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Frida Kahlo

Which artist was a photographer's assistant a.Frida Kahlo b.Diego Rivera c.Jose Orozco d.Rufino Tamayo a.Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo is identified with which artistic style? Surrealism
In life, Frida endured many physical obstacles which motivated her art. What inspired her flying bed piece? Miscarriage
When is Frida's real birthday? July 4, 1907
Why did Frida Kahlo change her birthday? She wanted to be associated more closely with the Mexican Revolution.
Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo shared a complicated romantic relationship that can be described as? Marriage, Divorce, rivera marries and divorces another, remarries Frida. (A lot of Ups and Downs)
Which Rivera mural features Frida Kahlo? a.Creation b.Subterranean Forces c.Detroit Industry d.Ballad of the Revolution d.Ballad of the Revolution
Why did Frida Begin to paint? She was bed-ridden from the trolley accident.
Frida's motivation to continue painting stemmed from ___________. A desire to marry Diego Rivera.
"Two nudes in a Forest" demonstrates what aspects of Frida's personal life? Her bisexuality.
The trolley accident most likely affected hewr ability to bare children because _______. A hand rail tore through her uterus and stomach.
Diego's womanizing led him to __________. Encourage Frida's affairs with women.
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