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body Composition1

Body composition skinfold measurements

Skinfold Basics indirectly measures the thickness of subcutaneous adiose tissue, based on the theory that the amount of subcutaneous fat is propotional to the total amount of body fat & that 1/3 of total body fat is located subcuatanously or directly underskin, if
skinfold correct procedure1 taken on R side-identify, measure &mark the skfsite-place thumb/finger 8cm apart lift the fold-caliper placed on skin 1cm below pinch, perpendicular to sf, .5 b/w crease and base of fold-read caliper after 1-2sec-duplicate rotational measures w/e 1-2mm
Erros can occur with skin foulds reasons such as inexperienced technician, poor technique, improperly calibrated caliper and client factors
What do make sure of when doing a skin fold inform ath of ass. procedures &protect his/her privacy,b sure you only do sf analysis on skin thats dry,free of powder& lotion, avoid doing sf when the hydration level of your client is compromised-not following exercise, or when there is peripheral edema
Equipment needed high-quality skinfold calipers which will exert constant tension throughout the range of measurement, perferably metal calipers vs plastic, washable marker or surgical marker, calculator
skin fold sites abdominal, triceps, biceps, chest/pectoral, medial calf, midaxillary, subscapular, suprailiac, thigh
Abdominal verticl- 2cm right of umbilicus
Triceps Vertical- midway between acromion/olecranon
Biceps vertical-over belly of biceps, 1 cm proximal to the triceps
Chest/pectoral diagonal-mid way between axillary ligh and nipe(male_
Medial Calf vertical-medial boarder, >circumference
Midaxillary vertical-midaxillary line, level of xiphoid process
subscapular diagonal-1-2 cm distal to inferior angle of scapula
suprailliac diagonal-line with the iliac crst, anterior axillary line
thigh vertical-anterior midline of thigh, between crease and patella
Three sites for the joackson pollock 3 site equation for men chest, abdomen, thigh or-chest, triceps, subscapular
Three sites for the jackson pollock 3 site equation for women triceps, suprailiac, thigh or-tricepts, suprailiac, abdominal
body fat percentage =(495/body density)-450
Created by: jwebst1
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