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Hip Stuff

hip stuff from notes i got out the book

Angle of inclination femur shaft conncevted to the head of femor by femoral neck, about 125 in frontal plane change during growth, it is decreased in women
Coxa Valga increase in the angle of inclination
Coxa Vara decrease in the angle of inclination
angle of torsion in the transverse plaine relationship between femoral had and shaft, usually about 15*
Anteversion increase in the angle of torsion
retroversion decrease in angle of torsion
Iliofemoral ligament y shaped ligament of bigelow-O:ant inf illia spine, I:distal aspect ant intertrocanteric line &prox ant intertrocanteric line/fem. neck, reinforces ant joint cap, sup fibers limit ABD, inf fibers limit ADD, allows to stand up right w/ minimal muscularwork
Pubofemoral ligament enforces ant capsule, O:pubic ramus, I:ant aspect of intertrocanteric fossa, limits ABD and hyper extension
ischiofemoral ligament supports post joint capsule, O:post acetabulum rim w. upward spiraling fibers attaching to the joint capsule & inner surface of greater trocanter, limits hip ext
Ligamentum teres "ligament of the head of the femur" conduit for med/lat circuflex ateries, little function in hip stabalizing
Inguinal ligament O:ASIS, I:pubic symphysis, superior boarder of the femoral triangle
Anterior Musculature rectus femoris-hip/knee flex, sartorius-knee/hip flex ABD ER, Iliopsoas-psoas major/minor, iliacus, primary hip flexor when knee is flexed, all rotate pelvis ant on sacrum as they contract, tightness of them can cause SI stress causing ant rot of pelvis
Medial Musculature mainly ADD & IR hip, Adductor group: ADD longus, magnus, brevis, aided by pectineus & gracillis
Lateral Musculature most superficial-flute med&TFL, TFL-ABD&IR Deep 6-6intrinsic muscles-piriformis, quadratis femoris, obdurator internis, obdurator externis, gemellis sup/inf-ER hip
Posterior Musculature glute max-mass of butt-hip ext especially w/ knee flex, hamstring muscle group-hip ext/knee flex, responsible for decelerating knee ext/hip felx during dec. in running, if tight can cause post rot of pelvis
Femoral Triangle superior boarder inguinal ligament, lateral bor satorius, medial border ADD longus, contains femoral art/nerve/vein, lymph nodes, palpate femoral pulse here
Bursae trochanteric bursa, gluteofemoral bursa, ischial bursa
Trochanteric Bursa lubricates spot where glute max passess over greater trochanter
Gluteofemoral bursa seperates glute mad from bastis lateralis at their origins
Ischial Bursa weight bearing structure when seated, cushipons ischial tuberosity under glute max
Created by: jwebst1