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Herbal 2 Final Part1

Pharmacopia II Final; Part 1

What are the symptoms of Hot food stagnation? Severe bad breath; distension of the abdo; thirst for cold fluids; yellow, greasy t.c.; forceful and slippery pulse
What are the symptoms of Cold Food Stagnation? Assoc. with ST/SP def. or too much cold food; brackish feeling in throat; nausea; spitting up clear fluids; distention of abdo; thirst for hot fluids; white, greasy t.c.; weak and thin pulse
What is Shan Zha known for? 1) excess meat consumption 2) blood stasis
What is Mai Ya known for? 1)food stagnation with starchy foods 2) smooths LV Qi 3) inhibits lactation
What is Shen Qu known for? 1) food stagnation 2) used with Rx that contain minerals 3) said to promote enzymatic activity 4) good for hangovers
What is Ji Nei Jin known for? 1) Food stagnation 2)tx enuresis and stones (biliary and urinary) 3) helps promote T+T of Spleen
Lai Fu Zi is known for what? 1) tx abdo pain with difficult diarrhea 2) descends Lung Qi 3) reduces Phlegm
What organs do herbs that regulate Qi tend to act on? SP/ST, LV and LU (notKD)
Do Herbs that regulate Qi act on Zang Fu or on channels? Zang Fu
What is Chen Pi known for? 1)Regulates Qi 2) Acts Vertically 3) Has affinity for SP and LU 4) improves T+T of SP 5) dries Dampness 6) eliminates Phlegm 7) helps with other herbs that are cloying
What is Qing Pi known for? 1) Regulates Qi 2) acts horizontally with strong affinity for LV/GB and ST 3) spreads LV Qi in chest and flank 4)scatters severe food stagnation 5) dries Dampness 6) eliminate Phlegm
What is Da Fu Pi known for? 1)Big abdomen Peel 2)moves Stagnant Damp Qi downward esp when have constipation 4) promotes urination to reduce edema
What Two herbs that Regulate Qi are Cold? Zhi Shi and Chuan Lian Zi
What is Zhi Shi known for? 1) is used for focal distension associated with gas, epigastric or abdo pain 2) eliminates phlegm obstructing the chest 4) treats prolapse
Zhi Shi + Bai Zhu treats what? Focal Distention associated with gas, epigastric or abdominal
What is Xiang Fu known for? 1)treats constrained LV Qi often caused by emotional constraint 2)Disharmony of LV and SP 3)regulates the Menses
Xiang Fu + Dang Gui + Chuan Xiong treat what? Regulate the Menses
What is Mu Xiang known for? 1) moves Stagnant Qi/constrained LV Qi 2) helps T+T of SP 3) treats tenesmus esp of intestines
What is the temperature of Wu Yao? Warm
What is Wu Yao known for? 1) has affinity for BL/KD 2)treates Qi clumping in the chest or abdo
What is the other name for Chen Xiang? "Sinking Fragrance"
What is Chen Xiang known for? 1) directs Rebellious Qi downward 2) aids KD to grasp LU Qi 3) should never be decocted
What is Tan Xiang known for? Moves Qi esp in Chest
What is Xie Bai known for? 1) Unblocks the Yang Qi in the Chest 2) Disperses Cold Phlegm in the LU
What is Fo Shou known for? 1) treats mild, chronic cough with copious phlegm 2) treats LV and SP disharmony
What is Mei Gui Hua known for? 1) treats blood stasis 2) harmonizes LV and SP
What is the temperature of Chuan Lian Zi? Cold
What is Chuan Lian Zi known for? 1)tx constrained LV Qi and hernias esp with heat 2) treats Damp Heat in abdo 3) treats roundworms and tapeworms
What organ does Chuan Lian Zi have an affinty for? Liver
What is Li Zhi He known for? 1) LV constraint in epigastrium 2) Cold in the LV channel causing hernial or testicular pain (ie groin area)
Li Zhi He + Xiao Hui Xiang treat what? Cold in the LV channel causing hernial or testicular pain
What is Shi Di known for? Rebellious ST Qi causing belchign or hiccups
What are the 5 pathogenic factors treated by Stop Bleeding herbs? 1) Reckless Hot blood 2) Yin Def/Ascendant Yang 3) SP Qi def (SP/KD Yang def) 4) Trauma 5) Blood Stasis
