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R & J Final

Shamwell's final

Who fights to preserve the Capulet name? Tybalt
Who banishes Romeo from Verona? Prince Escalus
Who carries messages between lovers? Nurse
Who receives confessions of lovers? Friar Laurence
Who apologizes to parents for disobedience? Juliet
Who promises to erect a statue of Juliet? Lord Montague
Who dies by Tybalt's sword? Mercutio
Who fails to reach Romeo with a letter? Friar John
Who seeks parental consent to marry? Paris
Who dies from drinking poison? Romeo
According to Romeo, which of the following does NOT describe love: a. a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes b. roses blooming in lovers' cheeks c. a sea nourished with lovers' tears d. smoke made with the fume of sighs b. roses blooming in lovers' cheeks
When Romeo sees Juliet on her balcony, he compares her to what? a rose
Romeo says he received advice from what or whom? Love
When the nurse tells Juliet that Romeo killed Tybalt, what is her first response? She feels deceived: "O, how can he hide such an evil heart with such a beautiful face!"
Why does Romeo agree to attend the Capulet feast? He goes because he has read the guest list and he knows that Rosaline will be there.
Why does the priest agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? Because he thinks it will end the feud.
Why does Mercutio curse BOTH the house of the Capulets and the house of the Montagues? Because when he was fighting Tybalt, Romeo tried to stop them and he got in the way; therefore, Tybalt got the advantage and stabbed Mercutio.
What happens to Romeo before the Capulet party that scares him? He has a dream that something bad will happen due to his attendance at the party.
Created by: sshamwell



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