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Vocabulary-Free Rice

noctambulism sleepwalking
consternation dismay
bigotry prejudice
eon long time
gushy overly sentimental
sufferance toleration
seedy shabby
folksy homespun
allege assert
incendiary inflammatory
pedigree lineage
verbatim word for word
aficionado avid follower
hyperbole exaggeration
navel bellybutton
impiety irreverence
fabulist storyteller
stipulate specify
ramification consequence
retrograde backward
tubercle nodule
gale tempest
prerogative priviledge
indolent lazy
juxtapose put side by side
debacle fiasco
antic caper
encumbrance burden
avouch affirm
expeditiously efficiently
crotchety irritable
tryst rendevous
lionize glorify
tutelage guardianship
haberdashery men's clothing store
cerulean sky-blue
porcine piggish
languid sluggish sluggish
firebrand agitator
conscript draftee
cowl hood
moppet child
alameda tree-shaded walkway
lampoon satirize
idyll pastoral scene
autolysis self-digestion
contingent successful
tuffet footstool
monomania obsession
minutia detail
galvanize move
misbegotten illegitimate
predilection preference
parsonage rectory
gauche crude
Created by: vm9222