluee signs his marks? the comments are to be destroyed.
Why aren't some types of RTV used on electrical circuits? Because they can be corrosive
How many pilots must be assigned to a unit before a safety pilot billet is required? 20 M5100.47 PG 2-5
How many prople must be assigned to a unit before a safety committee is required? 50
How long do you wait to check tire air pressure after landing? Two hours.
Why should there be no check stands next to an aircraft during refueling? The aircraft may settle during fueling and substain damage?
What form do you use to change a flight manual? AFTO form 847
How do you order a commercial publicaation tha ALC does not carry? Purchase order.
What does the racing stripe on a Coast Guard vessel symbolize? Identification of the service.
What fluid do you use to preserve a hydraulic component? MIL-L-6083
What is the circuit symbol for a diode? 0
What is the circuit symbol for current? The capital letter "I"
What is it called when you install several ground wires on a terminal? Stacking
What color would a retired service members ID card be? Blue.
A tan ID card with an indefinite expriation date means what? Medal of Honor winner
What classification is an electrical fire? Charlie.
What is the best extinguishing agent for a class Charlie fire? CO2
What gas is produced during a battery charging cycle? Hydrogen
What publication lists the adress of all Coast Guard units? Standard Distribution list COMDTNOTE 5605
How many postnatal sick leave days does an enlisted mother get? 42 postnatal and 30 prenatal
A 72 hour liberty pass should not be issued in what instance? Personal emergencies
How many bolt threads should extend beyond a properly torqued nut? At least 2 thread pitches
What is the symbol on the head of a close tolerance bolt? A triangle.
Which article of the UCMJ covers non judicial punishment? Article 15
In which nonth does QA do the annual pubs audit? April
How many times each year can you order pubs using the one time order code? Once, any more requires a pubs allowance change request.
Who Is in charge of the tool calibration program? The commanding officer
Which HQ office is responsible for flight safety? Commandant (WKS)
How2 long is the gas free engineer certificate good for? One year.
What must you do with a part that is RFI but has no SCHR? It must not be installed until the data is assigned by ALC or G-SEA
What form do yoou use to report an aircragt shortage? OPNAV 4790/112
How long can you extend mandatory special requirements? They can not be extended.
What does PA stand for in mandatory special requirements? Publication Audit.
What is the financial cost of a class"C" mishap. Between 10,000 and 200.000
The CO has how many days to file a salvage/recovery scenario aafter incident? 30
Only _____ are authorized to salvage an HH-60 helicopter. Polar class ice breakers
How often is the salvage plan reviewed and updated? Annually
Which manual describes the angles that tools should be mounted on the shp floor? M13020.1E
What should thegap rom rest to wheel measure on a grinder? 1/8 of an inch
how much of the ginder wheel should be covered by the safety shield? 2/3 of the wheel
Who can authorize a collateral QA to QA a grounding discrep? A supervisor with a maintenance release authority.
How far from a stove musht flammable stores be kept? 10 feet.
What causes blushing during application of spray paint? Excessive humidity.
What percentage of anti-icing agent should be in fuel? .08-.20 by volume 13020.1
What is the nuber of the new Coast Guard fueling Manual? Comdtinst M13001.1
The filter element on a hydraulic fluid cleaning unit is what size? 3 microns
How long do you flush the line on a hydraulic fluid cleaner? Until the return line is acceptable.
What is the nomenclature of an award form. Coast Guard Award Recommendation.
What is the first line of an achievement medal certificate? ___ is cited for superior performance of duty while...
What is the calibreation interval fo a spring scale? 12 monthes 33K-1-100-2
What is allowable wear of a 7X19 control cable? 0.5
Fluid lines that pass closely to engine inlets should be identified_____? } Paint is used on lines in engine compartments, wher there is the possibility of tapes,decals, or tages being drawn into the engine induction system.
Disposal fo waste composite material should be done_____? } IAW local, state, and federal standards.
After chemical treatment of aluminum you should_____? } Flush the metal with fresh water.
A propeller's tendency to bend backwards from the direction of rotation is_____? } Torque bending.
What manual would you refer to for guidance on purchases below $25,000? } Simplified Acquisitions procedures Handbook M4200.13
How many ways are there to make small purchases? } Six, IMPAC card, imprest fund, SF-44, BPA's, P.O.'s and 3rd party draft (March 2002)
How many sources of supply are required? } If the PR estimate is less than $2,500 (except for construction), quotations are not required as long as the price can be determined fair and reasonable,. If the PR estimate is over $2,500, competition shall be obtained and at least 3 sources shall be s
Who do you report damage caused by improper packaging or shipping to? } ALC
What for do you report GSA tool deficiencies on? } SF-368
What is the time limit a search warrant can be used after it is issued? } 5 days
If mechanical or natural means of ventilation are used in a fuel storage space the vents should_____? } Draw air from the low points of the room.
