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ESQB - Rivers

Rivers You Need to Know

Longest river in the world Nile River
Longest river in North America Mississippi River
Longest river in South America Amazon River
Longest river in Europe Volga River
Longest river in Asia Yangtze River
Longest river in Africa Congo River
Longest river in Australia Murray-Darling River
Longest river in Antarctica Onyx River
Important river in India and sacred to Hindus. It is vital to the economy of India and Bangladesh. One of the most heavily polluted rivers in the world. Ganges River
Flows out of Turkey, through Iraq, and defines the Eastern border of Mesopotamia. Home to the ancient civilizations of Sumer and Akkdad. Tigris River
2nd largest river in China. Basin is the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Frequently floods. Also known as the Yellow River. Huang He River
Originates on the Tibetan plateau. Namesake of India, it was home to one of the world’s earliest civilizations, including the ancient cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. Key water source for Pakistan. Indus River
Flows from eastern Turkey, through Syria, and defines the western border of Mesopotamia. Location of the ancient city of Babylon. Euphrates River
Begins in the Canadian Rockies and empties into the Pacific Ocean. Called the Big River by some American Indian tribes. Discovered in 1792 by Captain Robert Gray. Columbia River
Flows out of the Black Range in west-central New Mexico and joins the Colorado River at Yuma, Arizona. Served as the border between the United States and Mexico from the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo to the Gadsden Purchase. Gila River
Flows from southwestern Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico. Serves as a natural border between parts of the United States and Mexico. Designated as one of the American Heritage Rivers. Rio Grande
Major tributary of the Mississippi, its source is in the Centennial Mountains of Montana and it empties into the Gulf of Mexico. First Europeans to see it were Jolliet and Marquette. Missouri River
Originates in the Rocky Mountains and flows through Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas before emptying into the Mississippi River at Napoleon, Arkansas. Formed part of the United States – Mexico border under the Adams-Onís Treaty. Arkansas River
Formed by the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers at Point State Park in Pittsburgh, PN. Forms the border between West Virginia and Ohio. Southern border of the Northwest Territory. Ohio River
Connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean and is part of the international border between Ontario and New York. Originates from the outflow of Lake Ontario is a major shipping lane. St. Lawrence River
Longest river in Alaska and the Yukon Territory and major site of the Klondike Gold Rush. Source is debated but it flows into Tagish Lake. Yukon River
Flows from the Continental Divide at La Poudre Pass, through the Grand Canyon, and into the Gulf of California. Also known as the “Grand River”. Colorado River
Named after Henry Hudson of the Dutch East India Company. It begins at Lake Tear of the Clouds and flows south to form the border between New York City and New Jersey before emptying into Upper New York Bay. Hudson River
Forms part of the border between Washington D.C. and Virginia and Maryland and Virginia, and empties into the Chesapeake Bay. Potomac River
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