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Procedures 3 Final

Test 1,2,3,and 4- Dj Weigel

Plain gut, chromic gut, PDS II, and Monocryl are examples of monofilament absorbable sutures
A closed system of blood vessels that transports blood away from the heart to the body's tissues and back to the heart refers to the peripheral vascular system
One of the most important pieces of information the STSR should learn to look for on a box of sutures is the suture size and material
Microscopic vessels designed to exchange nutrients and wastes between blood and tissue fluid around the cells are known as capillaries
Precut ties that are removed as single strands from the package and placed into the open hand of the surgeon for use as ligatures are free
Which of the following accurately describes the layers of an artery from inner to outer layers tunica intima, tunica media, tunica adventitia
A needle that can penetrate tissue without cutting it is a _____ needle tapered-point
Which statement accurately describes the characteristics of a vein veins have specialized structures called valves
Another name given to "rapid-release" needles are control-release
Which statement concerning blood pressure is NOT correct venous blood pressure is much higher than arterial blood pressure
Ties loaded onto a curved clamp to facilitate placement of the tie around a vessel deep in the surgical wound is referred to as a tie on a passer
Which structure supplies the myocardium with oxygenated blood coronary arteries
The outermost layer of the meninges is the dura
Which ligament originates from the anterior intercondylar area of the tibia and extends to the lateral condyle of the femur anterior cruciate
Turning the hand so that the palm is upward is referred to as supination
Masses of gray matter located deep within the cerebral hemispheres are called the basal ganglia
The structures within the ventricles that produce CSF are the choroid plexuses
Extending the foot at the ankle is referred to as plantar flexion
Which needle type is a cutting needle FS
The medulla oblongata controls which visceral activity cardiac,respiratory,and vasomotor
Which artery is one of the three major branches of the aortic arch brachiocephalic
A softening of adult bone due to a disorder in calcium and phosphorus metabolism is called osteomalacia
A fracture at the distal end of the radius in which the smaller fragment is displaced posteriorly is called Colles' fracture
Which needle type is a taper needle MO
The _____ nervous system functions independently and continuously without conscious effort autonomic
Leroy-Raney clips are used on scalp edges
The aorta bifurcates at the level of the fourth lumbar vertebra into the right and left ______ arteries common iliac
The best way to control bleeding on the cut edges of bone is with bone wax
A ventricular shunt can be placed distally in the atrium or the peritoneal cavity
Which bone articulates with the distal tibia and fibula talus
Which suture thread has the smallest diameter 7-0
Which of the following articulates with the head of the femur acetabulum
A congenital collection of abnormal vessels of the brain that increase in size with time best describes a arteriovenous malformation
Which suture thread has the largest diameter #5
Which condition results from an obstruction of the flow of CSF, overproduction of CSF, or improper absorption of CSF hydrocephalus
What structure is referred to as the "pacemaker of the heart" SA node
Superficial blood supply to the head and neck is supplied from which arter external carotid
Which portion of the heart recieves the unoxygenated blood right atrium
Which condition results from a failure of the bony structures around the neural tube to close properly during embryonic development spina bifida
Which portion of the heart is responsible for pumping blood into the pulmonary artery right ventricle
During a total hip replacement surgery, which instrument is used to replace the femoral head intramedullary reamer
Which of the following is not a positioning aid for intracranial procedures wilson frame
Which arteries communicate with the basilar artery to form the circle of Willis internal carotid
Which hemostatic agent is NOT used in orthopedics bovie on bone
Which portion of the heart is responsible for pumping blood into the aorta left ventricle
Which veins receive blood from the brain, meninges, and deeper regions of the face and neck internal jugular
Scalp bleeding can be reduced by all of the following EXCEPT heparinized saline
Which is the longest vein in the body greater saphenous
The coronary arteries arise from the aorta
The coronary veins empty into the coronary sinus
Bone grafts are usually taken from the iliac crest
Which of the following correctly outlines the procedure to turn a bone flap incision, raise muscle flap, perforator, craniotome
