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Herb 3

ZooCards Review

Zhi fu zi heart spike
Zhi chuan wu spoiled limbs
zhi cao wu kindly splat the live squirrel
gan jiang the teen stung hard
rou gui his spleen is licked
wu zhu yu lion stowed on a spit
xiao hui xiang liver stealing kidney spots
gao liang jiang stomach splendor
ding xiang kileen stomach
Hua jiao stuck spleen
Hu jiao & bi ba large stain & strain
Shu di huang cant live with this heart
Zhi he shou wu live kin
Sheng he shou wu hard to live large T
Bai shao liver spar
Gou qi zi cant live long
E jiao 3-organ bandaid
Sang shen live with a kind heart
Long yan rou Hard to spell
Ren shen sparse lung (heart)
Dang shen spending lung qi
Huang qi speedy lung
Bai zhu suffering spleen
Gan cao lunge to steal special art - all 12 meridians, can increase up to 30 g
Tai zi shen Long splash
Shan yao Kid with lung spurt
Huang jing looney splashes kidneys - good for diabetes
Da zao stressed spirit
Yi tang Starchy lung spray
Lu rong little kinky
Yin yang huo livery kid
Du zhong lively kid
Tu si zi little kid
Ge jie long cough
Dong chong xia cao lucky
Rou cong rong kidli
Suo yang large kid lies on the table
Ba ji tian crash
Bu gu zhi speedy kid
Yi zhi ren cold spots
Xian mao kick it
Gou ji killer lifts
Xu duan do you like liz or ken
Gu sui bu cant lift my leg
Sha yuan zi killer view
Zi he che long live my kidney
He tao ren catch a large lung
Nan sha shen lost shell
Bei sha shen air stream
Bai he hot air
Mai men dong thirsty lung
Xi yang shen lucky halloween
Gui ban kid in love - heart
Bie jia lift it, sport
Tian men dong luki gulp
Shi hu stuck under a vulture
Yu zhu stuffy air
Mo han lian / han lian cao cant live like this
Nu zhen zi cant lie on this test
Hei zhi ma large lincoln car
Ma huang gen Luminous photos
Fu xiao mai hearty pizza
Wu wei zi kid with hot air
Wu mei large camel sprung to life
He zi stick em in the air, asshole
Rou dou kou large earth
Bai guo clean air
Chi shi zhi large standing teen
Chun pi large stench
Shan zhu yu limp kamel
Hai piao xiao stomach kidder
Jin ying zi large lower burner stains
Lian zi neph heart spleeny
Qian shi kid with spots
Fu pen zi leaky cup
Shi liu pi large stomach bind
Contraindication for Warm Interior/Expel Cold heat/ yin deficiency - too drying; use cautiously in the summertime and for pregnancy
Herbs that are contraindicated for pregnancy in the Warm Interior/Expel Cold category Zhi Fu Zi (toxic), Chuan Wu (more toxic), Cao Wu (most toxic), Gan Jiang, Rou Gui, Hua Jiao, Hu Jiao
Incompatible with Wu Tou - Fu Zi (also Chuan Wu/Cao Wu) 4Bs & 1G (Ban Xia, Bei Mu, Bai Lian, Bai Ji, Gua Lou all parts including Tian Hua Fen)
Incompatible with Gan Cao Hai Zao, Da Ji, Yuan Hua, Gan Sui
Incompatible with Li Lu Ren Shen, Dan Shen, Sha Shen, Ku Shen, Xi Xin, Shao Yao
antagonize with Rou Gui Chi Shi Zhi
counteracted with Ding Xiang Yu Jin
organs mainly targeted in tonifying qi category lung & spleen (warm/neutral or sweet) - tonify postnatal qi
contraindication for Ren Shen can retain pathogen, do not use in steaming bone d/o, bleeding d/t heat, ascendant Liver yang, do not take with coffee or green tea, can reduce blood sugar, also incompatible with Zao Jiao
contraindication for Dang Shen can increase blood sugar, caution for excess pathogen
contraindication for Huang Qi can increase hypertension (can be used for diabetes)
contraindication for Bai Zhu internal heat from yin deficiency or thirst from exhausted fluids
contraindication for Gan Cao distension & fullness of chest and abdomen or vomiting from overabundant dampness
compare Ren Shen with Xi Yang Shen Ren Shen: replenish primary qi, generate body fluids Xi Yang Shen: nourish yin, produce jing ye
