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Vocab 5-8 gilbert

vocab 5-8

indisputable beyond doubt
red herring something that draws attention away
substantiate to support with evidence
dupe to fool someone
fallacy a false belief
infer to draw a conclusion
apologist a person who defends an idea
dissuade to discourage someone
refute to prove wrong
imply to suggest indirectly
accolade an embrace
adulation to flatter
anathema greatly avoided
commend to give approval
critique a detailed review
eulogy a tribute
homage publically expressed honor or respect
laudable to praise
quibble to argue about something unimportant
reproach to criticize
pugnacious eager to fight
decomposition process of breaking down
pulverize to grind into powder
eradicate pulling up by the roots
stagment still and foul
havoc chaos;destruction
blight causes harm or ruin
mar to damage or spoil
cataclysm a violent upheaval
oliterate to wipe out
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