How are herbs that Stop Bleeding treated to prepare them for this purpose? Char Fried (Chao or Tan) or Blast Fried (Pao)
What organs does Pu Huang have an affinity for? The 3 blood organs: LV, HT and SP
What is Pu Huang known for? 1) stops bleeding in all locations 2) moves blood in chest and OB/GYN
Xian He Cao is known for what? 1) restrains leakage of blood 2) restrains diarrhea
What is San Qi known for? 1) stops bleeding 2) transforms blood stasis 3) reduces swelling adn alleviates pain
What is Bi Ji known for? 1) Stop bleeding 2) treats dryness in skin and mucus membranes
What types of conditions does Zong Lu Pi treat? Excess and Deficiency
What is Da Ji known for? stops bleeding for reckless hot blood
What is Xiao Ji known for? tx blood in the urine - hemauria
What do Di Yu and Huai Hua Mi have in common? Both treat bleeding in LW due to Damp Heat
What effect does Di Yu have that Huai Hua Mi not have? It regenerates flesh
what effect does Huai Hua Mi have that Di Yu does not have? It treats LV Heat - red eyes, dizziness
What is the temperature of Qian Cao Gen? Cold
What is Qian Cao Gen known for? 1) Stops Bleeding 2) MOVes Blood 3)Dispels Blood stasis
What organs does Ce Bai Ye have an affinity for? ST and LU
Waht is Ce Bai Ye known for? eliminates blood streaked sputum
What is Ai Ye known for? 1) it is warming in nature 2) warms the womb 3) stops uterine bleeding from Codl and Def 3) calms the fetus
Ai Ye + E Jiao treats what? Calms the fetus
What is Ou Jie known for? 1) stops bleeding 2) breaks up blood stasis
What is the English name for Zi Zhu? Purple Pearl
What is Zi Zhu known for? tx blood in the urine
What organs does Bai Mao Gen have an affinity for? LU and ST (treats mucus membranes in both)
What is Bai Mao Gen known for? 1) stops bleeding assoc. with Reckless Hot blood in LU adn ST 2) clears heat by promoting urination
What are herbs that Warm the Interior and Expel Cold generally used to treat? 1)rescue devastated Yang from collapse 2) disperse cold from the MW 3) warm and tonify the KD Yang
What organs does Fu Zi have an affinity for? HT, SP and KD (treats Yang def. in these organs)
Is Fu Zi or Rou Gui better at treating HT Yang Def.? Fu Zi
What is Fu Zi known for? 1) restores devasted yang 2) Tx waning life gate 3) tx collapse of SP and KD Yang 3) tx Wind Damp Bi 4) tx weak HT Yang 5) tx Ext wind cold with pre-existing Yang Def.
Fu Zi + Rou Gui + Shu Di Huang treat what? Waning life gate
Fu Zi + Bai Zhu + Gui Zhi treat what? Wind Damp Bi
Fu Zi + Xi Xin treat what? Ext Wind Cold with pre-existing yang Def.
What organs does Gan Jiang have an affinity for? LU, HT, SP and ST (The Teen Stung Hard)
What is Gan Jiang known for? 1) Warms the LU and helps eliminate white sputum 2) rescues devasted yang and expels ext cold 3) Stops bleeding
Gan Jiang + Xi Xin treats what? Warms teh LU and helps eliminate white sputum assoc. with LU cold
Gan Jiang + Bai Zhu treats what? Stops bleeding esp in relation to the uterus (teh Bai Zhu is a SP Qi tonic)
What is Rou Gui known for? 1) helps KD grasp LU Qi 2) Warms and fortifies KD Yang 3) leads Fire back to the source 4) unblocks teh channels and vessels for Damp Cold
Rou Gui + Bu Gu Zhi treats what? Helps KD grasp the LU Qi
How is Rou Gui taken? It is rarely decocted but is usually taken as a powder
What is Wu Zhu Yu great for? Rebellious Qi ; it redirects Qi downward for Vomiting and Reflux
Wu Zhu Yu + Huang Lian treats what? Rebellious Qi ; it redirects Qi downward for Vomiting and Reflux (The Huang Lian is very cold so it neutralizes the Hot temp of the Wu Zhu Yu)
What is Wu Zhu Yu used topically to treat? Apply to the sole of the foot to lead fire downwards for mouth sores
What is Chuan Jiao known for? warms the MW for ST pain and vomiting
What is Ding Xiang known for? 1) Warms the MW and redirects Qi downward for ST and SP Cold 2) Warms the KD for impotence and vaginal discharge