Contraindication for Shu Di Huang cloying (Chen Pi & Sha Ren to reduce cloying), contraindicated in qi stagnation and profuse phlegm, fullness and pain in the abdomen, reduced appetite and diarrhea
Contraindcation for He Shou Wu phlegm retention, spleen qi deficiency, stay away from spices
Contraindication for Dang Gui diarrhea or abdominal fullnes due to abundant dampness
Contraindication for Bai Shao Li Lu, yang deficient cold signs
Contraindication for Gou Qi Zi not as cloying but caution with Spleen deficiency and dampness
organs primarily targeted by herbs that tonify the yang kidneys (regulates adrenal cortex, regulation of energy metabolism, promotion of sexual functions, promotion of growth, strengthening of resistance)
Contraindication for Lu Rong start with low dose and slowly increase, can injure the yin, use with Gou Qi Zi to balance hot nature
Contraindication for Yin Yang Huo, Du Zhong, Tu Si Zi yin deficiency
Hai Ma vs Hai Shen Hai Ma - kidney/liver - herbal viagra Hai Shen - kidney/heart
Ma Huang vs Ma Huang Gen Ma Huang - release exterior, promote sweating Ma Huang Gen - inhibit sweating, bind Lung qi
Long Gu Liver Kid on Harley
Mu Li Captain Lie
Ci Shi Live Catch
Zhen Zhu Lifted Heart
Hu Po Blurry Heart Lives
Zhu Sha Heart
Sheng Tie Luo calm liver, sedate spirit
Suan Zao Ren Good Heart Lives Spiteful
Bai Zi Ren Catch a Large High
Yuan Zhi Lung Hit
Ye Jiao Teng Healthy Living
He Huan Pi Happiness Lives
Ling Zhi Help yourself to Life's Luxuries
Shi Chang Pu Healthy Sensory Store
Bing Pian Looking at Special Heirlooms
Su He Xiang Hey Spirit
She Xiang Head first at Light Speed
Niu Huang Hearty Lift
An Xi Xiang open orifices, move qi and blood, promote movement, alleviate pain
Shi Jue Ming Litte abalone Catcher
Gou Teng Perilous Quiver
Tian Ma Law enforcement
Ling Yang Jiao Lazy Hound
Ci Ji Li Liver River
Di Long Splash Liquid on a Lone Blaze
Quan Xie License to Drive
Wu Gong License to Drive
Bai Jiang Can Air Litter
Dai Zhe Shi Live to Party Hearty
Shi Jun Zi Starving Spleen
Bing Lang Stomach Plunge
Ku Lian Pi Mid Line
Nan Gua Zi "pumpkin seed" kill parasites, benefit postpartum fluid metabolism (safest to take, LI/ST)
He Shi "carpesium fruit" SP/ST, kill parasites, alleviate pain
Da Suan "Garlic" kill parasites, alleviate pain, disperse abscess, reduce swelling, resolves toxicity, warm stomach, augment spleem, move qi, reduce stagnation
Chang Shan malaria disorder, induce vomiting to expel phlegm
Guan Zhong kill parasites (pesticide), clear heat, detoxicate, cool blood, stop bleeding (charred)
Liu Huang Large Pesky Kritters
Bai Fan Large Lunatic with Liver Spots
She Chuang Zi Coconut crotch
Lu Gan Shi Still Living
Xiong Huang detoxify, kill parasites, external use, dry dampness, expel phlegm, for malaria
Pao Jiang quick fried ginger root - more effective in low ab pain than gan jiang but main actions is to warm channels, stop bleeding
antagonize with Ci Shi Mu Dan Pi
Incompatible with Liu Huang Mang Xiao
Preparation for Zhi Fu Zi, Chuan Wu cook 30 - 60 m before adding other herbs
Preparation for E Jiao dissoved then added to decocted herbs
Preparation for Gui Ban cook 30 - 45 m early
Preparation for Shi Hu precook
Preparation for Xi Yang Shen cooked separately (used in the summertime while use Dang Shen in the wintertime)
Preparation for Long Gu and Mu Li precook
Preparation forr Gou Teng no more than 20 min
Preparation for Ling Yang Jiao by itself for 2 hours (0.3 -0.6 g powder)
Preparation for Wu Gong /Quan Xie decocted; 0.6 -1 g powder
Preparation for Bai Jiang Can decocted 1-1.5 g powder
Preparation for Bai Fan 0.6 - 1.5 g powder
Preparation for Rou Gui add towards the end of decoction
Created by: dmgrace