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OM Internal D Final

Obstetric Disease

pathologyclinical ManifestationTongue/PulseTx planHerbal TxHerbal ModificationAcu Tx
Morning sickness -Liv & St disharmony vomit of bitter or sour regur, epig fullness & freq belching & sighning, hypochon pain, mental depress, dizzy & eye distension, chest congest, short temper, constipa w/ dry stool, concentrate dark urine T. yellow t/c P. wiry slippery disperse Liv Qi stag & harmo st Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang - Liv14, (REN12, ST36), (GB34, Liv3), (Pc6, Ren13, 10), SJ6, ST34, KD21
Threatened Miscarriage -Kd essence Def threatened miscarriage early in pregnancy,small amount of bleeding during pregnancy,sli pain of L.abdm during pregnancy,L.back pain, bearing down feel of L.abdm, dizzy, tinnitus, freq urine w/ clear water, drib of urine after urinate, enuresis T.pale w/ white slippery t/c P. deep weak or T. red w/o t/c P. Superf empty p. tonify Kd & calm fetus Shou Tai Wan -incontinece of urine in severe case add: Yi Zhi Ren, Fu Pen Zhi -def Kd Yang add: Ba Ji Tian, Yin Yang Huo, Xian Mao, He Shou Wu -abdm pain severe in danger of miscarriage add: Sheng Ma, Huang Qi (UB20, 23, KD3, DU20, REN12, ST36, Qimen)
Threatened Miscarriage -Qi & Blood Def threatened miscarriage toward end of 3 m., con scanty bleeding marked by light red & thin, distend pain at L.abdm & back, general weakness, palpitation, SOB, pale face T. pale t. w/ thin white t/c P. feeble thready p. tonify & raise qi, nourish blood, stabilize KD & calm fetus Tai Yuan Yin - (St36, REN12), (UB20, 23), (UB17, 18, LIv8)
Threatened Miscarriage -blood heat Threatened Miscarriage early in term, scanty vaginal bleeding in deep red, bearing down sensation w/ distend pain of l.abdm & back, fidget, irri, dry mouth & throat, thirst, scanty yellow urine, constipation T. red t. yellow dry t/c P. slippery rapid p. clear heat, cool blood, nourish blood, calm fetus Bao Yin Jian -severe bleeding add: Bai Mao Gen, Han Lian Cao, Qian Cao Gen -increse fetus calming add: Sang Ji Sheng, Du Zhong Liv2, (LI11, SP10, UB17), Sp1, (KD2, Liv3)
Threatened Miscarriage -trauma or fall Threatened Miscarriage following a fall or truama, distend & bearing down of L.abdm, abdm pain, scanty vaginal bleeding T. normal or sli purple t. P. weak slippery p. tonify Qi, harmonize blood, consolidate Ren & Chong Vessels & calm fetus Sheng Yu Tang add: Sang Ji Sheng, Tu Si Zi, Xu Duan -severe vaginal bleeding add: Ai Ye, E Jiao -severe abdm pain due to blood stag w/ purple t. add: Pu Huang, Wu Ling Zhi (Du20, REN12), (Pc6, SP10), (KD6, LU7), Du3
Vulva Pruritus -Damp heat in Liv chnl itching vulva or vaginal area, leukorrheaor purulent yellow or cloudy milky discharge w/ fetid odor, fidget, insomnia, bitter taste, chest congest, anorexia T. yellow greasy t/c P. wiry rapid dispel damp heat, clear Liv & relieve skin itching Bi Xie Shen Shi Tang add: Cang Zhu, Ku Shen, Bai Xian Pi -vulva itch, lot of discharge,fidget, chest & hypoch pain, bitter taste, dark scan urine, constip, red t. yellow t/c & wiry p. cuz of damp heat accu at Liv chnl use: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang (Ren3, 2), Liv5, 4, Sp6,9, UB32
