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cla level9+extra

示威 shìwēi demonstrate; demonstration; show of force
mà swear (at), curse (at), abuse (verbally), call names; scold, rebuke, condemn, reproach, chide, bawl out, tell (sb) off
bìng and; moreover; at the same time
并且 bìngqiě and, besides, furthermore, moreover, what's more
当时 dāngshí at that time, then
陆军 lùjūn army, ground force
空军 kōngjūn air force
相同 xiāngtóng identical, alike
反对 fǎnduì object to, be opposed to, be against; objection(s), opposition
脖子 bózi the neck; the neck (of a vessel, e.g., a vase)
脊梁 jǐliang the back, backbone (of a human or any other vertebrate)
tù vomit, throw up, retch; give up against one's will, give unwillingly, cough up, disgorge
心脏 xīnzàng {physiology} the heart; {metaphor} the heart, the centre
回锅肉 huíguōròu twice-cooked pork
茄子 qiézi eggplant, solanum melongena (the plant or its edible part)
环境 huánjìng environment, surroundings; ambience, climate
污染 wūrǎn pollute, contaminate; pollution, contamination (literally or figuratively)
严重 yánzhòng serious, severe
主要 zhǔyào main, chief, major, essential, principal, primary
空气 kōngqì air; atmosphere; rumour
江河湖海 jiāng-hé-hú-hǎi rivers, lakes, and oceans
食品 shípǐn food, foodstuffs, groceries, provisions
噪音 zàoyīn noise
生效 shēngxiào {law, admin} come or go into force, take effect, become effective
限制 xiànzhì restrict, limit; restriction, limit, limitation
温室气体 wēnshì qìtǐ greenhouse gases
排放量 páifàngliàng the amount of emissions
工作人员 gōngzuò rényuán working personnel, staff; employee(s)
再利用 zàilìyòng reuse, recycle
zhàn occupy; account for, make up, constitute; seize, take by force
目前 mùqián (at) present, presently
三废 sānfèi the three wastes (gas, water and industrial waste)
排放量 páifàngliàng the amount of emissions
废水 fèishuǐ waste water
废弃 fèiqì abandon, discard, scrap, cast aside
废渣 fèizhā waste residue, dross
大气 dàqì atmosphere; heavy breathing; magnanimous
提倡 tíchàng promote, advocate, encourage
上下班 shàngxiàbān to and from work, going on and off duty, starting and leaving work
保护 bǎohù protect, safeguard, preserve
保护环境 bǎohù huánjìng protect the environment
抱怨 bàoyuàn complain, grumble
正常 zhèngcháng normal
噪音 zàoyīn noise
人类 rénlèi mankind, humanity
造成 zàochéng create, cause, give rise to, bring about, result in
追求 zhuīqiú pursue (like the truth, fame); court, chase after (like a girl)
利润 lìrùn profit
处理 chǔlǐ process, handle, deal with; treat by special process, subject to a chemical etc. procedure; sell at lowered prices
废水 fèishuǐ waste water
排放 páifàng lay/place in proper order; (of pollutants) emission(s); discharge, dispose of, dump (pollutants, waste); ovulate, fertilize (of animals)
空调 kōngtiáo air conditioning; air conditioner
消耗 xiāohào consume, use up, deplete; consumption, depletion
能源 néngyuán source of energy, energy
温室气体 wēnshì qìtǐ greenhouse gases
地球 dìqiú the earth, the globe
暖化 nuǎnhuà {TW usage} warming
砍伐 kǎnfá fell (trees)
沙漠化 shāmòhuà desert encroachment, desertification
解决 jiějué (re)solve, settle, overcome; dispose of, eliminate, wipe out (e.g., the enemy)
增强 zēngqiáng become more, grow, increase (in quantity/number); strengthen, reinforce, enhance, heighten
意识 yìshi consciousness, mentality, awareness, ideas; (as a verb, usually followed by dào 到) be conscious of, be aware of, realize
采用 cǎiyòng use, adopt
技术 jìshù skill, technique, technology
治理 zhìlǐ rule, govern, administrate, run; harness, bring under control; good government
可再生能源 kězàishēng néngyuán renewable energy
水源 shuǐyuán headwaters; source of water, water supply
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