What manual would you refer to for guidance on the organization of an AVENG dept? } Air Ops 3710.1
What type of pneumatic fuel pump is used on the LTS-101? } Single stage, positive displacement, self priming, gear type pump.
Why are C-130 oil reservoirs pressurized? } to keep positive oil pressure on the bearings.
What is used in conjunctuion with a TDR to trouble shoot faulty cables? } Calibration cable.
With the exception of deployed aircraft, how long may corrosion discreps remain open on the maintenance discrepancy sheet? } 30 days
What amnual gives guidance oncorrosion limitations? } NAVAIR 01-1a-509
What is the best way to internally clean engines? } Use mild cleaning techniques first.
The most successful method of eingine troubleshooting is_____? } Logical, systematic troubleshooting.
When do ou weara combo cap with your dinner dress uniform? } The combo cap is the only hat authorized with dinner dress.
Who is responsible for tracking the inventory of Coast Guard engines? } ALC
How much notice should ALC give to parts pool an engine? } 24 hours
The illustrated meter is connected to read_____? } current
What circuit component is illustrated below? } battery
How many poles are in the illustrated switch? } 2
What circuit device is shown in the illustration below? } Fuse
What would you use to remove paralketone from a part? } 0
When joining monel sheets with an aluminum rivet_____? } Will act as the anode in a corrosive relationship.
What aircreaft would you submit an AFTO 103 for? } HC-130
Which aircraft use form OPNAV 4790/112 } 65's 60's and 25's
When can yoou do a thiry hour oil change due at 14,399 hrs? } 14,396 hurs.
Under inflation causes_____ in a tire. } Wear on the sides and overheating.
How much of a conduit may be fillied with wire? } 0.75
Extensive corrosion discrepancies to be corredt at PDM are documented on _____? } 4377B and 5181 if at ALC, AFTO 103 for all DOD PDM facilities (c-130)
What department keeps the 4377 part II on file? } Operations, for seven years.
You should not deplete a nitrogen bottle below ___? } 25 psi
What is the manner of wear for an SP Brassard? } Worn on the right sleeve.
What is the manner of wear of Aircrew wings? } Worn on the wearers left chest 1/4" above the top pocket or ribbons.
What is the manner of wear of enlisted collar devices on the light blue shirt? } Centered on the visible collar, 1" in and parallel to the FWD edge of the collar.
What is the purpose of the enlisted performance evaluation form? } Inform members of their performance compared to written standards.
If you rig a flight control system when the air temperature is at 50 degrees, what will occur when the temperature is 80 degrees? } The aircraft will expand more than the cable.
What extinguishing agent is twice as effective as protein foam? } 0
What is the inspection interval for fire extinguishers? } Monthly
What should the starting time from shut off to ground idle be on a T-56? } 60 seconds.
What is the start time from shutoff to 50% N3 on the ATF3? } 50 Seconds.
Pressing the start assost button on the LTS-101 will _____? } allow additional fuel to be introduced to the start cycle.
What si considered to be the "hot section" of a turbine engine? } The combustion and turbine sections together comprise the hot section.
Wing stations on the C-130 are measured from _____? } Fuselage center line to the wingtip.
Propeller stations are measured_____? } From the prop hub to the prop tip.
What do you do with fuel from an aircragt that has dye in it? } It may be re-issued to aircraft.
Safety and health committes are required at units with _____people ? } 50
A newly qualified aircrew member would have his new qual code listed in what position of hi qualification description? } 1st and 2nd 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th, last 2?
Any modification to an ACMS card results in a _____? } Revision.
Where do you send copies of a UR to? } Prime uit and ALC
The tester used to determine viscosity of oil is called? } Saybolt tester.
The post PDM report includes discrepancies generated within the first_____? } 14 days of operational use of the aircraft.
Units should expedite return of 265 components with a value of ____ or more? } 1500
What diagram shows the relationships of parts to each other for assembly? } Exploded view.
What is the purpose of a sequencing valve in a hydraulic system? } Ensure the proper operatinf of landing gear and gear doors.\
If you have been unable to resolve a safety issue, how do you informally report the issue to the next higher level? } 0
What ACMS for is used totrack location of a serial # tracked items? } Comfiguration report.
What is indicated when the Union Jack is hoisted on the yardarm? A general court martial or court of inquiry is in session.
When is the Coast Guard Ensign flown at half mast? Never.
What is the preiod of time that the National Ensign is flown at half mast on Memorial Day? From 0800 to 1200 at which time a 21 gun salute is redered. If there is no salute then the National Ensign remains at half mast until 1220.
What is the composition of a Non Summanry Court Martial? One officer.
