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herbal 2 final pt 2

Pharmacopia 2, Final exam part 2

What is Lu Rong made from? Young deer antler and /or deer velvet
What is Lu Rong Known for? 1) Regulates Chong Mai and Ren Mai 2)stabilizes Dai Mai 3) fortifies Yang 4)Tonfies Du Mai and augments Jing
What is Lu Jiao? mature Deer Antler
Compare Lu Rong and Lu Jiao Lu Jiao is weaker but cheaper
What effect does Lu Jiao have? Moves Blood
What is Lu Jiao Jiao and compare to Lu Rong and Lu Jiao Lu Jiao Jiao is made from teh glue of antlers. It is weaker and cheaper
Lu Jiao Jiao's effect is? Tonifies Blood, Stops Bleeding
What is Ge Jie made from? Gecko tail
What is Ge Jie known for? 1) helps the KD grasp the LU Qi 2)assists KD Yang and augments Jing
What is the translation of Dong Chong Xia Cao? Winter Bug Summer Herb
What is Dong Cong Xia Cao known for? 1)Tonifies KD Yang 2) Tonfies LU Yin 3) Transforms Phlegm
What is Rou Cong Rong known for? 1)Warms the womb 2)Strengthens Yang 3)moistens intestines
Which 2 Yang tonics also moisten the intestines? Suo Yang and Rou Cong Rong
What is Suo Yang known for? 1)Fortifies Yang 2) Nourishes blood and augments essence to strengthen sinews for motor impairment 3)moistens intestines
What is Yin Yang Huo known for? 1)Fortifies KD Yang eg frequent urination 2)Expels Wind Damp Cold 3)Harness Asc Liver Yang
Yin Yang Huo + Xian Mao + Huang Bai + Zhi Mu treats what? Harnesses Asc. LV Yang with KD Yin Def.
What is Ba Ji Tian known for? 1)fortifies Yang for impotence and infertility and cold LBP 2) Strengthens sinews for LBP 3)Expels Wind Damp Cold in legs and back.
Waht is Bu Gu Zhi known for? 1)Fortifies Yang 2)Stabilizes Essence and Urine for enuresis and incontinence 3)Warms SP Yang for diarrhea (cock's crow) 4)Helps KD grasp the LU Qi for asthma or cough
What is Yi Zhi Ren known for? 1)retains essence and urine 2)strengthens KD and SP Yang 3)Warms SP to stop diarrhea and unpleasant taste in mouth.
What is Xian Mao known for? 1)Fortifies Yang for impotence or infertility
Xian Mao + Yin Yang Huo treats what? Fortify Yang for impotence or infertility
What is Du Zhong known for? 1)Tonify LV/Sinews and KD/Bones for weak back and knees 2)Calms the fetus 3)for Hypertension from Asc. LV Yang
Du Zhong + Xu Duan + Tu Si Zi + Sang Ji Sheng + Shan Yao treats what? Calms the Fetus
Du Zhong + Xia Ku Cao + Bai Shao treats what? Hypertension from Asc. LIver Yang (Bai Shao helps LV Bank Blood)
What is Gou Ji translated as? Dog Spine
What is the translation of Xu Duan? restore what is broken
What is Xu Duan known for? 1) Strengthen sinews and bones 2) calms the fetus 3) stops uterine bleeding 4) moves blood, stops pain and generates flesh for trauma, sprains or fractures
Xu Duan + Ai Ye + Di Yu treats what? Stops uterine bleeding
Xu Duan + Gu Sui Bu + Zi Ran Tong treats what? moves blood, stops pain and generates flesh for trauma, sprain or fractures
What is the translation of Gu Sui Bu? mender of shattered bones
What is Gu Sui Bu known for? 1)Tonify the KD for weak low back, diarrhea, tinnitus 2) mends sinews and bones 3)stimulates hair growth topically
What does Tu Si Zi tonify? Yang and Yin
What is Tu Si Zi known for? 1)nourishes Yin, Augments Essences, Secures Essence for vaginal discharge 2)Improves vision 3) benefits the SP and KD to stop diarrhea 4) calms the fetus.
