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IC3 Lesson 10

IC3 Lesson 10 Review for test

The settings and options in the Control Panel will be the same regardless of what computer you are using. True
You can change the language your system uses in the System and Maintenance category of the Control Panel. True
You can change the language your system uses in the System and Maintenance category of the Control Panel. True
In the Date and Time dialog box, you can select additional clocks to display the time in other time zones. True
All computers are set to synchronize the system time with True
Different icons may appear in the notification area depending on the way your taskbar is customized. False
When you make changes to a system setting, it is a good idea to record the original settings. True
An upgrade to a software program is generally free. False
Standard users can install or uninstall applications in the root directory. False
Using Mail Setup, you can create e-mail accounts and directories, change settings for Outlook files, and set up multiple profiles of e-mail accounts and data files. True
To open the Control Panel, click the Open button and then click the Control Panel link on the menu. False
The Control Panel has three views. False
The Speech Recognition Options can be access from the Ease of Access window in the Control Panel. True
Windows Firewall scans for spyware and other unwanted software. False
This is located in the System and Maintenance category of the Control Panel. Administrative Tools
This Control Panel category has the most options. Hardware and Sound
You can perform this task using the Appearance and Personalization window of the Control Panel. Adjust the screen resolution
The Ease of Access category of the Control Panel is helpful for users with a ____. vision, hearing or mobility disability
The Additional Options category in the Control Panel includes ____. specialized programs
If Classic view is selected in the Control Panel, you can change it by clicking the ____ link. Control Panel Home
The Wait text box in the Screen Saver Settings dialog box allows you to enter the number of minutes ____. before the screen saver starts
This is not a tab in the Sound dialog box. Audio
Clicking the time display in the notification area opens the ____. Date and time properties dialog box
You can display the Mouse Properties dialog box from which window in the Control Panel? Hardware and Sound
The option to "Let Windows suggest settings" is located in the ____. Ease of Access window
This is not an option in the Security Center. Windows cardspace
Installing new or updated software from a CD or DVD is a simple process that starts by ____. inserting a CD or DVD into the computer
A(n) ____ is a fix for a specific problem in the software. update
These factors are eliminated when subscribing to an SaaS application. hardware, installation fees, upkeep
The Windows ____ feature provides a system for creating relationships with Web sites and online services that use credit cards and membership cards for payment or credentials. CardSpace
To access the ____, click Programs in the Control Panel and then click Use an older program with this version of Windows. Program Compatibility Wizard
If a file cannot be read by an application, you can check it by right-clicking the filename and then clicking ____. Properties
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