Per the Geneva Convention, what may a prisoner disclose when questioned by the enemy? Name, rank, service number, and date of birth.
What is the Master At Arms' chain of command He is a direct assistant of the XO
What form is used to place a Coast Guard member on report? CG-4910
What is the role of the mast representative? To assist the member in prepairing for and participating in the mast proceedings.
Are communications between the mast representative and the representative confidential? yes.
What are the three classifications of classified information? Top secret, secret, confidential.
What is the designation of material not considered classified? For Official Use Only (FOUO)
What is the proper manner of wear of a mustache? Cannot present a ragged appearance, extend below the line of the upper lip, or be wider than 1/4" from a vertical line drawn upward from the corner of the mouth.
How must the hem line on a woman's skirt fall? No higher than the crease in the back of the knee, no lower than two inches below same crease.
When is the record of emergency data reviewed? Annually on 1 November.
How much active duty is required to apply for warrant? eight years TIS, four years must be in the Coast Guard.
How much blood is contained in the human body? Six quarts.
What is the range of a singnal mirror under ideal conditions? Forty miles.
What is the color of a compressed gas cylinder containg Acetylene, Hydrogen, or Petroleum. Yellow.
What si the basic manual for info on the knowledge annd performance factors for advancement? Enlisted Qualifications Manual COMDTINST M1414.8
How close do you stop to an active runway before corssing? 100'
What is the form number of a ur Tag? CG-1577-A
What is the form number of a condition code "F" tag? DD-1577-2
What is the form number fo an RFI tag? DD-1574
are Good Conduct awards from other U.S. services creditable in the USCG service wide? no
How many subject groups are there in the subject identification code system? 14
How many pounds of buoyancy does the LPP-1A provide? 29LBS
The following awards are the only ones used on the SWE, Memorize their order. Metal of Honor 10 MIAMI
You must cease all fueling operations when lighttning is within_____? 5 miles of the fueling operatins.
How often are spring scales calibrated? Every twelve months.
The three types of seals used in turbine engines are____? O-ring, gasket and labyrinth.
Tow vehicle model #TA-18 is capable of pulling/pushing_____? 18,000LBS.
Tow vehicle model #SM-80F is capable fo Pulling/pushing_____? 8,000LBS
Tow vehicle model #TA-75 is capable of pulling/pushing_____? 7,500LBS
Tow vehicle model # SM-340 is capable of pulling/pushing_____? 4,000LBS
Where would you refer to for directions on filing out AFTO form 103? T.O. 00-25-4
What are the two types of spray guns used in the Coast Guard? Suction feed and Pressure feed.
Know these types of pulley wear patterns. 0
What is the reference for the Joint Oil Analysis Program? NAVAIR 17-15-50.1,.2
What does the Master chief Petty Officer of the Navy's rating badge look like? Suprisingly like the Coast Guards
What does the COINC ashore badge look like? 0
What does the aviator's breast insignia look like? 0
What does the USAF Tech Sergeant sleeve insignia look like? 5 down rockers(chevrons)
What is considered the best cable for use in cable rigged flight control systems? 7x19 extra fexible stainless steel.
When an ATF-3 is operated in manual, how are the bleed air valves positioned? Open
Where is th LTS-101 fuel control mounted? On the fuel pump mounting flange.
How long must you wait after an HH-60 failed APU start to attempt restart? 2 minutes
What color do the HH-60 BIM indicators turn when they are activated? Black and white striped.
In a cabin pressurization sstem, what is the purpose of the safety valve? To dump any excess pressure.
Commonly, flight control rods are safetied with_____? Check nuts.
What is the maximum number of widely spaced bolts that can be safetied together? 3
What is a general rule to be folowed when safety wiring parts? Safety wire should tighten when parts loosen.
When fluid pressure moves the piston forward in the prop dome_____? Blade pitch decreases.
How much of a stripped wire should be tinned? 1/2 of the exposed length.
How do you solder a hook connection? 1/2 turn and use just enough solder to make a clear, bright joint.
What is the standard wire used in Coast Guard aircraft? Stranded aluminumrated at 600Volts.
How may types of aviation materiel are there? 6
Shops should maintain a_____ day supply of Type III materiel 30
What officer ensures trainning (egress,safety ) is completed? Operations officer.
What officer supervises the safety program? XO
A listing of all DOD forms is found in_____? DOD 7750.7L (listing of DOD forms)
Corrosion prevention of magnesium components is accomplished with_____? Chromic acid pickling.
How often are inventories of abiation materieel completed? Annualy?
What is the proper method for cleaning flight control cables? Use a coarse weave rag or fiber brush.
Corrosion that appears as small wormlike traces si identified as_____? Filiform.
