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Vocab Test 8

Meier's test

opportunist takes advantage of the situation
ostentatious exaggerated display
pervasive spreading throughout
placate to still
predilection to need specifically
presumptuous rude, arrogant
quandary puzzle, dilemma
rebuff blunt, abrupt, rejection
relegate to assign to a lower position
reprove to scold
resign to quit or give in
savory pleasing to the sense of of taste, or herb
scrutinize to look at critically
somber gloomy or melancholy in character, dimness
stoic seeming unaffected, no emotion
sycophant use of flattery, brown nosing
tentative hesitant
torpid hot and humid
turbulence state of violent disturbance and disorder
unprecedented never having happened before
vacillation undecided, to move back and forth
vagrant no house or job
virtuouso master at as a skill
volatile explosive sudden changes
zealot fanatic
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