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Investing - Unit 3

Investing - Stocks

Companies that do not issue stock Private Companies
Companies that issue stock to investors Public Companies
An investment banker underwrites the inital offering of stock Initial Public Offering
An informational booklet about the companies financial information Prospectus
Shares of ownership in a public corporation that have voting rights and can pay dividends Common Stock
Shares which pay fixed dividends, no voting rights, and dividends are stated as a fixed percentage Preferred Stock
Price per share / Earnings per share Price/Earnings Ratio
Measures a stocks volatitilty compared to overall changes in the stock market Beta
Consistent record of rapid growth and earnings Growth Stocks
Represents the technology sector including wireless communication, data, software, etc Tech Sector
Pays higher than average dividends income Stocks
Influenced by changes in the economic cycle Cyclical Stocks
Provide consisetent returns even when the economy is suffering Countercyclical Stocks
Companies with potential for substantial earnings Speculative Stocks
Nationally recognized companies with long records of profit and dividend payments Blue Chip Stocks
Over $5 Billion Market Cap large Cap
$1 to $5 Billion Market Cap Mid Cap
Under $250 Million Market Cap Small Cap
Dow Jones, Standard & Poor's 500, National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotations 3 Basic Market Indicators
Tracks the 30 leading Industrial Blue Chip Stocks Dow
Covers market activity for 500 stocks S&P 500
More accurate than Dow because it evaluates a greater variety S&P 500
Monitors fast moving Tech Companies NASDAQ
Monitors speculative stocks, shows dramatic ups and downs NASDAQ
The market is doing well, investors are optimistic and purchasing stocks Bull Market
The market is doing poorly, investors are not purchasing stocks or selling stocks Bear Market
Brokers buy and sell stocks New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, Regional Stock Exchanges, NASDAQ
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