Galvanic corrosion is caused by _____? Mositure (contact of dissimilar metals was not a distracter)
Lifting devices are required to be inspected every _____? 24 months.
Air station equipement used for crash/rescue must comply with NFPA#_____? NFPA 414
Most landing gear indicators are configured to display_____? Red/amber light for unsafe condition, freen light for landing gear down.
If you have a class "C" accident in a government vehicle, who performs the investigation? Unit safety board.
If the accident was blass"B", how long dou ouo have to notify Commandant? Immediate call to chain fo command, four hours to notify HQ.
The authority to extend engine inspection is found in _____? COMDTINST 13020.1
Who has the authority to suspent ACMS? CO of ALC.
Who do you contact to reactivate a component suspended from ACMS. CO of ALC.
What is the most common reason for leaks after a fuel cell installation? Improperly torqued hardware.
Why do fuel cells crack and peel internally after fuel has been drained from them? Fuel removes the plasticizer.
Pitting on a bearing is most commonly caused by _____? Mositure trapped in the lubricant.
How many stages fo compression are ther in a T700 engine? 6
Low starting voltage coupled with a rich fuel/air mixture will cause_____? Hot starts.
You are asked how they determine the Ancient Mariner if tow individuals receive their cutterman's pin on the same day. You replay that they pick the person who_____? Has the most sea service time?
You are asked how they determine the Ancient Albvatross if tow individuals received their aircrew wings on the same day. You reply that they pick the person who_____? Has the ealiest "A" school graduation date.
If Petty Officer Gooblatz has 18 years TIS and 6 yeas TIG you can inform him_____? He has 28 points applied to his SWE final multiple.
Petty Officer Gooblatz also has a Navy Commedation, Navy Good Conduct, four Coast Guard Good Conducts, and on CG Achievement medal. How many award points does he have? Nine, other service's good conducts don't count.
The Purpose fo ACMS is_____? Manage aircraft maintenance.
What report do you review to see how you compared to the other air stations? MOE
You would use red terminal lubs on what size wire? 18-22
How many times can you refire a Mk79 flare? Twice
What flag is flown during a Captain's Mast? Union Jack
What do you use to remove corrosion preventiative compound? Penetone 724
Which flag will not be flown at half mast? CG ensign.
How long after you sign up can you use your G.I. Bill? 2 years
How long can you continuously use your G.I. bill? 3 years
How long is your G.I. bill good for after separation from service? 10 years
What can disqualify you from using your G.I. Bill? Receiving a commission as an officer.
How much flight time can you accrue wile on leave? none.
What is the number of the weight and balance manual? AFTO 1-1B-40 and AFTO 1-1B-50
What must be worn while performing a leak check? Helmet, gloves, flight suit, flight boots.
What is the FSSZ? 50 feet around the pressurized fuel carring component and 25 feet from aircraft vents.
What are the Coast Guard core values? Honor, Respect, Devotion to duty.
What dou you use to support round stock during drillin operations? A "V" block.
Who authorizes a primary structure composite repair? ALC
What are the types of military discharges? Honorable, general, undesirable, bad conduct, dishonorable.
What % of 3rd degree burns is fatal? 10% for adults, 2-3% for children.
What type of corrosion does cadmium plating on a bolt prevent. Galvanic.
What coating is used for a high heat nut? Cadmium.
What is another name for the tail section of an aircraft? Empennage.
Where are aircraft fuel samples logged? 4377B (NO FLY)
Where do you stand when taxing a rotoray wing aircraft? At the aircraft's 1:00 position.
How are stations identified on aircraft? Inches or millimeters.
What identifies a second oil sample? a red cap.
What does the first H in HH-60J stand for? Search and Rescue
How early can you change a component? 10% of scheduled change time.
What is the extension time for an item reaching low cycle fatigue? none.
Who can authorize an early out if a deployment you are scheduled for will extend beyond your elistment release date? Commanding Officer, as much as three months early.
How long do you fluch your eyes after getting electrolyte in them? 15 minutes
What diagram shows junction boxes, cable runs, etc? Wiring diagram.
What diagram shows parts relationships to each other? Exploded View.
What is the aircraft status when all maintenance is complete but test flight is not finished? NMCM
What inspection is required before the second flight of the day? Thru-flight
Who is in charge of keeping track of shelf life? AMO officer.
Who is responsible for the upkeep of ground support equipment? Aviation Maintenance officer.
What do you do before touching a capacitor you have found lying in the shop? Ground it out.
How many volts are considered dangerous? 30
Who supplies an interim stock number on parts that have no NSN? ALC
What is the lead time for procuring ground support equipment? Three years
What word denotes a mandatory stem in a maintenance procedure? Will or shall.
How do you clean a heavily soiled window? Agitae with hand wile using mild soap and water.