What is Gao Liang Jiang known for? Primarily treats the ST - stops vomiting due to Cold
What kind of pain is associated with Blood Stasis? localized; long duration; intermittent; sharp; deep
What are the common sites for Blood Stasis? 1)head (often due to stroke) 2) pelvic cavity (due to cold and damp) 3) chest/upper abdomen (secondary to Qi Stagnation) 4) site of trauma 5) abscesses + ulcers
How does Cold cause blood stagnation? Cold slows circulation, stagnating blood which tends to sink to the MW and LW and concretize into a mass
How does Heat cause blood stagnation? Heats consume fluids; dries the blood and thus causes stagnation
What is Chuan Xiong known for? 1) moves blood and Qi 2) expels Ext. Wind 3)treats H/A
What Zone affinity does Chuan Xiong have? Shaoyang esp for HA
Chuan Xiong + Jing Jie treats what? Wind Cold HA
What is Dan Shen known for? 1)moves blood in all 3 warmers 2) is best known for tx blood stasis in chest 3)soothes irritability, restlessness and insomina due to heat or empty heat
Dan Shen + Dang Gui treats what? irregular menstruation
Dan Shen + Ru Xiang treats what? Pain and swelling due to localized blood stasis due to trauma
How are herbs that move blood prepared to enhance this property? They are processes in wine or vinegar
What organs does Ji Xue Teng have an affinity for? HT, LV and SP
What is Ji Xue Teng known for? 1)invigorate blood 2) tonify blood 3) treats internal and channel problems with blood stasis and deficiency
Ji Xue Teng + Niu Xi treats what? chronic painful obstruction esp in lower part of body (Niu Qi acts as a guide to channels in lower body)
Ji Xue Teng + Dang Gui treats what? For Blood Deficiency induced dysmenorrhea or amenorrhea
Which Herb that moves blood is the strongest? Yan Hu Suo
Which herb that moves blood is the 2nd strongest? Wu Ling Zhi
What is Yan Hu Suo known for? 1) pain in the chest and abdo 2) dysmenorrhea 3) HA
Yan Hu Suo + Wu Ling Zhi treats what? Pain in the chest and abdo
Yan Hu Suo + Xiang Fu treats what? Dysmenorrhea
Yan Hu Suo + Chuang Xiong treats what? HA
Yu Jin in known for what? 1) cools 2) moves Qi and Blood 3) breaks up blood stasis 4) clears the HT and cools the blood for seizures and disorientation
Jiang Huang is known for what? 1)Unblocking Menstruation 2) expels Wind Damp Bi esp in shoulders and neck
What is Yi Mu Cao known for? 1) promotes urination 2) moves blood and breaks up blood stasis
Ze Lan is known for what? 1)portpartum abdo pain due to blood stasis as well as for trauma 2) promotes urination to tx edema
What is Yue Ji Hua known for? 1)regulates menses 2) tx chest and abdo pain 3) tx neck swellings
What is Si Gua Luo also known as? Luffa or "net of string melon"
What is Si Gua Luo known for? 1) expels wind and invigorates the channels 2) expels Phlegm due to Heat 3) promotes urination
What is Hu Zhang known for? 1) dispels Blood stasis 2)clears damp heat 3) clears phlegm heat 4) discharges fire toxin
What is Chi Shao known for? 1) Dispels blood stasis with masses 2) clears heat and cools blood for reckless bleeding
What is Tao Ren Known for? 1) treats blood stasis 2) intestinal abscess and constipation 3) Lung abscess
what is Hong Hua known for? Dispels blood stasis to: 1) unblock menstruation 2) alleviates chest and abdo pain 3) reduces pain adn swelling due to trauma
Hong Hua + Yi Mu Cao treats what? Unblocks menstruation
Hong Hua + Chuang Xiong treats what? alleviates pain in chest and abdo
Hong Hua + Su Mu treats what? reduces pain and swelling due to trauma
What is E Zhu known for? 1. breaks up blood stasis, promotes movement of Qi in chest and abdo 3) tx food stagnation 4) tx menstrual disorders due to stagnant Qi and Blood
What 2 herbs that invigorate blood also treat food stagnation? E Zhu and San Leng
