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From My Test Book

A sphygmomanometer is a device that measures what? Blook pressure
Q-angle of >25* may predispose an ath to what postural deviation? Excessive genu varus, excessive genu valgus, genu recurvatum, coxa valgus, coxa vara Excessive genu valgus
All the folloing are factors of LE overuse syndromes in runners except: poor footwear, poor posture, change in surface, short strides short strides
During a PPE physical, physican comes across a basketball player with: tall with armspan greater than height, pectus carinatum or excavatum, high-arched palate, and myopia. What is a probable diagnosis? Marfan Syndrome
Ath pulmonary function test via spirometry. What is the maximum amount of air that can be expired after a maximum inspiration called? Vital Capacity
During a PPE, an ath is diagnosed with myopia. What is the athletes problem? nearsightedness
All of the following are functions of the liver but:carb metabolism, detoxification of blood, protien synthesis, detoxification of the urine, bile production Detoxification of Urine
One method of estimating body fat has been through the use of skin-fold measurements at 4 sites, which include all but: biceps, triceps, suprailiac, suprascapular, non of the above Suprascapular-skin fold measurements usually t aken from biceps, triceps, suprailiac, and subscapular areas
In hot, wet enviornments, the ath, ability to adjust to significatnly increase Cardiovascular workload is limited by: hypoxia, hypervolemia, dehydration, hypernatremia, inability to disappate heat by evaporation inability to disappate heat-ability to dissipate heat is severly limited in hot, humid enviornment because evaporation cannot occur unless volumes of dry air are available to absorb the water vapor given off
When tsting physical conditioning of ath, coach askes the ath to spring 50 yards, What does this test?Aerobic endurance, vital capacity, LE power, power, anaerobic capacity anaerobic capacity-running short distances stimulates the breat down of phosphocreatine into phosphorus and creatinine in muscle and glycogen &glucose to breakdown to lactic acid, allowing muscles to do work for short durations of time
Created by: jwebst1