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EKU Parasit exam 1

Where are parasitic diseases most common warm climates
what can effect the distribution of parasitic diseases social, economics, public health, sanitation
parasites with a simple life cycles are often more cosmopolitan
What is the cause of most cases of parasitic diseases in the US travelers and immigrants
The degree of injury due to parasitic infection normally depends upon number, size, activity, and location
What are the clinical manifestations of a parasitic infection general and variable
What is required for diagnosis laboratory detection and identification
Parasites that have no vectors or intermediate hosts are normally referred to as simple
parasites that have an intermediate host or vectors are normally referred to complex
when was the last time malaria was endemic in the US 1940
What is a protozoa a unicellular eukaryotic microorganism
a unicellular eukaryotic microorganism protozoa
amebas, flagellates, ciliates, hemoflagelates, sporozoa and coccidia are all a part of what class of parasites protozoa
what are helminths metazoa; wormlike invertebrates
metazoa; worm like invertebrates are known as helminths
nematodes, filariae, cestoda, and trematoda are all in what group of parasites helminths
arthropods are devinded as hard exoskeleton jointed apendages
these have hard exoskeletons and jointed appendages artropods
How are protozoa grouped mode of transport/locamotion
what is a protracted relationship causing harm, having it for some period of time
parasite implies what type of relationship protracted
Insects and arachnids are in what group of parasites arthropods
the arthropod group of parasites consists of arachnids and insects
Amebas have what form of locomotion pseudopodium
Flagellates have what form of locomotion flagella
Ciliates have what form of locomotion cilia
hemoflagelates have what form of locomotion flagella
Nematodes are what intestinal round worms
filariae are what tissue roundworms
cestoda are what tapeworms
trematoda are what flukes
What is meant by infective form infective to humans
what is meant by diagnostic form that which is seen in the laboratory
what are the two forms you will see protozoas in trophozoite and cysts
what is a trophozoite troph, the active vegetative form
what is a cyst the inactive, resistant, infectious form
What are the life stages of the helminths adult, ovum, larvae
what is the adult stage mature stage
what is an ovum egg
what is a larvae immature stage
Cysts can often pass through what and still be viable the stomach
urine, mineral oil, and radiography contrast media found in stool is normall contamination
How many stool specimens are needed for the detection of helminth ova one to two
how many specimens are needed to detect protozoa three collected every other day
what are the proper preservatives for stool formalin and PVA
What does PVA stand for polyvinyl alcohol
What type of slide can be used from formalin wet mounts
what type of slide can be used from PVA permanent
sodium acetate-acetic acid formalin can be used for what permanent smears and concentration methods
What are two ways to process stool specimen formalin and PVA
What is the process for a formalin preparation concentration, iodine wet bount look for ova or larvae
what is the process for a PVA preparation no concentration, trichrome stain looking for trophs and cysts
if doing a peripheral blood thin smear what stain should be used wrights or giemsa
what do you us a thick peripheral blood smear for malaria
what is a para-pak a stool specimen collection device
Protozoa stain gray blue to black with nuclei and cellular inclusions darger than cytoplasm is seen in what stain iron hematoxylin
this stain offeres better contrast than iron hematoxylin, protozoan trophs and cyst have a blue-green to purple cytoplasm, nuclei and inclusions are red to purple red, background is green trichrome
what is flotation best used for protozoan cysts, hymenoepis nana ova and hookworm ova
what solvent is used in the floatation method zinc sulfate
What is used in the sedimentation method formalin ethyl acetate
What iodine solution is preferable dobell and connor or d'antoni's
what is an except able iodine solution lugol's
what are iodine stains sealed with vaspar
what are the best objectives too look at a iodine smear 10x and 40x
What is the best objectives to look at trichrom stained slids scan at 40 and use OI for identification
How do protozoa reproduce binary division
who are lumen dwelling protozoa normally identified trichrome stained
what are cyst walls made of chiten
why can't trophs be the infective form they do not survive passage through digestive system
what is the reproductive form of protozoa trophs
What is the etiological agent for amebiasis Entamoeba histolytical/entamoeba dispar
Entamoeba histolytica/entamoeba dispar is the etiological agent for amebiasis or amebic dysentary
How is entamoeba histalitytica/entamoeba dispar transmitted cysts in contaminated food and water
These are the only pthogenic amoebas entamoeba histolytical/entamoeba dispar
entamoeba histolytica can be diferentiated via what method serological
what is another name for a nucleolus cariozome
What is the difference between E. colis and histolytica e. coli have very dirty cytoplasm and histolytica have a must cleaner cytoplasm
how many nuclei can a E. histolytica have up to 4 no more
What are the organs E. Histolytica infect liver, lung. brain
What shape will the chromatoidal bodies in histolytica have round
What shape will the chromatoidal bodies have in E. coli excentric with dirty cytoplasm
What is the differential characteristic of e. Harmanni to E. histolytica size, Harmanni is <10 um
This entamoeba is characterized by no parachromatin, large cariozome, up to 4 nucleoli E. Nana
This entamoeba is characterized by a variable nuclei and often times over to the side E. Butshlii
Fragillis was once thought to be a entamoeba but is now a flagilate
fragillis is known for what? two nuclei, no cyst form and ragged chromatoidal bodies
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