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(CK) Lit Terms Ex

(CK) Literary Terms Examples

The auto shop worker swept in like Superman, repaired my tire in a flash, and rescued me from the roadside. ALLUSION
hot is to cold as funny is to sad ANALOGY
Edmund would definitely be considered this in the play King Lear. ANTAGONIST
In "Rikki-tikki-tavi", this occurs when Nagaina is about to strike Teddy while Rikki holds her egg. CLIMAX
In the movie, "Home Alone", a young boy takes on robbers who enter his house. CONFLICT
"America" evokes feelings of freedom and opportunity. CONNOTATION
The dictionary definition of "America": a country south of Canada and north of Mexico DENOTATION
In "The Outsiders", Ponyboy relates the story of his brothers and his friends. POINT OF VIEW
Dove = Peace SYMBOL
Romeo does not know Juliet is alive, but we know. IRONY
"The Outsiders" is considered realistic fiction which is a _____________ of literature, while King Lear is considered a tragedy in the drama category. GENRE
Pecos Bill rode a tornado like any other cowboy rode a horse. HYPERBOLE
That car you have your eye on will cost you an arm and a leg! IDIOM
In the words of Uncle Kracker: "You make me smile like the sun, spin like a record, shine like gold, dance like a fool, and buzz like a bee." SIMILE
In the words of Michael Buble: "You're a swimming pool on an August day, and you're the perfect thing to say." METAPHOR
"Be afraid, be very afraid. For if you move, you are dead, and if you do not move, you are dead," hissed Nagaina. PERSONIFICATION
. . .let your trombones ooze, and go husha-husha-hush with the slippery sandpaper. (Carl Sandburg, "Jazz Fantasia" ONOMATOPOEIA
"I don't know if I can take it anymore, Ponyboy," said Johnny. "Aw, come on, Johnny-cake, you know we couldn't make it without you," said Pony. DIALOGUE
"The Outsiders" take place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, around 1964. SETTING
"It was about four months ago. We found Johnny's jean jacket in the lot. . ." FLASHBACK
Johnny said nobody would ever hurt him like that again. He would kill the next person . . . FORESHADOWING
In a newspaper article, the journalist writes, "These heroic Navajo Code Talkers risked their very lives and never took credit for being a large part of the U.S. victory in World War II." TONE
In the fairy tale, "Beauty and the Beast", we are taught that one should look for true love in another's heart, not in another's appearance. THEME
Even though he was NOT a heroic character, King Lear is the main character of the play of the same name. Therefore, he is considered to be this. PROTAGONIST
In "Rikki-tikki-tavi", this occurs when Rikki is discovered alive after killing Nagaina (and the egg)and the family and other animals are grateful because he rid the garden of the snakes. RESOLUTION
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