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Famous People His.

Famous People from Hispanic History

What was the profession of Cantinflas? Mexican comedian.
What famous Spanish writer was born in Grenada, Spain? Federico Garcia Lorca.
When was Ricky Martin born? In 1971.
Where is the romantic singer Luis Miguel from? Mexico.
Who is the famous politician, actor, and musician from Panama? Ruben Blades.
What was the prominent 20th cenutry Spanish writer who was shot during the Civil War? Garcia Lorca.
What Mexican-American led migrant workers to better conditions through the United Farm Workers? Cesar Chavez.
How did Roberto Clemente die? In a plane crash.
When and where was the popular Hispanic actor Edward James Olmos born? Los Angeles, 1947.
Which Hispanic golfer became one of the greater players in golf history? Lee Trevino.
What famous painter lived in Toledo, Spain? El Greco.
Where is the famous writer Elena Poniatowska from? Mexico.
Who is the writer, sculptor, and Catholic priest from Nicaragua that has written more than 35 books? Ernesto Cardenal.
Which dictator from Panama was brought up on extradition and judged in the USA? General Manuel Noriega.
Who was the king of Spain after Franco? Juan Carlos.
Who is the national hero of Spain? El Cid.
What famous painter is considered French and Spanish? Pablo Picasso.
Who was the first rookie in Dodger history to start on opening day? Mexican, Fernando Valenzuela.
Who is Gloria Estefan's husband? Emilio Estefan.
Who was the dictator of Spain during World War II? Franciso Franco.
Who was the first Latin American woman poet to win the Nobel Prize? Gabriela Mistal.
What female Hispanic singer won a Grammy in 1990? Celia Cruz.
What scientist from Venezuela received the Nobel Prize for medicine? Baruj Benacerraf.
What Hispanic writer won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982? Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombia).
Who painted the horros of the Spanish Civil War in the famous mural "Guernica?" Pablo Picasso.
During what century did St. Theresa of Avila live? The 16th century.
Which two Hispanic singers got married to the music industry tycoon Toomy Motola? Mariah Carey and Thalia.
Which Hispanic lawyer was appointed by Clinton as a U.S. Secretary of Transportation? Federico Pena.
Who was the only full-blooded Inidian to rule Mexico? Benito Juarez.
Who were los Ninos Heroes? The six boys who jumped off the cliff at the military academy during the Mexican-American War.
What important scientist did research on the Galapagos Islands? Charles Darwin.
Who was the first female Hispanic astronaut? Ellen Ochoa.
When and where was baseball player Sammy Sossa born? Dominicnan Republic, 1968.
Which Spanish musician was a virtuoso playing the chello? Pablo Casals.
What did Franco Nunez de Balboa discover? The Pacific Ocean.
La Mancha is home to what fictional characters? Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.
Where was social activist Cesar Chavez born? On a small farm near Yuna, Arizona.
In 2002, two young South Americans competed and excelled in the demanding Formula One World Championship. Who were they and what position did they finish? Rubens Barichella from Brazil (2nd) and Juan Pablo Montoya from Columbia (3rd).
Who was the Venezuelan liberator of five south American countries? Simon Bolivar.
What was the profession of Joan Miro? Painter.
Which famous American visited Cuba very frequently? Ernest Hemingway.
Who was the first Hispanic astronaut who flew in a space shuttle? The Peruvian, Franklin Chang Diaz.
Who is one of the most famous singers from the Dominican Republic to "internationalize" meringue? Juan Luis Guerra.
Who was Miguel Angel Asturias? An important writer from Guatemala who received the Nobel Prize in 1967.
Who is the Patron Saint of Madrid? San Isidro.
From whom do Nicaragua's Sandinistas take their name? Cesar Augusto Sandino.
What famous Colombian doctor is doing research for NASA on the mysteries of the human brain? Doctor Roldolfo Llinas.