What is the best temperature for irrigation used on the brain body temperature
Claudication is the term used to refer to cramping
Which of the following could be used to take a bone graft curettes
Which structure is attached to the valvular cusps and prevents valves from swinging back into the atria chordae tendinease
There are _____ pulmonary veins four
Which statement regarding arterial embolisms is NOT correct the formation of emboli always causes immediate death
Which structure prevents the trachea from collapsing hyaline cartilage
Manipulating bone fracture fragments into alignment without incising the skin is called closed reduction
Which statement concerning abdominal aneurysms is correct most abdominal aneurysms arise below the level of the renal arteries
Which of the following is not a correct approach for a transphenoidal hypophysectomy through a suboccipital craniotomy
Which statement regarding an endarterectomy is correct endarterectomy is performed to alleviate occlusion of an artery
Which of the following is a clinical sign and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome numbness of fingers
Which graft requires preclotting by the surgical team porous Dacron grafts
Which procedure involves the release of the median nerve from the transverse carpal ligament carpal tunnel release
The right lung is divided into how many lobes three
What is the correct sequence of surgical instruments for the insertion of a bone screw drill, countersink, depth gauge, tap, screw
The heart lies where slightly to the left within the mediastinum
Which statemnt is correct regarding necessary equipment for a craniotomy the use of a perforator facilitates the making of bur holes
The heart is surrounded by the pericardium
Delicate polypropylene sutures can be tagged with a suture boot
When does the fetal heart begin developing third week
Which statement is NOT correct regarding the placement of the bone flap the bone flap is placed after the muscle layer is closed with an absorbable suture
What is the most common congenital chest deformity pectus excavatum
Which procedure includes a prep from midabdomen to toes, with the affected leg prepped circumferentially femoral-popliteal bypass
What medical term refers to the abnormal accumulation of air in the pleural cavity pneumothorax
An abnormal opening in the wall between the right and left ventricles of the heart is known as a ventricular septal defect
Which bone articulates with the glenoid cavity to form the shoulder joint humerus
The sphenoid bone forms portions of the base of the cranium, sides of the skull, and base and sides for the orbits
Which statement regarding drugs handled by the surgical technologist is correct Heparin in sodium chloride irrigation can be used for intra-arterial irrigation
Which procedure could necessitate the use of a Javid shunt carotid endarterectomy
Which surgical instrument is preferred for the removal of a foreign body in the bronchial tree of infants and children rigid bronchoscope
The ventricles contain protein, lactic acid, glucose
Which of the following is NOT considered a sterile procedure bronchoscopy
Which of the following articulates with the distal clavicle and provides attachments for muscles of the arms and chest acromion process
What medical term is used to refer to the first seven rib pairs true
Which is the second largest structure of the brain cerebellum
Which vessel must be clamped during a carotid endarterectomy external carotid artery
Which surgical patient position is used for a lobectomy posterolateral
Which bones are attached to each of the thoracic vertebrae ribs
There are ___ bones in the cervical region seven
With which instrument is an arteroitomy initiated #11 blade on a #7 handle
Which piece of equipment assumes the role of the heart and lungs while undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass pump oxygenator
The initial step in the body's repair of a fracture involves blood clot
Which artery provides the brain with most of its blood internal carotid artery
The surgical excision of a dilated portion of the aortic wall with immediate reconstruction using a synthetic graft is known as an abdominal aortic aneurysm resection
The parts of the sternum from superior to inferior are manubrium, body, and xiphoid process
The primary purpose of a femoral-popliteal bypass is to restore blood flow to the lower limb
Which term describes the organ of smell olfactory
Which malignant tumor of the brain usually cannot be totally excised gliomas
What is the number of true ribs seven
Which type of suture is appropriate for closing an arteriotomy polypropylene
Which type of fracture is complete and results in several bony fragments comminuted