What determines the size of the Union Jack? The size of the National Ensign
What is the grounding sequence between the aircraft and the fuel truck? A/C to ground, truck to ground, truck to A/C Nozzle to A/C
What is the advantage of JP-5 over JP-4? JP-5 has a higher flash point.
How is a flared fitting identified? By its color.
When can a pan head screw be used? When clearance/ height is not an issue
Where can you find safety information about effective placement of shop machinery? 13020.1 C12
Who must request G.I. benefits if you die? Primary beneficiary
What type of poisoning do you get from prolonged exposure to a substance? Chronic poisoning
Ignition of fuel is based on it's _____? Volatility
What manual describes lighting requirements for shops? 13020.1 and civil Engineering Manual M11000( Series)
What type of contamination causes a fuel sample to appear cloudy? Particulate cotamination or presence of entrained water.
Where does the National Ensign fly? On the stern inport and on the mast underway
What does a gray colored compressed bottle signify? Physically dangerous contents.
Which hammer do you use to reduce splintering? Dead blow hammer
What are the two types of nuts? Selflocking and non-selflocking
What percentage of a screw head should a screwdriver fill? 0.75
How many stripes are on the Coast Guard Ensign? 16
What do the stripes on the Coast Guard Ensign symbolize? The states that comprised the union at that time.
Who is the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security? Janet Napalitano.
Unauthorized disclosure of secret material would cause? Serious damage to the United States CGM PG 336
How often are cables on power carts inspected? Weekly
How often are cables on power carts replaced? Every 60 months.
Aircraft jacking should not be performed when ______? Winds are above 15 MPH PG 85-110 2-15
During aircraft jacking the collet (coller) on the jack should be kept_____? At two threads above the jack housing PG 110 2-15
What type of T.O. has both navy and air force numbers? Joint use.
What is the normal TAD Humanitarian transfer time? Six Months CIM 1000.6A PG 4.b PG 17 Personnel manual.
What is the normal PCS humanitarian transfer time? Two years CIM 1000.6A 4.B PG 17
Requests to extend humanitarian assignments must be submitted ____? 60 days prior to end of assignment CIM 1000.6A 4.B PG 17
What can not be done while on humanitarian assignment? Re-enlist or extend beyond end of assignment, or attend service schools. CIM 1000.6A 4.B PG 17
Typical exhaust thermocouples are wired in ____? Parallel
Who authorizes the one time order of a publication? TIMOS PG 50
______ Shows up as rapid wear on the center of the tire. Over inflation.
Who designates crewman to run aircraft engines? CO
Which officer supervises the unit MAA XO
Which officer is responsible for the maintenance of Fire fighting equipment and crash kits? Physical security officer.
Which command sponsored board uses pilots and crewman from each position? Flight examining board.
How are CG 4377 A'S dated after installing in the permanently bound folder? 04-93-01 Month- year-flight number.
Travel money for TAD "C" schools will be paid from____? AFC-56
CG issued handguns carried by aircrew men will be_____? Decocked, in safe position, magazine inserted, round chambered.
An airstation with less than_____ pilots is not required to have a safety dept. Twenty.
What manual would you refer to find the requirements to fill a certain qual code? M1414.9
What does the qual code JC stand for? Instructor.
Who can earn the JC qual code? Any rate.
The JC qual code is earned by_____? Completion of the CG Basic Instructor course and six months OJT or 12 months at a TRACEN.
What manual outlines the requirements for each pay grade? M1414.8 enlisted Qualifications Manual.
What sould you do prior to attaching a regulator to a pressurized bottle? Crack the requlator valve.
What should the label on the flammable stres locker stat? Flammable KEEP FIRE AWAY.
Why is 81309 used to clean piano hinges? Because it displaces water.
What is the primary manual used by the Coast Guard for Fueling Pratices? COMDTINST M13001.1
What is the maximum water temperature for laundering a flight suit? 140 degrees/ dry at 180 degrees M3710.1 or M13520.1
What is form CG 3306? Marks sheet.
How much water will a reverse osmosis pump produce daily? Model 35 produces 35 gallons. Model 6 produces 6 gallons.
What flag is raised when fueling on a ship? Bravo flag.
What indicates the location of a hangar deck fire extinguisher? A red square, 12 inches or larger, 12 feet above the ground.
If you do a TCTO on a component that is not installed on an aircraft, what put in the aircragt number block on the ACMS card? SPARE
What is the range of a singal whistle? 1000 yards
What are the operating fequencies of the Mini B? 243 and 121.5 Mhz Last for 48 hours continuous at -4 degrees F
The HI POWER button on the PRC 90 increases range from 80 to ______? 125 Miles.
Sea dye marker is visible to an aircraft operating at 3000 feet from ____? Two miles away.
The MK 79 flare reaches and altitude of _____? 250-650 feet.
