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Worsham Fun. Dir Q1

Illinois Vital Records Act supervises vital human statistics through birth certificates and death certificates.
In IL all deaths must be registered within 7 days of death and before disposition, T/F True
3 medical professionals that can sign a death certificate 1-MD, 2-DO, 3-DC
Medical section must be signed within _____ by the attending doc. 48 hours
A ME/coronor must be contacted when death is unattended or of questionable causes
Local registrar responsilbe for making DC a legal doc
Where the death occured or where the body was found determines which registrar files the DC
the NOK or best source of info is the informat
manner of death legal description
1-accidental, 2-sucide, 3-homicide, 4-natural, 5-undetermined possible manner of death
Anyone can be a coroner but must _____ bonded
coroner are elected to a _______ 4 year term
only a MD or a DO with a lic. to pratice can be a ______ Medical examiner
ME's must be a certified anatomical & forensic pathologist with the American Board of Pathology
ME's are appointed until retirement, they resign or are removed for cause
if a body is unclaimed for ________ they become the ME's territory 5 days
a fetal DC is completed when 1-at 20 or more, 2-if it will be buried, 3-fetus is part of a multiple birth of which 1 member was alive.
still birth occurs prior to complete expulsion or extraction from the mother.
Utero-gestation the time from the 1st day of the last normal menses to the date of delivery
Disposition of Remains Act A written instrument that establishes the legal control of the human remains and liable of costs
Who is responsilbe for all damages regaurding a IDed body The person that IDs the dead, signs an order/statement then obtains the rights of disposition
A person may sign a disposition of remains in a will, preplanning, cremation authorization, or written instrument
When are wishes not held up by probate when directions are in a will
Inquest when a coroner wants to investigate a death, they will have an inquest with jurors to determine manner of death
manner of death is the legal description
autopsies are proformed by MD or ME
permission of NOK to proform an autopsy is not required when the manner is anything but natural
when the remains of a coroners/ME case are cremated a _______ must be filled out VR204.1
ME can call for an inquest but is not bond to
How is Vet defined? one who served in the armed forces during one of the legally defined times of war and was release or discharged honorably or received a general discharge
When do peace time Vets receive bennefits? if they die in a VA faucility or VA contract home.
Vets may receive bennefits if they die wail receiving compensation for a service injury, death is service related, and disability occured in service.
Merchant Marines and Civil Service Construction workers are included in the Vets bennefits, T/F True
Headstones are available for services members buried in National Cemetaries as well as private, T/F True
Memorial stones are provided for service members that die in active duty and the body is not recovered and for those buried at sea
placement of the stone in a private cemetary ___ covered is not, but IL will provide $100 to help with the cost
a headstone or a medalion for an exsisting headstone will be provided for members that died on or before Nov. 1, 1990
members dying in active duty, any war time or peace time Vet with honorable discharge, and members of the reserve with active service beyond training may or may not be eligable for burial in a National Cemetary may, as long as the reserve members last service ended honorably
a spouse or widow/widower of an eligable member may be buried in a Nat'l Cem if space allows and if they will be buried in an adjoining or the same grave
if the spouse dies before the eligable member they may be buried in a Nat'l Cem if the member signs a document stating they will be buried there too
reservatin can be made for eligable members and is up for review every _____ years two
a reservation can be voided by re-marriage
minor children of an eligable member can be buried in a Nat'l Cem as long as they are buried in the same grave as either parent
adult unmarried children with physical and/or mental disabilities may be buried in a Nat'l Cem as long as they are buried in the same grave as either parent, with approvel of the dirctor of the Cem
Who is responsible for contacting the Nat'l Cem the funeral director
what is covered when a service member is buried in a Nat'l Cem plot, opening and closing
in order to receive reimbursment the following must be sent with form VA21-530 itemized bill, certified death cirtificate, certified copy of DD214
the reimbursment must be submitted within 2 years of date of disposition
maximum reimbursment for VA21-530 is $300
the FD can sign on behalf of the NOK for the form to request a flag (VA21-2008)
service members eligable for a flag are any war time Vet as well as anyone that serviced an enlisted term of one year in any branch or discharged due to injury in the line of duty
when the casket is half couch how is the flag drapped 3-10" folds nearest the head with the union being the top fold
what can be attached or layed on the flag nothing
if the casket is full couch or a spray will be placed on a half couch the flag is folded into a triangle and placed in the center part of the head panel of the casket cap just above the left shoulder of the deceased
who may receive the flag spouse, children (oldest 1st), father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, neice, grandparents, close friend/associate
if no one wants the flag it must be returned to the VA
special cases for Vet bennefits are for Vets that die in a VA facility
in special cases a Vet receiving bennefits that dies in a VA facility an extra $300 is given
how mush notice is needed for military honors 48 hours
who is not eligable for military honors dishonorable disscharged, members/Vets convicted of a capital crime and those found to have convicted a capital crime that dies before the trial ends
all Nat'l Cem are controlled by the VA except Arlington
what is the presidental memorial certificate a certificate signed by the president for the NOK, requested at the VA
requirements for burial in Arlington are armed forces that die on duty, Vets of 20 yrs of active service (career), Vets discharged for service related disability, metal holders, and spouses & ummarried minnor children of the eligialbe
what metals holders can be buried in Arlington congressional metal of honor, purple heart, silver star and service cross
those to be buried at sea go on deployed ships
when possible, what all is recorded and given to the family date, time, longitude, laditude
who can be buried at sea active members, retirees, Vets with honorable discharge, military sealift command, family of active members/retirees/Vets
what must be sent with the request for burial at sea certified copy of DC, burial transit/crem permit, certified copy of retirement or discharge
cremains must be in an urn or plastic container and sent to, with burial at sea corrdinator, flag and documents
cremains and other requiremenet must be sent certified mail
for intact remains to be buried at sea the metal casket must weigh 300lbs.
caskets to be buried at sea must have how many bands, of what material, and how wide 6, nylon or metal, at least 1/4" thick
how many holes must be drilled in a burial at sea casket and how big do they need to be 20, 2" in diamater
where are the bands placed four around longways top and bottom, one around the outside horizontal to the handles, and one around the middle/short axis
where are the holes drilled 8 in the top, 8 in the bottom, 2 in the head, 2 in the foot
how far must a ship be before there can be a burial at sea 100 fathums beyond the 300 miles offshore
a fathum equal 6 feet
what is the purpose of the SS lump sum death bennefit provide money to hold one over until they re-marry or find work
what is the max for SS $225
who may receive SS bennefits surviving spouse living in same house or minor children that lived with the deceased, but it can be signed over to the FD
how a minor child defined a child is a minor until the age of 18 or graduation from high school, which ever comes first
what is a statement of death of FD (SSA721) temperary death certificate
how much time do you have to file for SS bennefits 2 years of death
if you receives SS bennefits are not eligable for railroad retirement lump-sum death benifit
RR bennefits are paid to the spouse/person that is responsible for cost of burial
in the event no one is responsible who can file for the RR bennefit and how long must they wait FD, 90 days
what is the time limit to apply for RR bennefits no time limit
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