Yang tonics generally benefit what organs? KD, SP, HT and LU (not ST)
Which Yang tonics calm the fetus? Xu Duan, Tu Si Zi, Du Zhong
Which organs do Yin tonics affect? LU, ST, LV, KD and HT (not SP)
What is Bei Sha Shen known for? 1)moisten the LU and stop cough for hoarseness 2) generates fluids for ST 3) moistens the exterior for dry itchy skin
Bei Sha Shen + Mai Men Dong + Sang Ye treats what? Moisten the Lungs and stops cough with hoarseness
Bei Sha Shen + Mai Men Dong + Yu Zhu treats what? Moisten the exterior for dry itchy skin (tonifies LU Yin)
What is the translation of Xi Yang Shen? American Ginseng
What is Xi Yang Shen known for? 1)Benefits Qi 2)Generates Fluids 3)Nourishes Yin 4)Clears fire from LU adn helps stop coughing up blood streaked sputum
What is the temperature of Tian Men Dong? Very Cold
What is Tian Men Dong known for? 1)Nourishes KD Yin 2)Clears LU Heat 3)Moistens Lungs 4) Generates Fluids which can help with dry intestines
What organs does Mai Men Dong have an affinity for? HT, ST, LU (does not go to KD)
What is Mai Men Dong known for? 1)Moistens Lungs 2)Generates fluids in ST 3)Moistens Intestines 4)Eliminates Irritability 5)Nourishes Heart Yin and Calms the Heart
Mai Men Dong + Ren Shen + Wu Wei Zi treats what? Severe deficiency of HT and LU with wheezing, profuse sweating and increased heart rate.
What is Shi Hu known for? 1)Nourishes Stomach Yin 2) Generates Fluids and Clears Heat for severe thirst with fever 3) Brightens vision
What is Bai He known for? 1)Moistens the Lungs and stops cough 2)Clears Heart and calms the spirit with lingering fever
Bai He + Zhi Mu treats what? Calms the Heart and spirit with empty heat
What is the English name for Sang Ji Sheng? Mistletoe
What is Sang Ji Sheng known for? 1)Tonify LV/Sinews and KD/Bones 2)Expels Wind Damp 3)Calms the womb for restless fetus 4)Nourishes the blood and benefits the skin
Sang Ji Sheng + Du Huo + Niu Xi treats what? Expel Wind Damp Bi in low back and lower extremeties
Sang Ji Sheng + Xu Duan + Tu Si Zi + Huang Qi + Bai Zhu treats what? Calms the womb for restless fetus
Sang Ji Sheng + He Shou Wu treats what? Tonifies the Blood and nourishes the skin.
