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Intro to CAD Lesson4

Chapters 11-14 (Undo, Grid, Snap, and Zoom Commands)

GRID Provides a visual means of referenceing distance and controls the spcaing.
SNAP Snaps your crosshairs along an imaginary grid of dots and is useful when setting up your drawing.
Ortho Forces lines to be vertical or horizontal
Undo Allows you to reverse several commands and once, or set a mark to go back to.
U command Backs up one command only.
Redo Reverses the previous U or Undo command.
XLINE creates lines of infinite length through a given point
RAY creates lines from a specified point that extend infinitely in one direction.
Coordinate Display provides updated coordinate information on the location of your crosshairs.
F6 toggles the coordinate display on/off.
F7 Toggles the Grid on/off.
F8 Toggles Ortho on/off.
F9 Toggles the Snap on/off.
TIME command provides a timer to keep an accurate record of actual time spent on a drawing.
Zoom Commands Make the objects on the screen appear larger or smaller.
Zoom Window Allows the operator to place a box around a portion of the drawing and Zoom in on that area.
Zoom Previous Restores the last zoomed area on your drawing up to 10.
PAN command allows you to move around the zoomed area without changing the zoom value.
Zoom Realtime Using the pointing device, zooms interactively to a logical extent.
Zoom All Zooms to display yhe entire drawing, up to the limits.
Zoom Extents Maximizes the drawing in screen area.
Named Views Allows you to capture a view and restore it when needed.
Transparent Zoom One that takes place while another command is in progress.
REGEN The recalculation of each vector in the drawing.
VIEWRES command Allows you to set the view resolution for arcs and circles.
Ariel View A dialog box that shows the entire drawing while zoomed in on another area.
Orthographic Projection Process used to create views at right angles to a projection plane.
Multiview drawing Completely describes an object using 2 or more views.
Created by: tmurphy