What Hispanic actor received the Best Actor Award from the National Board Review for his role in "Kiss of the Spider Woman?" Raul Julia.
What famous Puerto Rican female actress played in West Side Story? Rita Moreno.
Who was Roberto Clemente? A baseball player.
Who were Gaspar, Melchor, and Baltasar? The Three Wise Kings.
Which Hispanic President won the Nobel Prize in 1987? Oscar Arias (Costa Rica).
Where is the famous Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes born? In Washington.
Where is baseball player Orlando Reteria from? Columbia.
What is the name of a famous North American bullfighter? John Fulton.
Who is the spirit of the river who is always mourning the death of her children? La Llorona.
Who was the first Prime Minister under Juan Carlos in Spain? Adolfo Suarez Gonzalez.
Which Hispanic was elected as U.S. Sergeon General in 1989? Doctor Antonia Novello.
Which New Yorker from a Puerto Rican family became a famous percussionist? Tito Puente.
Who is the well-known blind singer from Puerto Rico? Jose Feliciano.
What was Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar's nickname? El Cid.
Where is the famous singer Thalia from? Mexico?
Which Puerto Rican baseball player was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1972? Roberto Clemente?
Where is the tennis player Arantxa Vicario from? Spain.
Which South American soccer player was called "The King?" Pele.
Who was the ruler of the Aztecs? Cuauhtemoc.
What is Zorro's secret identity? Don Diego.
Where was Placido Domingo born? Madrid.
What is the name of the skillful Colombia player who wore a blonde afro? Carlos Valderrama.
What nationality was Ferdinand Magallan? Portuguese.
What do Orozco, Siquieros, and Rivera have in common? They were all Mexican muralists.
Where was the pop singer Shakira born? In Barranquilla, Columbia (1977).
Where was the poet Jose Marti from? Cuba.
Which famous female singer started with the Miami Sound Machine? Gloria Estefan.
Who was the Aztec emporer when Cortes conquered Mexico? Moctezuma II.
Where was the popular singer Glori Trevi born? In Mexico.
How did Pancho Villa die? In an ambush.
What famous Hispanic man has reached fame and fortune in the fashion industry? Oscar de la Renta.
What Mexican actor starred in the ABC series "Fantasy Island?" Ricardo Montalban.
What Nicaraguan leader was overthrown by the Sandinista National Liberation Front 1979? Anastasio Somoza.
What Mexican artist painted murals in Detroit, New York, and San Francisco? Diego Rivera.
Julio Iglesias, the famous Spanish singer, has a son who is also a singer. What is his name? Enrigue.
What Mexican female painter was the wife of Diego Rivera? Frida Kahlo.
Who wrote "The House of the Spirits?" Isabel Allende (Chile).
What nationality was Jose de la Borda, the man who created a silver empire in the 18th century? French.
What famous Argentinean writer was alomst blind? Jorge Luis Borges.
Who invented mole poblano? A nun.
What Hispanic man has had different news programs on national television? Geraldo Rivera.
Which famous Bolivian educator is depicted in the 1988 film "Stand and Deliver?" Jaime Escalante.
Who is Andres Segovia? A famous guitar player from Spain.
Where was Gabriela Mistral from? Chile.
Where was the Hispanic boxer Oscar de la Hoya born? In Los Angeles, California.
Which Spanish movie director won an Oscar for the movie "All About My Mother?" Pedro Almodovar.
Where was the famous baseball player Fernando Valenzuela born? In Mexico.
Who was Malinche? An Indian princess given to Cortes who also served as his translator.
Where was Ruben Dario from? Nicaragua.
What Cuban writer wrote "Mambo King Play Songs of Love?" Oscar Hijuelos.
Where was the famous actor Anthony Quinn born? Chihuahua, Mexico.
What famous Colombian artist has had his obese sculptures exhibited in places like Champs Elysses in Paris and Fifth Avenue in New York? Fernando Botero.
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