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Mexican art


Which Mexican artist was self taught and did not visit Europe while the others were doing so? Orozco
Where is the work “Youth” located in? Prepatory School
Did Orozco care about the viewers of the art and their opinion? No, he did not care about anyone.
What did not caring about the spectator's feelings lead Orozco's paintings to be like? It led to a relatively greater maturity in his mural designs.
What happened with Orozco and his government views. It wasn't long after he bagan to make fun of his own party.
What is Orozco's main attitude in life and his paintings? He shows melancholy; universalizes the sorrows which he observes to be charactersitic of his time
In Guadalajara Orozco has a painting of what and where specifically? He has a large panel in the staircase of the Palace, showing Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini in a context
What impresesses Orozco about Rivera's paintings? His left hand cimpliment
Where was Orozco born? In the farming village of Zapotlan, Jalisco, in 1883
Where did Orozco go to when he was 12? 20? At age 12 he went to an agricultutral school. At age 20 he went to the Preparatory School where he studied mathematics in anticiaption of a course in architecture.
At age 30 what did Orozco help with? He helped with the punblications of the "Jungle Group" in Orizaba a series of caricatures based on his observations of revolutionary activities.
Describe the etchings of Goya. Portrayed the horrors of war: murder and rape, the mangling and disfiguration of bodies, the looting of houses. It mostly showed the opposition to Carranza
What drawings represented the Carranzistas? Caricatures of a victorious army leering officers and drunken, roistering soldiers, attended by ugly looking women/
What happened to Orozco regarding his paintings on the opposing party group? He recieved official warnings that he would be comfortable somehwere else. In other words, exile! So he left for California where he made a living with some of his paitings.
What do other artists say that Orozco painted? Pulqueria walls! (but he denies it)
Where were some of Orozco's paintings displayed at before 1920? On the walls of his brother's cafe, frequented by impoverished artists.
What did a crowd of people do with something from Orozco? They subscribed to a weekly periodical which Orozco published for a time under the name of "El malora" ( the nuisance)
What physical abnormality did Orozco have that prevented friendly exchanges of converstaion? His left hand was amputated when he was a child
Created by: FineArts