The MK 79 flare burns for apx _____? 4.5 seconds.
The MK 124 flare is identified on the night end by_____ and burns for _____? Ridges, 20 seconds dy or night.
Who authorizes aircraft parts pooling? ALC
What directive is used to describe local procedures at a unit? TIMI
Discrepancies to be repaired at overhaul are documented_____? On the 4377B
What is the minimum distance lightning can be from a fueling operation? 5 miles M13001.1 PG7
How far from aircraft fuel vents must support equipment be parked? 25 Feet M13001.1
How far from pressure refuelers do you park mobile bower carts? 50 feet M13001.1
How high off of the hangar deck must electrical outlets be? 18"
What is the color of an emergency cutoff switch? Red M 10360.3C CH 13-7
What color are shock hazards painted/ Orange M10360.3c CH 13-7 Cut,crush, burn, or shock
Tow tractor hitches are inspected for security___? Quarterly
How many air changes per hour in a battery shop? 40606
The LPU-26P is designed for use in _____? Fixed wing aircraft.
The LPU-26PE is designed for use in _____? Rotary wing aircraft
What are the tow type of aircraft inspections? routine and special.
What type of fire extinguisher do you use to replace a halon extinguisher? Dry chemical
For maximum effective transmission on the PRC 90 you_____? Do not point the antenna at the rescue aircraft.
What items are found in an LPP-1 Whistle, illuminating device and a sea dye marker
How long can a females fingernails be? Fingernails shall not exceed 1/4" beyond the fingertip CIM 1020.6F PG2-8
A solid red light from an airport tower means_____? Stop
A flashing red light from an airport tower means_____? Clear the taxiway
An alternating red then green light from an airport tower means_____? Exercise extreme caution.
Where do you find a listing of the most recent revisions to an ACMS deck? The maintenance procedures card index.
The specifications of the MK 80 flare cartridge are _____? 4.5 second burn time, 250-650 feet altitude attained 12,000 candle power
How do you identify the night end of the MK 124? Ridges around the flare end.
How long will each end of the MK 124 burn? 20 seconds.
Who is responsible for helicopter salvage? The CO of the unit to which the aircraft is assigned.
What is the reference for the disposal of a hazardous waste? Hazardous waste management manual M16478.1
What form is used to record the completion of the unit pubs library audit? An ACMS MSR card.
What is contained in a brown gaseous cylinder? Poisonous gas
What color stripe is painted on the fuselage of an aircraft to chow noe gear travel limits? Red
How is the first page of a TOPS numbered? TP1 TP2 ETC.
A Line that carries a substace which is asphyxiating in a confined space or is in a dangerous physical state of pressure or temperature is labeled_____? PHDAN
What are the three types of bandages found in a first aid kit? Cravat, roller gause, and battle dressing.
A triangle on the head of a bolt denotes_____? The bolt's grip was machined to close tolerances?
What helps prevent an LRU-20 life reaft from overturning in the water? A water ballast bag on the bottom of the raft.
CAMI's, SAMI'S and TIMI's are kept on file for how long after they are cancelled? Six months.
What is the projected service life of ground support equipment? Ten years.
Who is in charge of the salvage plan at an air station? Salvage officer (designated by the CO).
How often does the station salvage plan get reviewed? Annually
Who funds excessive costs incurred during aircraft salvage? Commandant (G-SEA) provides funds for unusual costs during salvage.
What denotes QA is required during an ACMS procedures? An Asterisk (*) and QA REQUIRED in bold type.
Where is the alternate location of the taxi signalman of multi engine fixed wing aircraft? Forward of aircraft , outside of left wingtip.
What type of corrosion is caused by direct chemical attack on the surface of metal? Uniform etch.
What are samples monitored for duing JOAP test? Wear metal concentrations in the oil.
One revolution of the micrometer barrel equals____? .025 inch, 40 revolutions equal one inch.
A six inch micrometer can measure what size reange object? Five to six inches.
A post PDM report includes all discrepancies attributed to PDM incurred within _____? 14 Days of receipt of aircraft.
What are the two classifications of PDM discrepancies? Major and minor.
How long is a sea dye marker visible in sea state one? One hour.
Where would you cut a resucue hole in an aircraft? Between primary structural members.
What are the specifications of AC power on CG aircraft? 115/200VAC, 3 phase, 400Hz
What aree static grounds tested to? Resistance may be as high as 10,000 Ohms, lower resistance is perferred.
What is the reference for maintenance of aircraft tubes and tires? 4T-1-3
Who writes ACMS cards? Prime units for each aircraft develop, review and update MPC's
What is the manner of wear for the wolly pulley? Open collars, must be worn on outside. Service dress blue, tropical blue, winter dress blue, Maternigy uiform, May be worn in leu of service dress blue coat. CIM 1020.6F PG 3-37
What does a red stripe on an engine nacelle mean? Turbine path plane.