What is Han Lian Cao known for? 1)Nourishes KD and LV Yin for blurred vision 2)Cools blood and stops bleeding for reckless bleeding
What is Nu Zhen Zi known for? 1)Tonifies LV and KD Yin for dizziness, tinnitus 2) Clears Empty Heat 3)Improves vision
What is Gui Ban made from? Bottom side of fresh water turtle (plastrum)
What is Gui Ban known for? 1)Nourishes KD and LV Yin and Anchors LV Yang for Steaming Bone Disorder and Internal Wind 2) Benefits KD and strengthens bones for weak low back and knees and retarded skeletal development in kids 3) Nourishes Blood and Tonifies HT 6) tx chronic ulcers
Gui Ban + Niu Xi + Suo Yang + Hu Gu treats what? Benefits KD and Strengthens Bones for weak low back and legs and retarded skeletal development in children
Gui Ban + Zao Jiao Ci + Bai Tou Weng treats what? chronic ulcers
What is Bie Jia made from? Dorsal aspect of soft shelled turtle
What is Bie Jia known for? 1)Nourishes Yin and Anchors Yang for steaming bone disorder and Internal Wind 2) Moves blood and promotes menstruation
What is Luo Han Guo known for? 1)Moisten the LU for Hot Cough with Yin Def 2) Dissipate Phlegm nodules in neck
What are the main herbs that Nourish Yin of Stomach? Bei Sha Shen, Shi Hu, Mai Men Dong, Yu Zhu
What quantity range of most Herbs that Nourish Yin? 9-30 g
In what way, do many herbs that Calm the Heart, do so? by means of Weight and Density
Herbs that Calm the Heart also address forms of rebellious Qi in what organs? LU, ST and LV
Many Herbs that Calm the Heart also treat what 2 other problems? Treat Chronic Yin Ulcers and treat Vision Problems
What organs does Long Gu have an affinity for? HT, KD and LV ("Liver Kid on Harley"
What is Long Gu known for? 1)Calm the spirit - tx insomnia, anxiety, palpitations 2)Calm the LV/anchor LV Yang-irritability, dizziness 3)Prevent leakage of fluids 4)tx chronic ulcers
Long Gu + Yuan Zhi + Suan Zao Ren treat what? Calm the spirit -insomnia, palpitations, anxiety
Long Gu + Mu Li + Dai Zhe Shi (hematite) + Niu Xi treat what? Calms the LV for irritability, dizziness, blurred vision
Long Gu + Ming Fan treats what? Chronic Ulcers (Ming Fan = alum for external applications)
What organs does Mu LI have an affinity for? KD, LV (not Heart) "CAPT'N LIE
What is Mu Li known for? 1)Calm the spirit, 2)Anchor the Yang and Benefit the Yin for Internal Wind 3) Prevents Leakage of Fluids 4)Tx Stomach pain and acidity
Mu Li + Gui Ban + Bie Jia treat what? They all anchor the Yang and Benefit the Yin for Internal Wind
Mu Li + Huang Qi + Fu Xiao Mai treat what? Prevents discharge of fluids (Fu Xiao Mai -light wheat grain) (Huang Qi stabilizes the Exterior)
Mu Li + Ming Fan treat what? Chronic ulcers (ming fan is alum and is used for external applications)
What is Ci Shi known for? 1)Anchors and calms the spirit 2)Nourishes LV and KD Yin for vision and hearing problems 3) Helps the KD grasp the LU Qi for chronic asthma
What organs does Zhen Zhu have an affinity for? LV and HT ("LOST SOUL")
What is Zhen Zhu known for? 1)Sedates the Heart and settles tremors when heat is agitating the heart 2) Clears the LV and superficial visual obstruction
what is the Hu Po made from? Amber
What is Hu Po known for? 1)Stops tremors, palpitations and insomnia and excessive dreaming 2) moves blood for masses in male and female repro organs 3)Promotes urination + moves blood for painful lin 4) Promotes healing of sores, carbuncles and ulcers on skin
What organs does Dai Zhe She have an affinity for? LV, PC and HT ("LIVE to PARTY HEARTY")
What is Dai Zhe Shi known for? 1)Calm the LV and Anchor LV Yang for dizziness, pressure around eyes 2)Strongly directs Rebellious Qi downward 3) Cools Blood to stop bleeding
