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Unsensicalisms 1

Learn UNSENSICAL's 15 newest unsensicalisms in our 1st release edition!

An aardvark hat worn by Russian toupee designers Arkslosbenvik
The land where druids reap their runic cards Dreyia
A mid-day brunch in the German countryside that consists of sitting on top of a ladder and eating Stromboli while singing the German national anthem Lodderstrumbulensch
A new hybrid species of lobster, ketchup, and skunk. It is a national delicacy in Antarctica Loskervank
A map (this big word was just made up for people to sound pompous and smarter than they are) Manchilnamilence
A shovel used to ask questions in the ancient town of Cusineart. When a person had a question, he/she would have to dig a 6 ft deep hole, stand in it, and holler out his/her question. The all-mighty question answerer would then bury the question asker. Ne Quevel
Metric system used by T-rexes that consisted of counting on their three toes. This is the beginnings of the little-known base three number system used in Argolialand. Trexsonometronics
Tropicana-juice-like Truiopal
An ugly female Iranian gorilla Ugullia
Vertigo caused by spinning around in a man-made flotation device on top of a geyser. Verghyota
A Slavic stamp that is put on old spinsters' personal checks to ensure that they are legitimate Vergonslavicheck
A hyper furry lizard that hides below car wiper blades Wyperhyple
A theoretical 13-sided polygon that plays the xylophone. This is a very important tenet of musical geometry Xjenpolyquo
A Yugoslavian 1948 social movement; the slogan of which was "Youths forget sin, que?" Apparently, Yugoslavia had a lot of Spanish influence in the 1940's. Yuthforgensinque
A Wyomingian who has characteristics of a geriatric yak Yzenogentonic
Created by: UNSENSICAL
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