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cla level 8

伊拉克 Yīlākè Iraq
侵略 qīnlüè aggression, invasion; to commit aggression against, invade
邻国 línguó neighbouring country
科威特 Kēwēitè Kuwait (the nation or its capital)
多国部队 duōguó bùduì {mil} multinational forces/troops
赶出 gǎnchū drive out, expel
推翻 tuīfān overthrow, topple; repudiate, cancel
政权 zhèngquán political power, state power; regime; organs of political power, state organs
指控 zhǐkòng accuse, charge, censure; accusation, charge
储存 chǔcún stockpile, store; deposit in a bank; put away
生物 shēngwù living things; biological, bio-
化学武器 huàxué wǔqì chemical weapons
大规模杀伤性武器 dàguīmó shāshāngxìng wǔqì weapons of mass destruction
威胁 wēixié threat; menace; threaten
军事 jūnshì military affairs; military
手段 shǒuduàn method, means; {pej} trick
解除 jiěchú resolve and eliminate; relieve, remove
武装 wǔzhuāng military equipment; armed forces; arm, supply with arms
联合国 Liánhéguó United Nations
派出 pàichū send out, dispatch
检查团 jiǎnchátuán inspection party
发动 fādòng start, launch, set into action; rouse, mobilize; start up, turn on (a machine); labour pains
战争 zhànzhēng war, warfare
海湾 hǎiwān gulf, bay; Persian gulf
部署 bùshǔ deploy (personnel, responsibility etc.)
海军陆战队 hǎijūn lùzhànduì the Marine Corps; the Marines
彻底 chèdǐ thorough(ly)
消灭 xiāomiè eliminate, exterminate; abolish; destroy; perish, die out
基地 jīdì base (like military, industrial); Al Qaeda (Islamic international terrorist group)
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