What organs does Suan Zao Ren have an affinity for? GB, HT, LV, SP ("GOOD HEART LIVES SPITEFUL")
What is Suan Zao Ren known for? 1)Nourishes Heart Yin 2)Augments LV Blood 3)Prevents abnormal sweating
Suan Zao Ren + Bai Shao + He Shou Wu + Dang Gui treats what? Nourishes HT Yin and LV Blood for insomnia (thrashing, physical restlessness), palpitations, anxiety
Suan Zao Ren + Wu Wei Zi + Huang Qi + Mu Li treats what? Prevents abnormal sweating both spontaneous and night sweats
Bai Zi Ren goes to which organs? HT, KD and LI (CATCH a LARGE HIGH)
What is Bai Zi Ren known for? 1) Nourishes HT or insomnia (mental restlessness) and forgetfulness due to blood def 2)Moistens the LI for constipation 3) Night sweats due to Yin deficiency
"What is Yuan Zhi known for? 1)Quiet the HT for insomnia + pent up emotions 2) Disorientation 3) Eliminates Phlegm
Yuan Zhi + Shi Chang Pu + Yu Jin treats what? Disorientation (opens up the orifices)
Yuan Zhi + Chuan Bei Mu + Ban Xia treats what? Eliminates Phlegm from the Lung
He Huan Pi goes to what organs? LV and HT (HAPPINESS LIVES)
What is He Huan Pi known for? 1)Quiet the Spirit + relieves constraint for irritability, insomnia 2) Moves Blood for trauma and chronic degenerative disorders of muscles + joints 3) TX abscesses and swellings
He Huan Pi + Dan Shen + Ye Jiao Teng + Bai Zi Ren + Long Chi treat what? Quiets the Spirit and Relieve Constraint for irritability, insomnia, poor memory
He Huan Pi + Ru Xiang + Mo Yao treat what? Move blood for both trauma induced pain and chronic degenerative disorders of joints and muscles
He Huan Pi + Zao Jiao Ci + chuan Shan Jia treat what? Treats abscesses + swellings
What is Ye Jiao Teng known for? 1)Nourishes HT Blood and Yin for insomnia and dream disturbed sleep 2) Unblocks channels for pain and numbness due to blood def.
What are the main herbs for insomnia due to Blood def? Bai Zi Ren, Suan Zao Ren.
What type of Blood deficiency is associated with Bai Zi Ren insomnia (mental restlessness)? Heart Blood
What type of blood deficiency is associated with Suan Zao Ren insomnia (physical restlessness) Liver Blood
What is the main herb for pent up emotions? Yuan Zhi
What is the main herb for constrained LV? He Huan Pi
Herbs that "Stabilize and Bind" are generally used for what? 1) bodily substances discharged abnormally (sweat, urine, diarrhea, blood), prolapse and coughing
When should you never use an herb that Stabilizes and Binds? When an EPF is still present
Herbs that Stabilize and Bind are problematic with what two conditions? Internal Damp stagnation/Damp Heat and Constraint
What is Shan Zhu Yu also known as? Cornus
What is the temperature of Shan Zhu Yu? Slightly Warm
What organs does Shan Zhu Yu have an affinity for? LV and KD (LITTLE KAMEL)
What is Shan Zhu Yu known for? 1)Retains Essence and Supports that which has Collapsed 2)Augments LV and KD, Tonifies Essence adn Assists Yang for impotence and prematue ejaculation 3)Stabilizes Menses and stops bleeding
Shan Zhu Yu + Lu Jiao Jiao + Bu Gu Zhi treats what? Augments LV and KD, Secures Essence and Assists Yang for impotence and Premature Ejaculationi.
What organs does Wu Wei Zi have an affinity for? KD, HT, LU (KID with HOT AIR)
What is Wu Wei Zi known for? 1)Contains leakage of LU Qi and stops cough + wheeze 2) Binds Essence to stop diarrhe + spermatorrhea 3)Inhibits sweating + generates fluids to tx Wasting and Thirsting Disorders (febrile) 4)Quiets teh Spirit and Calms the HT
Wu Wei Zi + Suan Zao Ren treats what? Quiets the Spirit and Calms the HT.