What is the candle power of a signal mirror? 8,000,000 candle power.
A one time order of a pub through TIMOS can be used how often? Onece ervery twelve months.
What is worn to denote a second award of the gold lifesaving medal? A Gold star.
What is required before connecting or disconnecting and dingine driven power cart? Shut down the engine.
Hown long do you have to retun a condition code "F" part? Fifteen days normally, maximum of thiry days.
How many months of BAQ is dislocation allowance? 2.5
What are the two types of fuel samples? Special and routine?
How do you loosen a bolt using an adjustable wrench? By pulling the wrench towards yourself, in the direction of the adjustable portion of the wrench.
How is an air station assigned tow tractors? Based on size and number of aircraft and weather conditions of the area.
What signal differs day to night from pilot to ground crew? remove chocks.
How far past a wound should dressing cover? Should overlap would by 1/2 inch.
How often may a woman receive a supplement for maternity allowance? Not within three years of a previous request.
What is the maximum weight of baggage you may carry on an EML flight? 66 LB
What is the maximum amount of flight time you may get in a seven day period? 50 hours.
Your designation will laps if you do not fly in the aircraft you are qualified in for _____? 6 months.
What are the measuring increments on a vernier scale? .001 ( thousandths).
Exposure to an RF field causes a sensation of _____? heat.
What is the maximum number of flammable storage lockers you can have in a shop? 3
What color does the tie down crew wear? blue.
How do you identify a grounding receptacle? Round yellow field with black border and black lettering.
What do you treat for when a victim has 3rd degree burns? shock.
When applying paint remover and it starts to dry, what should you do? Scrape loose finish off and re-apply stripper 1-1-8 (2-7)
What are the types of hydraulic contaminations? Organic, Metalic , solids, non metalic, forgein fluids, water, air, AMH 3
HU-25 Battery switch positions for " NORM" and "LOW TEMP?" Norm
How many days are you grounded for after giving blood? 3 days if 200CC or more, seven days if over 500CC's,seven nights, must stay below 35,000ft (Air Ops Manual 3-2)
What does the Master Chief of the Coast Guards Rating badge look like? The rating designator is replaced by the CG shield under three stars.
When using the NT-4 tow bar, the chains must be used______? when using axil pins instead of hooks. NAVAIR 19-1-137 PG 3
Effective communication is reduced by what percentage when using the ICS system? 80% (Airmans handbook)
How do you store innertubes? Partially inflated and vertical. (NAVAIR 04-10-506)
What is the ATA chapter for electrical systems? 24 (Google)
Who autorizes modifications to the Coast Guard aircreaft configurations? Aircraft Configuration Controll Board PG-85-00-70
Who authorizes equipment test in aircraft? ALC task the prime unit.
How often are tow hitches inspected? quarterly 13020.1 encl 16
How is corrosion on aluminum removed? with an aluminum or stainless steel brush.
What are the four things needed for corrosion to occur? Anode, Cathode, Electrolyte, Contact (NAVAIR 509)
What is the lowest ranking person on a board of survey? E-6 or GS7 or WG8 (M4500.5B)
What is the symbol for a resistor? Heart monitor read out
How much wire should be tinned? 1/2 of exposed length 1-1A-13
What is form 3303C? Performance Qualifications (Catalogue of Forms)
What form are aircraft inventory shortages reported on ? OPNAV 4790/112 (13020.1)
When joining two sheets of 0.32 aluminum you should use______ size rivets? Rivet diameter
If you draw a part from supply that has no SCHR what should you do? Do not install the part until an SCHR has been reviewed (13020.1 4-4)
If you pull the yoke back and to the left, what does the right aileron do? Goes down.
What goes in the aircreaft condition conde block on the 4377A? Up and down condition arrows.
How many sub-sections are there in the AviEng department? Five: QA, Eng, ADMIN, AMO, Maintenance office, Avionics (3710.1 PA-3
What is the primary purpose of tool control? Ensure the safety of aviation personnel through the prevention of aircraft mishaps and FOD to A/C systems caused by misplaced tools.
How would you order a new 13020.1 ? TIMOS
What is Type III Material ? Aeronautical material, Less avionics, Less than $250. Procured through AFC 30 Funds.