Vulva Pruritus -Liv & Kd Yin def vulva dryness, burning sli itching at genital area, vaginal discharge w/ scanty amount of yellow/bloody color. five center heat, dizzy, vergito, freq hot flush, dry mouth w/o desire to drink, tinnitus, lumbar soreness T. red t. scanty t/c & thready rapid p. nourish Kd Yin, tonify Liv & Kd & dispel internal fire Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan add: Dang Gui, Bai Xian Pi, He Shou Wu - (Ren4, Liv8, Sp6, Kd3), (Lu7, Kd6), Liv5, Ren3
Infertility -Kd Yang Def sterility for many years, delay mens, hypomens, pale red of mens flow, sometime amenorrhea, lusterlessfacial complex, back soreness, weak knee, low sexual drive, clear urine, loose stool T. pale swollen t. white t/c P. deep thready or deep slow p. warm up ld yang, tonify qi, nourish blood & regulate Chong & Ren chnl Yu Lin Zhu -cold pain at l.abdm & lumbar pain add: Ba Ji Tian, Bu Gu Zhi, Yin Yang Huo, Xian Mao Kd13, (Kd3, UB23, 52, Ren4, Du4), (Lu7, Kd6), Ren8
Infertility -Kd Yin Def sterility for many year, early mens or delay mens, hypomen, red mens flow w/o clot, body emaciation, back soreness, weak knee, dizzy, blur vision, insomnia, palpitation, fidget, irri, dry mouth, low grade fever in afternoon T. red t., scanty t/c P. thready rapid p. nourish Yin, Nourish Blood, strengthenChong & Ren chnl & strengthenKd essence Yang Jing Zhong Yu Tang Variation -emacation, five center heat & tidal fever add: Mu Dan Pi, Di Gu Pi, Huang Bai, Gui Ban (Ren4, 7, Kd3, Sp6), Kd13, (LU7, Kd6), UB52
Infertility -Liv Qi stag sterility for many year, irre mens, abdm pain before or during mens period, hypomen, dark red color of mens flow w/ some clot, breast distend, emo depress, anger, fidget T. normal or dark red t. P. thin white t/c P. wiry sooth Liv qi, releive qi stag, nourish blood, strengthensp & regulate period Kai Yu Zhong Yu Tang -hypochon distension & fullness add: Qing Pi (Liv3, GB34, SJ6), (Pc6, Ren6, Kd14), (Sp4, Pc6), Ren4
Infertility -damp phlegm accu sterility for many years, obesity, delay mens, sometime amenorrhea, profuse leucorrheaw/ thick sticky discharge,pale face, dizzy, nausea T. white greasy t/c P. slippery dry up damp, resolve phlegm, regulate qi flow, regulate Chong & Ren Chnl Qi Gong Wan -hypermen due to weak astringentfunct of Kd add: Haung Qi, Xu Duan -Palpitation add: Yuan Zhi (Ren3, Zigong), (ST28, Sp9, 6, Ren9), (Lu7, Kd6), (ST30, Kd14, UB32), (GB41, SJ5)
Infertility -blood stag sterility for many year, delay mens, hyper or hypo mens, dark purple color of mens flow w/ clot, pain mens, l.abdm pain w/ mark tender T. purple t. w/ purple spot P. wiry or choppy p. activate blood circulation, remove blood stag, regulate Chong & Ren chnl Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang - (Liv3, GB34), (UB17, SP10, SP6, Pc6), (SJ6, REN6), REN4, (Sp4, Pc6), (Kd14, ST29), (Kd6, Lu7)
Morning sickness -Sp & St Def nausea & vomit of clear fluid, reduce appe w/ feel surfeit after eat very little, belching, sometime vomit right after eat, full distend feel in chest, lassitude T. slippery P. weak p. first trimester strengthen Sp, harmo St, lower adverse flow of Qi Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang - (REN13, 11), REN12, (ST36, UB20, 21), (SP4, Pc6)
Created by: djraspberry