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OM Internal D Final

Menopausal Syndrome

PathologyClinical manifestationTongue/PulseTx planHerbal TxHerbal ModificationAcu Tx
KD Yang Def hypermens, abnm uterine bleeding, aching & weak of Lback & knee, edema of L.limbs, aver to cold, cool limbs, loose stool, freq urination,enuresis T. pale, swollen t. w/ thin white t/c P. deep fine warm & tonify Kd yang & help warm M.J. & strengthenSp Combination of You Gui Wan & Li Zhong Wan -in case of loose stool add: Rou Dou Kou (LU7, KD6), (UB23, UB52, KD3, REN4, KD7)
KD Yin & Yang Def hot flush but cold hand & feet, night sweat, ache & weak of L.back & knee, aver to cold, cool extremities, loose stool, freq pale urine, tinnitus, dry throat T. Pale or red t. P. thready rapid Superf empty or deep weak p. nourish Kd Yin, warm tonify Kd Yang & calm mind Combination of Er Xian Tang & Er Zhi Wan - (KD3, REN7, UB52, SP6), (Lu7, KD6), HT6, (REN4, UB23)
KD & HT not harmonize hot flush, palpitation, insomnia, night sweating, dizzy, tinnitus, mental restlessness, L.back pain, malar flush, night fever, poor memory, dry stool, dry throat T. red t. w/o t/c w/ red tip P. rapid or Supef empty p. nourish Kd Yin, cler def heat & calm mind -Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan -Combination of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan & Huang Lian E Jiao Tang - (LU7, KD6), (KD3, SP6, REN4, KD13), (HT6, KD7), (HT8, PC7), (REN15, DU24)
accu of Phlegm & stagnation of Qi obesity, feel oppress of chest & fullness of epigastrium, nausea, breast distention, no appetite, depress T. sli red side, sticky t/c P. wiry resolve phlegm, regulate Liv qi to remove stag Yue Ju Wan - (REN7, PC6, SJ6), (LU7, REN6), (REN10, ST40, SP6, SP9), (ST28, REN4)
Blood stasis hot flush, menopause preceded by period when mens are very irre stop for long time then start again, dark clot blood T. purple P. choppy activate qi & blood circulation, eliminate stasis & calm mind Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang - (SP4, PC6), (Kd14, SP10, UB17), REN6, PC7, (LIV3, REN4)
Kd Yin Def mens cycle is irregular, acanty amount, freq skip mens, dizzy, vertigo, five center heat, L.Back sore, dry skin & itching, dry mouth & throat, constipation T. red t. w/ scanty t/c P. thready rapid nourish Yin, enriches Kd & help to anchor Yang Zuo Gui Yin -accom w/ lv Yin Def add: Nu zhen Zi, Han Lian Cao -severe itch skin add: Chan Tui, Fang Feng, Hai Dong Pi, Yu Zhu -severe h/a, dizz, vert add: TianMa, Gou Teng, Shi Zhu Ming, Niu Xi, Sang Ji Sheng -sev insom due 2Kd&Ht not harmo add: Tian Wang Bu Xia (LU7, KD6), (KD3, SP6, KD10, REN4), (HT6, KD7), LI4
Created by: djraspberry