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Pathology qt2

Disease names, symptoms

Myastenia Gravis (MG)-symptoms/cause •Autoimmune disease reaction that destroys acetycholine (nicotinic) receptors in the neuromuscular junction. This causes muscular weakness or paralysis.Postsynaptic membrane disease. Proximal (skeletal) muscle weakness worse in the evening. Ex.Ptosis(pup
Myastenia Gravis(MG)- treatment No Pain, Yes functioning reflexes and senses. Positive Tensilon test proves the existence of the condition for the Tensilon Test, an artificial Acetylcholine esterase inhibitor is administered to allow AcH more time at the cleft. RX: steroids to suppress
Lambert-Eaton Syndrome (aka Myastenia Syndrome) Autoimmune disease reaction. blocks calcium channels inhibiting neurotransmitter release. Pre synaptic membrane disease. Proximal muscle weakness and pain improves with contraction (so it is worse after rest) Ex: blurry or double vision. reflex reduced.
Lambert-Eaton Syndrome (aka Myastenia Syndrome)-treatment Negative Tensilon test confirms that it is not MG. Chest x ray for a possible lung malignancy. Antibodies to calcium channel Incremental response in repetitive nerve stimulation
Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) A demyelinating disease of the CNS (goes and comes) Affects motor and sensory. Initial paralysis then normality due to remyelination but progressively worse (symptoms depend on the location of the demyelination; ex. brain, sc, optic)Not reversible,no cure
Botulism Food borne/canned foods/ honey Bacteria:clostridium bolutinum *Neurotoxin *inhibits AcH at peripheral cholinergic synapses A pre-synaptic problem. paralysis+ and GI- nausea, vomiting, diarrhea more common in babies. Dilated, fixed pupils, descending pa
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