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OM Internal D Final


PathologyClinical ManisfestationTongue/PulseTx PlanHerbal TXHerbal ModificationAcu Tx
Kd Yang Def plenty amount of clear vaginal discharge w/ thin watery quality, con discharge,back sorness, cold pain at L.abdm, freq urine, loose stool T. pale swollen, thin white t/c P. deep weak slow warm up Kd Yang, strengthenKd Qi & relieve leukorrhea Nei Bu Wan -loose stool add: Bu Gu Zi, Rou Dou Kou (UB23, REN4, KD13), (ST36, KD3, SP6), (DU20, GB26)
Kd Yin Def thick vaginal discharge w/ mix of white & red color, no odor, burning sensation at externalgenital, h/a, dizzy, hot flush, five center heat, fidget, insomnia, dreaming, yellow urine T. red t. scanty t/c P. thready rapid nourish Kd Yin, dispel heat, relieve leucorrhea Zhi Bai Di Haung Wan add: Jin Ying Zi, Qian Shi - (REN4, KD13, 14), (LU7, KD6), (SP6, KD3), DU20
damp heat accu plenty amount of yellow vaginal discharge w/ thick sticky quality. foul odor, chest discom, sticky saliva, poor appe, low abdm pain, sometime white greasy curdy discharge,vulvar, pruritus, scanty urine T. thick yellow greasy t/c P. moderate soft rapid dispel damp-heat Zhi Dai Fan -yellow or yellow green discharge w/ sticky or foamy quality, foul odor & itching genital due to damp-heat affect Liv chnl use: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang (GB26, UB32, REN3, UB33, UB30), (SP6,9, UB22), (Liv5, SP10, LI11)
heat toxin profuse amount of white red vaginal discharge w/ thick sticky quality, sometim prurulent discha,foul odor, feel heat, l.abdm pain, fidget, dry m & thirst but not much drink water, burn, itch vulva, hypermens or extend mens period, yellow scan urine, const T. red t. w/ thick sticky dry yellow t/c P. slippery rapid or rapid dispel heat & detoxify heat toxin Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin -external wash: She Chuan Zi, Ming Fan, Ku Shen, Bai Bu (SP6, 9, Ren3), (LI11, SP10, KD2, LIV3), (UB34, UB22)
Liv Qi Stag profuse amount of white yellow, sticky vaginal discharge w/o odor, depress, hypochon pain, irri T. Sli red on side P. wiry regulate Qi, remove stag, smooth Liv & strengthenSp Variation of Xiao Yao San - (SJ6, GB34, Liv3), (Liv5, UB18), (UB20, ST36, SP6, 9), (GB41, SJ5, GB26)
Sp Def white, sli yellow discharge w/ sli thick quality, no odor, con discharge,pale face or sallow appearance, poor appe, loose stool, foot edema, T. pale white greasy t/c P. moderate weak tonify Sp, tonify Qi, ascend Yang Qi & dispel damp Wan Dai Tang -for pain & feel cold in L.abdm add: Wu Yao, Xiao Hui Xiang, Pao Jiang -persistentvagina discharge add: Jin Ying Zi, Long Gu, Qian Shi, Hai Piao Xiao _thick yellow discharge due to heat transf from damp accu use: Yi Huang Tang (Ren12, ST36, SP3, UB20), (SP6, SP9, UB22), (DU20, GB26), (REN4,6), (REN3, UB32)
Created by: djraspberry