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The default console port settings on a switch are as follows: COM1 Properties Bits per second: 9600, Data bits: 8, Parity: None, Stop bits: 1, Flow Control: None
Store-and-forward The switch fully receives all bits in the frame (store) before forwarding the frame (forward). This allows the switch to check the FCS before forwarding the frame
Cut-through The switch forwards the frame as soon as it can. This reduces latency but does not allow the switch to discard frames that fail the FCS check.
Fragment-free The switch forwards the frame after receiving the first 64 bytes of the frame, thereby avoiding forwarding frames that were errored due to a collision.
If the outgoing interface is the same as the interface in which the frame was received If the outgoing interface is the same as the interface in which the frame was received, the switch filters the frame, meaning that the switch simply ignores the frame and does not forward it.
copy startup-config running-config Enable mode command that MERGES the startup config file with the currently active config file in RAM.
write erase, erase startup-config, erase nvram: All three enable mode EXEC commands erase the startupconfig file.
reload Enable mode EXEC command that reboots the switch or router.
show process EXEC command that lists statistics about CPU utilization.
the configuration to support Secure Shell A username name password password global configuration command A transport input ssh command in vty config mode
Which of the following commands must be configured, in the listed configuration mode, to allow the engineer to telnet to the branch office switches? The ip address command in VLAN 1 configuration mode The ip default-gateway command in global configuration mode The password command in vty line configuration mode
changed the configuration to support Secure Shell. Which of the following commands could have been part of the new configuration? username name password password global configuration command and A transport input ssh command in vty config mode
requirement for ssh login local,transport input telnet ssh vty subcommand,username name password pass-value global configuration,ip domain-name name global configuration command,crypto key generate rsa global config,SSH client needs a copy of public key before conect
terminal history size x terminal history size x From EXEC mode, this command allows a single user to set, just for this one connection, the size of his or her history buffer.
history size x From console or vty line configuration mode, sets the default number of commands saved in the history buffer for the user(s) of the console or vty lines, respectively.
set time out and avoid output bothering you line console 0 login password cisco exec-timeout 0 0 logging synchronous
config ip on a switch steps Emma#configure terminal Emma(config)#interface vlan 1 Emma(config-if)#ip address Emma(config-if)#no shutdown
use dhcp instead of static it on switch Use the ip address dhcp command, instead of the ip address ip-address mask command, on the VLAN 1 interface
show interfaces status command. This command lists a single line for each interface, the first part of the interface description, and the speed and duplex settings.
make a new vlan then name it config)#vlan 5 SW1(config-vlan)#name Freds-vlan
When configuring a static interface IP address, you can use the show running-config command to see the IP address. However, when using the DHCP client, the IP address is not in the configuration, so ... so you need to use the show dhcp lease
show interfaces status The command output lists the results of the autonegotiation, in this case using 100 Mbps and full duplex. The a- in a-full and a-100 refers to the fact that these values were autonegotiated.
add desccription using the interface range command Emma(config)#interface range FastEthernet 0/11 - 20 Emma(config-if-range)#description end-users connect_here
show mac address-table dynamic Lists the dynamically learned entries in the switch’s address (forwarding) table.
Lists any information the switch acquires as a DHCP client. This includes IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway information. show dhcp lease
Lists the public and shared key created for use with SSH using the crypto key generate rsa global configuration command show crypto key mypubkey rsa
Lists the interface status, the switch’s IP address and mask, and much more show interfaces vlan 1
Lists an interface’s port security configuration settings and security operational status show port-security interface type number
Interface subcommand that tells the switch to learn MAC addresses on the interface and add them to the configuration for the interface as secure MAC addresses. switchport port-security mac-address sticky
Interface mode. Manually sets the speed to the listed speed or, with the auto setting, automatically negotiates the speed. speed {10 | 100 | 1000 | auto}
Global command. Creates and stores (in a hidden location in flash memory) the keys required by SSH. crypto key generate rsa
Global command. Defines one of possibly multiple usernames and associated passwords, used for user authentication. Used when the login local line configuration command has been used. username name password passvalue
switchport port-security violation ----- restrict vs protect vs shutdown protect discards offending traffic only. restrict is protect plus sends log and SNMP message. shutdown does both plus disable port and discard all.
add a port to a vlan int)switchport access vlan xx
make port an access port int)switchport mode access
get a quick overview of the vlans show vlan brief
a switch connects via an Ethernet cable to a router, and the router’s hostname is Hannah. Which of the following commands could tell you information about the IOS version on Hannah without establishing a Telnet connection to Hannah? show cdp entry Hannah, or show cdp neighbor detail
Which CDP commands could identify a neighbor’s model of hardware? show cdp neighbors & show cdp entry hannah
The output of the show interfaces status command on a 2960 switch shows interface Fa0/1 in a “disabled” state. Which of the following is true about interface Fa0/1? The interface is configured with the shutdown command. The show interfaces fa0/1 command will list the interface with two status codes of administratively down and down.The interface cannot currently be used to forward frames.
The disabled state in the show interfaces status command is the same as an .................in the show interfaces command “administratively down and down” state shown in the show interfaces command
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