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LOTR Chp 7-10

Inferior poetry doggrel
disease or illness malady
to lessen in intensity abate
stopped the flow of blood staunched
distored or changed in meaning garbled
the stateof senility of mental decay dotage
lacking in nobility ignoble
a lady's private apartment bower
to restrain or confine trammel
in a manner expressing depression or discouragement despondently
narrow tree-covered valleys ghylls
a mock attack; a trick feint
fascinated with enamored
the state of showing disrespect by excessive boldness insolence
honor surety
mercy; leniency clemency
a floodgate sluice
disease or injury that causes plants to die or fail to produce blight
the front partof a ship; the bow prow
to unwrap and display a banner or flag that has been wrapped around a pole or stick unfurl
been sufficient for; met the need sufficed
holy; set aside for religious use; greatly respected hallowed
one who deserts his sworn duty or allegence renegade
unfaithful to a sworn duty; cowardly recreant
snatch; gain by force or violence wrested
prevent from happening; avoid averted
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