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invig Blood Fx

formulas to invigorate Blood

Blood buidl up in Lower Burner caused by Blood stasis/ Heat accumulation tao he cheng qi tang
acute low abdom px, smooth urination, night fevers, delirious speech, irritability, restlessness/thirst, manic behavior, dysmenorrhea/amenorrhea P: submerged, full, choppy tao he cheng qi tang
tao ren, da huang, gui zhi, mang xiao, zhi gan cao tao he cheng qi tang
blood stass in mansion of blood w/ impairment of blood flow above diaphragm xue fu zhu yu tang
px in chest/hypochondria, chronic, stubborn h/a w/ fixed piercing quality, chronic, incessant hiccup, chokin sensation when drinking, dry heaves, depression/low spirits, warmth in chest, palps, insomia,irritable, mood swings, evng tidal fvr, purple lips xue fu zhu yu tang
tao ren, hong hua, chuan xiong, dang gui, chi shao, niu xi, chai hu, jie geng, zhi ke, sheng di, gan cao xue fu zhu yu tang
cold from (+/-) leading to stasis shao fu zhu yu tang
blood stasis in low abdom d/t cold, palpable masses w/ or w/o px, low abdom distn/low back px, low abdom distn during menses freq menstruation w/ dark purple blood, abdom uterine bleeding w/ low abdom soreness/px, intertility shao fu zhu yu tang
blood stasis that obstructs the vessels that serve low abdom shi xiao san
irreg menses, dysmenorrhea, retention of lochia, postpartum abdom px, acute, colicky px in lower abdom, sev px in mid abdom/ epigastric px shi xiao san
wu ling zhi, pu huang shi xiao san
accumulation of dry bl, emaciation, loss of appetite, rough, dry scaly skin, dull/dark appearance of eyes, amenorrhea, tidal fever Da huang zhe chong wan
Qi (-) leading to Bl stasis obstructing chnls Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang
sequale of windstroke, hemiplegia, paralysis, atrophy of lower limbs, facial paralysis, slurred speech, drooling, dry stools, frequent urination/urinary incontinence, atrophy. T: wht coat P: moderate Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang
Blood stasis & Qi stag in middle burner Dan Shen Yin
abdom/ epi px radiate upward accompanied by sign/symptoms of Bl stasis/Qi stag Dan Shen Yin
Restless fetus disorder d/t Bl stasis in womb gui zhi fu ling wan
mild, persistent uterine bleeding, purple/dark bl during pregnancy w/ abdom px worse w/ psr. immoblie masses, lower abdom spasms & tension, amemorrhea w/ abdom distn/px, retention of lochia gui zhi fu ling wan
gui zhi, fu ling, shao yao, mu dan pi, tao ren gui zhi fu ling wan
bl stasis in womb d/t cold taking advantage of (-) of normal qi/bl during postpartum period and entering abdom sheng hua tang
retention of lochia w/ cold/px in low abdom sheng hua tang
dan gui, chaun xiong, tao ren, pao jiang, zhi gan cao sheng hua tang
cold from (-) of ren/chong w/ stasis wen jing tang
mild, persistent uterine bleeding, irreg menses (late/early), extended/continuous menstrual flow, bleeding between periods,px, disnt, cold in low abdom, infertility, dry lips, mouth, lgf @ dusk, warm plam/soles wen jing tang
wu zhy yu, gui zhi, dang gui, chuan xong, shao yao, e jiao, mai men dong, mu dan pi, ren shen, gan cao, sheng jiang, zhi ban xia wen jing tang
Invigorate Blood due to injury Qi li San
buising, swelling, px from trauma, broken bones, torn sinews, bleeding d/t lacerations qi li san
deficient protective Qi yi ping feng san
aversion to drafts spontaneious sweating, recurrent colds, shiny, pale complextion. T: pale, white coat P: floating, defiienct soft yu ping feng san
spontaneous sweat d/t unstable wei qi and night sweats due to constrained heat in nutritive level mu li san
spont sweat worse at night, palps, easliy startled, sob, irritable, general debility, lethargy T: pale-red, P: thin, frail mu li san
duan m li, huang qi, ma huang, fu xiao mai mu li san
Sp/Ki yang (-) w/ chronic diarrhea/dysentery zhen ren yang zang tang
chronic diarrhea/dysenteri disorder, unremitting diarrhea to pt of incontinence, prolapsed rectum, diarrhea w/ pus/blood, tenesmus, mild persistent abdom px responds to warmth/pressure, lethargy, wan complexion, reduced appetite, LB soreness zhen ren yang zang tang
cold from (-) of Sp/K w/ insufficient fire @ gate of vitality si shen wan
cock crow diarrhea, lack of interest in food, inability to digest, sorenes of low back w/ cold limbs, fatigue, lethargy, abdom px T: pale, twc, P: submerged, slow, forceless si shen wan
K(-) leading to instability of gate of exxense jin suo gu jing wan
chronic spermatorrhea, impotence, fatigue, weaness, sore/weak limbs, LBP, tinnitus T: pale, white coat P: thin, frail jin suo gu jing wan
chao sha yuan zi, qian shi, lian xu, duan long gu, duan mu li, lian zi jin suo gu jing wan
Ht/K (-) Sang piao xiao san
freq. urine to pt o incontinence, rice water urine, spermatorrhea, disorientation, forgetfulness, T: pale, wht coat P: thin, slow, frail Sang Piao Xiao San
cold from K(-) suo quan wan
freq clear prolonged urination/ enuresis, childrens enuresis, neruosis, copious runny nose T: pale, white coat, P submerged frail suo quan wan
heat penetratin chong/ren causing reckless movement of Blood gu jing wan
cont menstruation/uterine bleeding that alternates between trickling/gushing blood, very red blood, maybe dark, purple clots, heat/irritability in chest, abdominal px, dark urine T: red P: rapid, wiry gu jing wan
zhi gui ban, chao bai shao,chao huang qin, chun pi, chao huang bai, xiang fu gu jing wan
SP (-) w/ damp and LQS Wan Dai Tang
profuse vag dischg that is white, pale yellow, think, not very foul smelling and usually continuous, fatigue, lethergy, shine-pale complexion, loose stool wan dai tang
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