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Blood Disorders

Anemia body does not have enough healthy RBC to carry adequate O2-produces too few, loses too many, destroys them faster than produces, can be temp or long term, mild to severe, many differnt types-iron deficency anemia, sickel cell anemia
Iron Deficiency Anemia shortage of iron in body-w/o enough iron cannot produce hemoglobin, hemoglobin enables RBC to cary O2, Causes-blood loss, lack of iron in diet, inability to absorb(intestinal disease/meds), pregnancy, slow bleed in intestines, ulcer
Iton Deficiency anemia Risk factors malnutrition, chronic disease, intense physical training-destroys RBC, prologned use of analgesics-impairs RBC formation, family history, heaby menstration-depletes RBC, medical treatents-chemotherapy and radiation
iron deficiency Anemia presentation fatigue, weakness, pale sking-including decreased pinkness of your lips, gums, lining of your eyelids, nail beds and palms, rapid HB, SOB, swollen tongue, spooning of nails, numbness or coldness in hands and feet, impaired attention, headache
Iron deficiency Anemia treatment eat iron rich foods(red meat, pork seafood, poultry, eggs, iron fortified cereals, breads and pastas, beans, peas, dark green leafy veggies, nuts and seeds, dried frouch such as raisans and apricots), iron supplementation-vitamin c helps with absorption
Sickle Cell Amenia inhearted blood disorder assocaited w. abnormal hemoglobin w/in the RBC-on gene you have the trait, two genes you have the disease, 8-10% of african americans carry it, 27x greater rosl fpr siddem death, 40x greater risk for sudden death than other races
Sickle cell anemia can cause bead du to emboli-sickle cells clot easily sickle cell crisis-widespread vascular occlusion, organ infarction, shock
Sickle Cell Anemia warning signs for sickle cell crisis severe muscle cramping in legs, butt, low back, tachycardia, hypotension, hyperventilation, LOC
Sickle cell crisis-and prevention risk for sc crisis is greater during exercise in hot/humid. high altitude environments, mimics heat illness, cardiac arrest, Prevention-acclimatization, hydration
Sickle cell trait is a factor for? Exertional rhabodomyolsis-sudden metabolic break down of skeletal muscle-myoglobin and enzymes from damaged muscle enter bloodstream-acute renal failure, shcok death may result from protiens and enzymes blocking kidney function
Sickle Cell Trait Tx no cure, avoid crisis, releive symptoms, folic acid-bone marrow needs fa to make rbc, drink h2o-blood stays diluted, aboid excessive heat, avoid excessive exercise, avoid high altitude
Created by: jwebst1
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