What organs does Wu Mei have an affinity for? Metal- LU and LI
What is Wu Mei known for? 1)inhibits leakage of LU Qi and stop cough 2) Binds LI to stop diarrhea 3) Generates Fluids +Alleviates Thirst 4)Expels Roundworm 5)Stops Bleeding (It does not bind essence)
What organs does He Zi have an affinity for? Metal - LU and LI
What is He Zi known for? 1)Stops Diarrhea 2) Contains leakage of LU and stops cough
What 3 herbs that Stabilize and Bind have the 2 functions of stopping diarrhea and stopping LU Qi leakage and cough? Wu Mei and He Zi and Wu Bei Zi (All 3 also have a metal connection-LU/LI)
What is Rou Dou Kou known for? 1)Binds up the intestines and stops diarrhea (daybreak) 2)Warms MW and moves Qi to stop pain
What is Chun Pi known for? Treating damp heat diarrhea
What is the English name for Lian Zi? Lotus seed
What is Lian Zi known for? 1)tonifies SP to stop diarrhea 2)tonifies KD and stabilizes Essence 3) Nourishes HT and Calms the Spirit esp for HT + KD not communicating
What is Qian Shi known for? 1)Stops Diarrhea 2)Stabilizes KD and Secures Essence 3)Expels Dampness- vaginal discharge
What is Jin Ying Ji known for? 1)Stops diarrhea 2)Stabilizes KD and secures essence
What organs does Jin Ying Ji have an affinity for? BL, LI, KD (BLINKY the LARGE INTESTINE CLOWN)
What is Fu Pen Zi known for? 1)Stabilizes KD for urinary frequency 2)Secures the Essence for spermatorrhea 3)Assists Yang for LBP and Impotence 4)Improves Vision
Fu Pen Zi + Sang Piao Xiao + Yi Zhi Ren treat what? Stabilize the KD for urinary frequency
Fu Pen Zi + Tu Si Zi + Gou Qi + Wu Wei Zi treats what? Binds the essence for spermatorrhea
Fu Pen Zi + Gou Qi Zi + Nu Zhen Zi treats what? Improves Vision
Fu Pen Zi + Gou Qi Zi + Tu Si Zi treats what? Assists Yang for LBP and Impotence
What is the english name for Wu Bei Zi Gall nut (gallnut forms around toxins to encapsulate it)
What is Wu Bei Zi known for? 1)Contains leakage of LU Qi and Stops Cough, 2)Binds LI to stop diarrhea 3)Absorbs moisture and reduces swelling for Fire toxins.
What is Bai Guo known for? 1)Expels Phlegm and Stops Wheezing 2)Eliminates Dampness for vaginal discharge 3) Stabilizes LW for urinary frequency and spermatorrhea
What is Fu Xiao Mai known for? 1)Stops sweating due to def 2)Nourish the HT for emotional instability and disorientation
What is the English name for Nuo Dao Gen Xu? Glutinous Rice Root
What is Nuo Dao Gen Xu known for? 1)Stop sweating due to def of Qi or Yin 2) Tx empty heat fevers
What is the English name for Hai Piao Xiao? Cuttlefish Bone
What is Hai Piao Xiao known for? 1)Stops bleeding 2)Retains essence 3) Controls ST acidity and stops pain 4)Resolves Damp for Yin Ulcers 5)Stops Diarrhea
What are Locked or Closed Disorders? Stroke or Coma
What are Turbid Phlegm disorders? Seizures
Why do we not use Aromatic substances that open the orfices for Abandonned disorders? Because w/ abandoned disorders there is Qi def and these herbs scatter and deplete Qi
What is the English name for She Xiang? Musk
What is She Xiang known for? 1)Intensely opens orifices esp for Heat presentations 2)Moves Blood and dissipate clumps and toxic sores 3)Facilitates downward passages of placenta or dead fetus (opens lower orifices)
What is the English name for Su He Xiang? Styrax
What is Su He Xiang known for? 1) Opens the orifices esp with Cold, Phlegm, Turbidity