Who is responsible for purchasing ground support equipment? CO of ALC
What do the 5th and 6th digits in a standard ATA code refer to? Subject (online google)
Who assigns the 5th and 6th digits in an ATA number ? The equipment manufacturer (online google)
What manual would you refer to for information on desertion? Personnel Manual. M1000.6A CH8
Where do you find the source (manufacturer) Code in the IPB Part 1
How often is the unit safety report generated? Monthly (M5100.47 PG 2-7)
Who is responsible for the inventory on a QEC after it is received? ALC -13020.1 CH7
How many pounds of pulling force should a ground receptacle have? 8-14LB 00-25-172
How are TCTO entries made on the SCHR? ACMS code completed PG 85-00-10 (through MPC signoff 1320.1F 4-4)
How many sections are there for special requirements inspections? 4- ALSE, AS, GS, PA.
What does high torque hardware look like? Hour glass on head.
What changes DC to pulsating voltage in an ignition circuit? Capacitor (google)
How many people will a cold weather survival kit support/ 4 M13520.1 Life support systems Manual.
Double hearing proteciton is required at what decibel level/ 84DB for single >104DB for double, 140DB for impact noise. M5100.47 S&EH manual.
What is the purpose of the flight safety program? Improve readiness of units by conserving human resources, equipment, & funds through reduced number of mishaps. M5100.47 S&EH Manual.
Who is responsible for publication changes in the aircraft? Navigation Officer 3710.1 (A8)
Where do you find general safety information for aviation units? M5100.47 Safety and Environmental Health Manual.
What does the code AS mean on the MSR? Avionics support PG 85-00-10
What is the weight of JP-5? 6.8LB per gallon 42B-1-1
Cargo hooks and night suns are tracked on what report? MSR cargo hooks
What does the Five in JP-5 stand for? Flash point 42B-1-1 M13001.1 Aviatin fuel handling proceedures Manual.
How long do you wait after taking on JP-5 in the fuel farm to use the fuel? Three hours per foot M13001.1 CH6
Low pressure oxygen is stored in what color bottles? Yellow M10360.3C CH13
What manual gives fuidelines on the upkeep of aircrew records? 3171.1 CH 9
What do stop rings do in a hydralic prop? Set pitch.
What is the purpose of synchro phasers in a prop system? Reduce noise and crew fatigue.
Sea service time counts for how many points in the SWE competition? m1020.6F 2-7 (need to read up on it)
What is the max permissible length of a woman's hair bangs? Can not extend below the eyebrows or exceed 2" bulk. (uniform regs manual, And EPME)
What is the max permissible length of a man's hair bangs? Can not extend below the eyebrows or exceed 1 1/2 bulk M1020.6F 2-7
What is the max permissible length of a mans's beard? 1/4" only if member has medical waiver M1020.6F 2-8
A special court martial has jurisdiction over ______? Both enlisted personnel and officers.
Material desigated as FOUO may be released outside the USCG for official purposes? False M5510.23/M5260.3
Details to a sentry watch inclued what? General , orders,special orders CGM (Blue jackets) P 345
Regulations concerining the granting of security clearances to military and civilian personnel are found in the personnel manual. False. It is found in the personal security management manual.
A temporary I.D. card is laminated/ TRUE
How many days punishment can a Co in grade 0-4 impose? Chart.
How many orders comprise the "General orders of a sentry"? 11- Blue jackets manual (CGM)
Who may order all crew toabandon ship? The CO
What billets are assigned on the WQSB? (watch quarter and station bill) Administrative, operational,emergency,battle, and special. CGM PG 360
A captains mast is a type of court martial. False EPME 9-7.01K
Material desigated as FOUO is considered classified information. False. M5510.23 1-1 #3
General orders 1,2, and 3 require all service members to respect the sentinel's duties. True Blue jacket manual.
The Union Jack is the blue field and stars of the National Ensign TRUE
If you must abandon ship, what is the best way to do so if you have access to the entire ship Life raft 1ST or and anchored hose or line on end lowest in the water.
A special court martial may not award punishment of a dishonorable discharge? True - can not award dismissal, more than 6 mo confinment, over 3 months hard labor or pay forfeture over 6 months.
Classified info may not be dicussed in phone conversations except on approved secured communications circuits. True M5510.23
FOUO material may be transmitted by U.S. Postal service via what type of mail? 1ST class mail.
What watches are maintained when a ship is tied up in port? Communications, security, and safety.
When do senior personnel enter a boat? They entere last and exit first.
If control of FOUO material is not maintained by authorized personnel during office hours. It should be kept in an out of sight location.
What are the unit security responsibilities of the OOD? Inspect vehicles egressing, Inspect arriving and departing personnel.
Receipts are required for the control of FOUO material. True.
What rating was douglas Munro? Signalman First class. CG M PG 15
In what war were mobile LORAN stations manned by the USCG. Korean war CGM PG 16
In what war was the TAMPA sunk? WW I by a torpedo All hands lost CGM PG12
In what war was USCG aviation born? WW I CGM PG 13
In what year did the Revenue Cutter Service and Lifesaving Service become the Coast Guard? January 28th 1915
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