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OM Internal D Final

The Complication of Mens

PathologyClinical symptomTongue/PulseTx PlanHerbal TxHerbal ModificationAcupoints
Breast Distension -Liv Qi Stag painful distention of breast before mens start, breast pain intolerance if touched, irri, dysmens, oppress in chest, deep sighing, short temper T.deep red t., side is red, thin white or sli yellow t/c P. wiry or wiry rapid sooth Liv, regulate qi, eliminate stag Liv qi & releive pain Chai Hu Shu Gan San Add: Fu Ling hard mass w/ breast distension& pain use: -Xian Ku Cao, Wang Bu Liu Xing *Chest oppress w/ bitter taste in mouth, itching & pain nipl, b. disten & pain, yellow urine, const, dry throat, red dry t. w/ thin yellow t/c, wiry rapid p. Mo: Dan Zhi Xiao Yao S (Liv 3, GB34, GB41, Liv14), St18, (Sj6, Gb21, Pc6)
Breast Distension - Liv & Kd Yin Def breast disten during or after mens, dull pain, scanty mens, dry parched mouth & throat, five center heat, dry eyes, weak or pain knee T. red scanty t/c P.thready rapid nourish Kd, liv Yin & calm Liv Yi Guan Jian - (Lu7, Kd6), (Ren4, Ren7), (sp6, Kd3), (Liv3, Pc7), (Ht6, Kd2)
Fever -blood heat exubaerance Interior fever & red face before or during mens, irri, short temper, hypermens,thrist like to drink, h/a, blood short eyes, yellow urine, const T.red t. w/ yellow t/c P.sliperryrapid clear heat, cool blood & regulate mens Qing Jing San Add: Yi Mu Cao - (Li11, Sp10), (Liv2, Kd2), (Sp4, Pc6), (Ht6, Pc7), Sp1, Li4
Fever -qi & Blood Def low fever during or after mens, hypermens,spon sweat, aver to cold, SOB, laconic speech, shiny pale complex T.pale t. w/ thin white t/c P. def tonify Qi, stabilize exterior & stop sweating & nourish Ying & Blood Yu Ping Feng San Add: Dang Gui, Bai Shao - (St36, Sp6, Ren12, Ren4), (Un20, Ub21), Sj5
Headche -Blood def Dull h/a on vertex, during or after mens, dizzy, scanty mens, palpitation, insomnia, tiredness T. pale w/ thin white t/c P. choppy tonify qi & nourish blood Ba Zheng Tang if pronouce sign of Qi Def add: Huang Qi (Lu7, Kd6), (St36, Sp6), (Ren4, Liv8), (UB20, UU23, UB18)
Headche -Liv Fire severe throbbing h/a in temper, eyes, before or during mens, heavy mens, dizzy, red face & eyes, irri, thirst, short temper, pain eyes, bitter taste dry mouth & throat, const w/ dry stool, dark yellow urine T. red w/ yellow t/c P. wiry rapid enrish Yin, clear heat, sooth Liv & extinq wind -Long Dan Xie Gan Tang -Qi Ju Di Huang Wan - (Liv2, Liv3, LI4, LI11), (Sp6, Kd3), (SI3, DU20, Du16, GB20), (Tai Yang, SJ5, GB5,6,7,8,9, 43)
Headache -Blood stagnation fix piercing h/a in temple, eyes before or during mens, dark purple mens w/ clots, abdm disten & pain due to blood stag in low abdm, painful period, dislike to touch T. purple t. P. choppy or wiry regulate qi, activate blood, dispel blood stag & unblock chnl Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang - (SP4, Pc6), (Sp6, Sp10, UB17, Liv3), (GB17, Du20), (St29, Kd14)
Diarrhea -Sp Def loose stool or diarrhea during or after mens, heavy mens, sli abdm pain, poor digest, tiredness,weak of extremities, swollen face or eyelids T. pale w/ white t/c P. weak strengthen qi & sp, leach out dampness & stop diarrhea Shen Ling Bai Zhu San - (Ren12, Sp6), (Ren6, Du20), (St37, St25), (UB20, UB21)
Diarrhea -Kd def watery diarrhea during or after mens or diarrhea at dawn, weak or pain low back pain & knee, tinnitus, aver to cold, cold extremities T. pale swollen & wet t. w/ thin white t/c P. deep weak tonify & warm Kd, strengthenFire of Gate of Vitality & stop diarrhea Jian Gu Tang Add: Si Shen Wan - (UB23, UB20, Ren4), (ST25, ST37)
Diarrhea -Liv Qi stag & invade Sp diarrhea before period, pre mens tension, irri, irre period, tiredness,depression, abdm distension P. wiry pacify Lv, strengthen Sp, resolve damp & stop diarrhea Tong Xie Yao Fang - (Liv3, GB34), Liv13, (Ren12, Sp6, St36), (St37, UB18, UB20)
Urticaria -Blood Def wind rash freq come out during or after mens on the body limb, severe itch but worse at night, acanty mens, dry skin w/ pale face T. red t. w/ thin t/c P. thready rapid nourish blood & expel wind Dang Gui Yin Zhi - (Lu7, Kd6), (Ren4, Sp6, St36, Liv8), (SJ6, GB31, du14), LI11
Urticaria -wind heat red rash with severe itching during or before mens, heavy mens w/ early cycle, thirst and like to drink water, yellow urine, constipation T. red t. P. superf p. dispel wind, clear heat, harmo blood & regulate period Xiao Feng San - (Du14, SJ6, GB31), (LI11, SP10, UB17), (LU7, Kd6), (Sp6, Liv8)
Edema -Sp & Kd yang Def swollen face, generalize edema during or after period, more swollen face early in the morning, late period, full in chest, loose appe, cold limbs, abdm disten, loose stool, scanty period w/ light color, small amount urine T. swollen P. deep slow or weak warm Kd yang, strengths sp & resolve damp Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang - (UB20, UB23, Ren12, ST36, KD7), (Ren9, ST28, Sp9, UB22, Ren5), (Lu6, LI6)
Edema -Qi & blood stag edema before or during period, swollen limbs or body w/ pain, weakness, yang edema, late period w/ dark purple clots, abdm pain before period, sigh freq T. purple t. P. choppy activate qi & blood & reduce edema Ba Wu Tang - (Liv3, GB34, GB41, Liv14), (UB18, Ren6, Ren5, SJ6), Ren9, Pc6
Emotion stress -Liv Qi stag depress, uncomf mainly before mens or during mens, hypochon pain, poor appe, dislike speak, chest congest, irri, short temper in severe case, disorientation, maniac behavior, cant control oneself T. pale red t. P. wiry def p. smooth Liv & disperse Liv qi & calm shen -Dan Zi Xiao Yao San -Long Dan Xie Gan Tang - (Liv3, GB34, GB41, Liv14), (ST18, GB21), (SJ6, PC6)
Emotion stress -uprising phlegm-heat restless agitation, bad temper, severe throb h/a, insomnia, extreme emo, instability, manic behavior, shouting, yelling at people for no reason, yellow leukorrhea, constipa T. scarlet t. w/ yellow greasy t/c P. wiry sliperry rapid clear heat & eliminate phlegm Wen Dan Tang add: Shi Chan Pu, Yu Jin severe insomnia due to Ht fire add: Zhu Sha An Shen Wan (Pc7, St40), (ST8, DU24), (SP4, Pc6), (Ren12, UB20), LI11
Created by: djraspberry