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Gen med medical terms

Afebrile without fever
febrile with fever
biopsy take small sample
erythema redness of skin
malaise over all feeling of crap
purulent full of, forming, containing, or discharging pus
suppurativee the formation of pus ro something that creates pus
HIPAA health insurance portability and accountability act
FERPA family educational rights and privacy act
syncope dizzieness, partial or complete loss of consciousness
dyspnea painful or difficulty breathing
FDA food and drug administration
DEA drug enforcement administration
bioequivalence pharmokinetics term, used to describe that a generic and brand name are the same
bioabailability percentage of unchanged drug that reaches the actual organs
antipyretic fever reducer
analgesic pain releiver
tachypnea rapid breathing, >24 breaths
hyperpnea tachypnea w. large deep breaths
Bradypnea slower breathing<12 breaths
hypopnea shallow breathing
dyspnea SOB, difficulty breathing
hyperventilation decreased partial pressure co2, increased pH
orthopena/paroxymal nocturnal dyspnea SOB while supine
SOB shortness of breath
CBC complete blood count
cyanosis blusih coloring particularily of the lips
adbentitious troublesome or abnormal sound during ausculattion
EIA exercise indused asthma
EIB exercise induced bronchospasm
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder
angina chest p! or discomfort when the area of heart muscle doesnt get enough oxygen rich blood
mucolytics helps dissolve mucus
purulent containing pus
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