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Unsensicalisms 7

Learn UNSENSICAL's 15 newest unsensicalisms in our 7th release edition!

Bird, or any other flight enable creature, which is able to fly up through the troposphere, into the stratosphere and beyond that and the ozone layer into the mesosphere without any ill effects Aventophe
Word used to describe atoms which have fallen in love at one point in the past, but whose relationship went sour and separated, thus due to the laws of physics can never be reunited ever again Biatornic
Tool utilized by Neanderthals to create and bind together their garments Davelstapel
Extinct rodent which was native to Britain who closely resembled the features of today's skunk except it was deep blue in color and sprayed its predators with a cologne-like smell Enganistank
One who excels in the art of composing songs from fables on a stringed instrument Foabelist
One who is responsible for hauling buckets out of wells Geiver
A resident stork found which feasts on fish found in Dr. Suess books with distinct vacuum-like beak Huvenstorsch
Gaelic name given to the ninth boy or ninth girl birthed into a single family Kailven
Container which illuminates when occupied by any liquid substance Lusvile
Combination knife and fork Noarque
Word used to describe one who speaks incessantly about one's self, never yielding to let others interject comments into a conversation Ongorious
Kind of award given to bovines after their death in recognition of the succulent hamburger their meat gave life to Postuveal
Theoretical megalopolis where an entire city is built in a single structure which is at least 50 kilometers in height Sunstropolis
To coordinate and enable constructive instruction from a panel of professors team-teaching a college course Vakiltate
Word used to describe an ecosystem whose natural arrangement produces melodic sounds in wind and rain storms Zylometric
Created by: UNSENSICAL