What is San Leng known for? 1)forcefully breaks up blood stasis + promotes movement of Qi for abdo pain and masses 2) tx pain due to food stagnation
What is the temperature of Ru Xiang? Warm
What is Ru Xiang known for? 1)tx pain due to blood stasis in chest, abdo and on surface with trauma and sores 2)tx wind damp bi and spasms 3. generates flesh to heal traumatic injuries and close sores
What is the temperature of Mo Yao Neutral
What is Mo Yao known for? 1) tx pain due to blood stasis in chest and abdo esp immobile masses but also pain of surface due to trauma or swellings/sores
What organs does Huai Niu Xi have an affinity for? LV and KD (Long Kick)
What is Huai Niu Xi known for? 1) expels blood stasis esp in LW/OB-GYN 2)tx LBP and knee pain 3)clears damp-heat in LW esp BL 4)Leads downward esp with hot blood in UW
What is Wang Bu LIu Xing known for? 1) invigorates blood in UW to promote lactation and reduce breast swelling and 2) In LW to unblock menstruation and reduce swelling of testicles
What is the translation of Lu Lu Tong? All Roads Open
What is Lu Lu Tong known for? It unblocks the channels in all 2 warmers 1)UW - reduces breast pain 2) MW reduces epigastric pain 3) LW - tx irregular or scanty menstruation 4) promotes urination to tx edema
What do Liu Ji Nu, Zi Ran Tong, Xue Jie and Su Mu have in common? They all treat trauma
Which herbs that invigorate blood are esp good at treating fractures? Zi Ran Tong (Pyrite) and Xue Jie (Dragon's Blood)
Which of the herbs that invigorate blood is the strongest for fractures and to stop bleeding? Xue Jie (Dragon's Blood)
Which "invigorates blood" herbs is best at stopping bleeding when it is excessive Post-Partum? Su Mu
What is Wu Ling Zhi known for? 1)invigorates blood and disperses blood stasis esp OB-GYN and abdo/epigastric issues 2) tx Childhood nutritional impairment 3) stops bleeding for OB-GYN problems
Which of the invigorate blood is 1st for pain? Yan Hu Suo
Which of the invigorate blood is 2nd for pain? Wu Ling Zhi
What is Wa Leng Zi known for? 1)Dispels blood stasis esp for masses and dissolves Phlegm (it is salty) for nodules 2) absorbs acid for pain in ST
What is Chuan Sha Jia known for? 1)moves blood to unblock menses and promote lactation 2)expels wind damp for stiffness and pain 3)discharges pus and reduces swelling
Which of the invigorate blood herbs are very powerful but only to be used for a short time? The 2 animals - Shui Zhi (leeches) and Tu Bie Chong (cockroaches)
What do Shui Zhi and Tu Bie Chong have in common? They both break up and drive out blood stasis
What does Shui Zhi treat? Breaks up and drives out blood stasis for immobile masses or traumatic injury
What does Tu Bie Chong treat? Breaks up and drives out blood stasis for immobile masses, amenorrhea, swollen/numb tongue and for fractures and contusions
What is Ren Shen known for? 1)tx collapse of Qi 2) tonifies LU esp when LU Qi is not grasped 3)tonifies the SP 4) tonifies the Yin and generates fluids 5) calms the HT
Ren Shen + Bai Zhu + Fu Ling treats what? Tonifies the SP
When should you not use Ren Shen? When there is ascendant LV Yang esp with HBP
What is Hong Shen known for? used esp for Qi and Yang Deficiencies
What is Xi Yang Shen known for? Nourishes Yin and tonifies Qi (american ginseng)
What is Bai Shen known for? moistens and tx Qi and Yin deficiencies
What is Ren Shen Ye known for? Generates fluids and tx summerheat
What is Dang Shen known for? 1) tonifies LU esp when there is copius sputum 2) tonifies SP 3) can be used with herbs that release exterior if Qi def. present
When substituted for Ren Shen, what is the correct ratio of Dang Shen? Need to use 2-3x more Dang Shen for every dose of Ren Shen
How does Tai Zi Shen compare to Ren Shen and when should it be used? 1) it is not as strong as Ren Shen 2) is often used instead of Ren Shen if there is ascendant LV Yang.