Which tumor is marked by loss of hearing, headache, vertigo, and facial pain acoustic neuroma
All of the following are true regarding subdural hematomas EXCEPT that the pressure of blood from arterial bleeding strips teh dura away from the skull, causing more bleeding as the tiny veins from the dura to the skull are torn
Which type of needle is appropriate for closing a blood vessel taper
Oxygenated blood leaves the lungs through the pulmonary veins
Another name for the mitral valve is the bicuspid
Which statement is correct regarding the suture for peripheral vascular surgery before tying polypropylene sutures, the surgeon's hands should be wet
Cerebral aneurysms are typically found at points of bifurcation in the arteries of the circle of Willis
Which statement is NOT correct regarding supplies required for peripheral vascular procedures a doppler probe is used to dilate vessels
It is most important that while handling the lens with light cord, the STSR should not allow the lens with light cord to touch the drape
A fogarty balloon catheter is used for a arterial embolectomy
_____ are the most common of the slow-growing intracranial neoplasms meningiomas
The distal and proximal ends of long bones are called epiphyses
During a craniotomy for aneurysm repair,____ may be necessary to prevent vasospasm papaverine
Which medication is always added to injectable saline for the use of intra-arterial irrigation heparin
Which bone is posterior to the mandible and anterior to the trachea hyoid
All of the following statements are false EXCEPT that the surgical implant information, including number used, type, and size, is recorded on a surgical chart
Which suture can be used to attach tendon to bone polyester
The generalized disease that involves the formation of an atheroma within the lumen of an artery causing restricted blood flow is known as arteriosclerosis obliterans
Which procedure requires two Mayo stands to prevent contamination transphenoidal hypophysectomy
Which muscle is part of the rotator cuff infraspinatus
What is the primary reason for performing a total joint arthroplasty degenerative joint disease
Which supplies are commonly used during vascular surgery to retract blood vessels vessel loops
Which scapel blade is used to open a blood vessel during vascular surgery #11
Which type of rongeur is used to excise bone during a laminectomy Adson, Stille-leur, Leksell
Why is a cranioplasty performed repair defect in skull resulting from previous procedure, trauma, congenital deformity
The external iliac arteries branch in the ____ arteries femoral
Which artery supplies blood to the brain internal carotid
Which instrument is used to prepare the acetabulum reamer
A bulldog is used in vascular surgery to clamp a blood vessel
Which drug is used to suppress arterial vasospasm papaverine
How many components are implanted during a total knee arthroplasty three
Which of the following is NOT a factor that affects blood pressure blood strength
A patient is scheduled for an anterior cruciate ligament repair. the surgeon plans to use the patient's patellar tendon. This is an example of which type of graft autograft
Blood pumped from the left ventricle of the heart enters the aorta
What is the correct patient surgical position for a total hip arthroplasty lateral
Which of the following best describes the skin preparation for a rotator cuff repair entire arm and shoulder to the border of the neck
Which piece of equipment would not typically be used during a knee arthroscopy insufflator
Which of the following can be used as an allograft for an ACL reconstruction tibialis anterior
Which procedure is performed to correct impingement syndrome acromioplasty
The teres minor is one of the four muscles of what body structure rotator cuff
Which muscle contributes to the stability of the shoulder joint subscapularis
Femoral shaft fractures are immediately treated by surgical intervention
An ACL reconstruction is performed to repair the ____ stability of the knee anterior
The primary purpose of meniscus surgery is to save as much of the torn meniscus as possible
The broach is used to remove cancellous bone
The concave indentation that serves as the socket for the head of the femur is the acetabulum
An example of an irregular bone is the vertebrae
The pneumatic tourniquet is routinely inflated after exsanguination
Which of the following is used to reduce a fracture traction
This chemical is also referred to as bone cement methyl methacrylate
ACL graft material that is taken from a cadaver is known as a allograft
Which two of the following muscles are used for an autograft ACL reconstruction semitendinosus, gracilis
What two bones are involved in a patella tendon harvest for an ACL reconstruction tibia, patella
Created by: Adam_morales
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