What is Bing Pian known for? 1)Awakens the Spirit 2)Clears Heat 3)Dissipates Nodules 3)
Bing Pian + Zhu Sha + Peng Sha (Borax) treat what? Clear Heat, Regnerates Flesh, Stops Pain and Itching and Dissipates Nodules when applied topically + Phlegm veiled orifices
What is Shi Chang Pu known for? 1)Opens the orifices, vaporizes phlegm and quiets the spirit for phlegm veiling and blocking the orifices 2) Harmonizes MW and transforms Turbid Dampness for chest + epigastric fullness 3) Tx Wind Cold Damp Bi in channels
What is Niu Huang known for? 1)Opens orifices + vaporizes Phlegm 2) Clears LV and extinguishes Wind + Relieves Toxicity 3) Drains Damp Heat
What is tracking wind? Treating wind within the channels vs systemic convulsions
What is Ling Yang Jiao? Antelope Horn
What is the temperature of Ling Yang Jiao? Cold
What is Ling Yang Jiao known for? 1)Extinguishes Wind + Clears Heat 2)Calms hte LV and Anchors Yang for dizziness, HA 3)Drains Heat and Relieves Fire Toxins in fevers 4) Clears Wind Damp Heat Bi
Ling Yang Jiao + Shi Gao treats what? Drains Heat and relieves fire toxins in febrile disease (Heat in PC)
Ling Yang Jiao + Cang Zhu + Huang Bai + Sang Zhi treats what? Wind Damp Heat Bi
What is Gou Teng known for? 1)Extinguish Wind, Internal (tremors) and exterior (EPF of Wind Heat) 2) Drains LV Heat to Pacify LV Yang for HA, irritability, red eyes and fever, hypertension
Gou Teng + Ju Hua + Sang Ye treats what? Drains LV Heat to Pacify LV Yang for HA, irritability, red eyes and fever, hypertension
Gou Teng + Ju Hua + Sang Ye treats what? Releases Exterior Wind Heat
What is the temperature of Tian Ma? Neutral
What is Tian Ma known for? 1)Calms the LV, extinguishes Wind + stops pain due to asc. LV yang, def of Qi or blood, heat or cold, cold/phlegm 2) disperses Wind Damp Bi + Stops pain esp in back and legs
Tian Ma + Gou Teng + Huang Qin + Niu Xi treats what? Calms the LV, extinguishes wind due to asc. liver yang
Tian Ma + Ren Shen + Bai Zhu + Jiang Can treats what? Calm the LV, Extinguishes wind due to def of Qi and Blood
Tian Ma + Tian Nan Xing + Bai Fu Zi treats what? Calm the LV, Extinguishes wind due to Cold/Phlegm
Tian Ma + Niu Xi + Sang Ji Sheng + Qin Jiao + Qiang Huo treats what? Disperses Wind Damp Bi in low back and legs
What is Bai Ji Li known for? 1)Calms teh LV and anchors Yang for HA, vertigo 2)Brightens eyes 3) Smooths the LV for distention in chest and flanks 4) Dispels Wind and Stops itching
Bai Ji Li + Chan Tui + Fang Feng treats what? Dispels wind and stops itching
What two herbs that extinguish wind also stop itching? Bai Ji Li and Bai Jiang Can
What is the taste of Bai Jiang Can? acrid and salty
What is Bai Jiang Can known for? 1)Extinguish Wind + stop spasms for facial paralysis or jaw clunching 2)expels Wind +stops Pain for HA for internal Wind 3)Dissipates Nodules in neck 4) Stops itching
Ban Mao is also known as? Mylabris
What is Ban Mao known for? 1)Atatcks toxins and wears away sores 2)breaks up blood stasis and disperses clumps for immobile masses
Chan Su is also known as? Toad sweat
What is Chan Su known for? 1)Relieves Toxicity, Reduces Swelling and stops pain 2)Expels summerheat + Dampness + opens orifices for Turbid summerheat.
At this time there are no external application herbs or Expel parasite herbs listed. Also some of the extinguish wind have not been included. (blank)
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