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WW October

October chapter

What are the names of Mrs. Baker's rats? Sycorax and Caliban
What honor has been given to Mr. Hoodhood? He has been named a candidate for the Chamber of Commerce Businessman of 1967.
Why didn't Holling complain about all the chores he had to do for Mrs. Baker on Wednesdays? Because after the first week in October, the Baker Sporting Emporium narrowed its architect choices down to two--Hoodhood and Associates and Kowalski and Associates. Holling does not want to ruin his dad's chances of winning.
What happened to the cream puffs that made Mrs. Bigio so sick? Holling left the cream puffs in Mrs. Baker's room which had an open window. When Holling cleans the erasers, chalk goes up to the classroom and lands on the cream puffs.
Who states the following quote and why? "Until the...escapees...are caught, not a soul outside of this room hears about the incident." Mr. Guareschi states this after Sycorax and Caliban escape from their cages and go missing; this happens when Holling tries to clean out their cages.
Who states the following quote and why? "So go wash your face." Mr. Hoodhood states this to Holling sister. She had a yellow flower painted on her check. Mr. Hoodhood does not want his daughter to be a flower child.
What is Mrs. Baker's newest strategy to bore Holling? Mrs. Baker and Holling start to read Shakespeare. They start with "The Merchant of Venice"
What did Holling not throw away when he was cleaning the coat room? the box for #166
Who is president in 1967? Lyndon B. Johnson
Who went to the hospital after eating a cream puff and refusing to cough? Mrs. Bigio
Who might be called a flower child? Holling's sister
According to Holling's sister, who bullies Holling? Mr. Hoodhood
What is a plague? a serious, life-threatening disease
What was Holling's last chore? Holling had to clean Sycorax and Caliban's cages.
Who ends up eating the cream puff that was originally Holling's? Sycorax
Created by: Mrs. LLynch