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Shamwell R & J Lit

Literary terms quiz

The introductory section of a play in which characters, time, place, and situation are presented exposition
a speech given by a character alone on the stage in which he/she shares his/her innermost thoughts solioquy
a main division in a drama act
the term used to describe words or phrases that appeal to the five senses imagery
a figure of speech that states a comparison between two unlike things using the words like or as simile
a brief remark made by a character and intended to be heard by the audience but not by the other characters aside
"Jocund day stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops" is an example of which technique? Personification
"She'll not be hit with Cupid's arrow" is an example of which technique? allusion
"An honorable villian" is an example of which technique? oxymoron
a small uint of a play in which there is no shift in location or time scene
a humorous scene or speech in a serious drama which is meant to provide a break from the emotional intensity comic relief
five iambic units in one line iambic pentameter
when the audience knows what the characters do not dramatic irony
"It is the East and Juliet is the sun" is an example of what? a metaphor
A hint of what is to come in the story foreshadowing
the hero or main character protagonist
the villian antagonist
the point of highest emotion climax
the final outcome resolution
"Now old desire doth in his deathbed lie" is an example of what? alliteration
a play in which the protagonist meets with defeat or death tragedy
Created by: sshamwell