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ESQB - Art Styles

Important Art Movements

No specific objects are visible, color and shape are used to show emotions Abstract
Use of geometric shapes, pictures not intended to look real Cubism
Artist tries to express a certain feeling about something Expressionism
Painted as if the artist just took a quick look at the subject, bold colors, very little detail, usually outdoor scenes Impressionism
Subjects are shown in a simple way with bright and unusual colors Fauvism
Artist uses small dots or strokes of paint to make up the picture Pointillism
Every day items drawn in a brash or colorful way Pop Art
Mainly still lifes and landscapes with lots of colors and shadows Postimpressionism
Looks like the work of a child, subjects are two-dimensional Primitivism
Shows things exactly the way they appear in life Realism
Usually based on dreams and filled with familiar objects painted to look strange and mysterious Surrealism
Characterized by direct, simple, and dramatic iconography; intense, immediate, and detailed Baroque
Purely decorative arts with delicate colors and curving forms Rococo
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