What is Huang Qi known for? 1)tonifies SP 2) Raises Yang for prolapse 3)Supports the Wei Qi 4) Tonifies Blood 5) Promotes Urination 6) promotes discharge of Pus
What organs does Huang Qi have an affinity for? Lu and SP
Huang Qi + Bai Zhu + Sheng Ma + Chai Hu treats what? Prolapse and ascends the Qi to the LU
Huang Qi + Bai Zhu + Fang Feng treats what? Supports the Wei Qi (moves Qi to the surface of the body)
Huang Qi + Fu Ling treats what? Promotes urination for edema
Huang Qi + Zao Jiao Ci treats what? Promotes discharge of pus for fire toxins
What is Shan Yao known for? 1)Tonifies SP/ST 2) Tonifies LU Qi and LU Yin 3) Tonifies KD and astringes fluid (essence)
What is Bai Zhu known for? 1)tonifies SP Qi 2) Dries Dampness 3) Stabilizes the Exterior and stops sweating 4) calms the fetus
Bai Zhu + Dang Shen + Gan Jiang treats what? Tonifies SP Qi
Bai Zhu + Huang Qi treats what? Stabilizes the Exterior and Stops sweat
Bai Zhu + Huang Qin treats what? Calms the fetus when assoc. with Interior Heat
What is Gan Cao known for? 1)Moistens LU and stops cough 2)harmonizes formulas and moderates harsh herbs 3) Relieves spasms and pain in abdo and legs 4) clears fire toxins and 5) tonify Qi, (SP and HT)
Gan Cao + Gui Zhi treats what? Tonifies HT Qi
Gan Cao + Xing Ren + Chuan Bei Mu treats what? Moistens Lungs and stops cough
Gan Cao + Bai Shao treats what? Relieves spasms and pains in abdo and legs (Bai Shao helps calm the LV-sinews)
What is Huang Jing known for? 1)Tonifies SP Qi and ST Yin 2) Moistens the LU 3)Tonifies KD at Essence Level
What is Shu Di Huang known for? 1)Tonifies Blood 2) nourishes Yin of KD and LV 3) Nourishes Blood and Essence for LBP, dizziness, tinnitus etc..
Shu Di Huang + Dang Gui + Bai Shao + Chuan Xiong treats what? Tonifies Blood (Chuan Xiong helps move the blood)
Shu Di Huang + Gui Ban + Zhi Mu + Huang Bai treats what? Nourishes Blood and Essence when there are Empty Heat signs as well.
To help reduce the cloying nature of Shu Di Huang, what other herbs are added to formulas? Chen Pi and Sha Ren
What 2 organs does He Shou Wu have an affinity for? LV and KD
What is He Shou Wu known for? 1)tonifies and nourishes blood and augments the essence 2) stops leakage of essence 3) clears Fire toxins 4) moistens the intestines (unprepared form) 5) expels wind rash from skin
What 3 organs does Dang Gui have an affinity for? The 3 blood organs: SP, LV and HT
What is Dang Gui known for? 1) Tonifies blood 2) regulates Menses 3)moistens intestines 4)invigorates blood 5)disperses cold to stop pain 6)reduces swelling and expels pus
Dang Gui + Bai Shao treats what? Tonifies Blood and Regulates Menses
Dang Gui + Tao Ren + Hong Hua + Yan Hu Suo treat what? Invigorate Blood for pain in the abdomen
Dang Gui + Huo Ma Ren treats what? Moistens the intestines for constipation
What is Bai Shao known for? 1)nourish blood 2)regulate menses 3)calm LV Yang 4)regulates Ying and Wei Qi 4)banks Yin for spermatorrhea, vaginal discharge
Bai Shao + Gui Zhi treats what? Regulates Ying and Wei Qi
What is E Jiao known for? 1)tonifies blood 2)stops bleeding 3)nourishes LU Yin 4)Nourishes and moistens Yin for insomnia
What organs does Gou Qi Zi have an affinity for? LV, KD, and LU
What is Gou Qi Zi known for? 1)Tonifies and Nourishes LV Blood, and LV + KD Yin 2) brightens the EYes 3)Moistens the Lungs for consumptive cough
What is Long Yan Rou known for? 1)Tonifies SP 2) Nourishes HT blood for insomina and dizziness and palpitations
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