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Intro to Java

The step by step solution to a problem algorithm
Application program interface API (acronym)
Standard set of pre-written classes that comes with Java API (definition)
Properties used to defined characteristics of a class attribute
Java's version of machine readable code, also known as object code bytecode
Java program common structure and behavior shared by same types of objects class
Illustrates the class name, attributes, and methods class diagram
Classes already written and accessible by every java program. Also called a package class libraries
Classes already written and accessible by every java program. Also called a library class packages
Program that converts the source code into machine-readable instructions compiler
graphically represents entry or exit to another part of flowchart, or another page Connector symbol
Graphically represents a true/false, yes/no decision to divide the program path decision symbol
That action which an object must perform event
Diagram shoing the relations among an event event diagram
graphical representation of logic flowchart
integrated development environment IDE (acronym)
A programming environment with all the tools necessary to create the programs of that language IDE (Definition)
Program that executes the machine language instructions to produce the results interpreter
Graphically represents entering of data or displaying, printing, or calculating for output IO symbol
Java 2 Standard Edition J2SE (acronym)
Java Database Connectivity JDBC(acronym)
Interface that enables applications to execute queries and interact with databases JDBC(definition)
Java runtime environment JRE
Assists in deploying java programs JRE (definition)
Java server Pages JSP(acronym)
Reusable software component developed in Java for other Java developers Javabean
Server-side technology that uses platform-independent server technology to render platform-specific client pages JSP(definition)
Java Virtual Machine JVM (acronym)
The language interpreter for Java JVM
A signal to a specific object telling it to perform an action message
Instructions for a class that manipulate values, generate outputs or perform actions for the class method
a plan, process, or series of tasks methodology
Object-oriented programming OOD(acronym)
Approach to programming design that identifies how objects interact with each other to solve a program OOD(definition)
Object-oriented programming OOP (acronmym)
Approach to programming where code and the data it operates on are packaged together in a single unit called an object OOP (definition)
An activity that reads or manipulates the data of an object operation
graphically represents a program or operation who's steps are defined elsewhere Predefined Process symbol
Graphically represents execution of an operation process symbol
Writing with keywords and expressing computer actions in English to represent how code should be written pseudocode
Rapid Application Development RAD(acronym)
Using prebuilt objects to develop a program faster RAD(definition)
Software Development Kit SDK(definition)
The programming tools, interfaces, and documentation to make a Java program SDK(acronym)
Hand drawn sketch of how the application window or applet will look, and where the elements will be placed storyboard
A class that is a type of a higher-level class subclass
A higher level class that creates lower levels superclass
The set of rules that specify how (the correct way) the instructions are written syntax
Graphically represents the beginning, end, or point of delay/interruption in a program terminal symbol
An event or operation that causes a message to be sent. Can come from another object or external user trigger
Unified Modeling Language UML (acronym)
Graphical diagram used to describe object behaviors, events, messages, triggers, and interactions UML (definition)
Value added text editor VATE(Acronym)
A simple text editor that color-codes key elements and inserts automatic line numbers. VATE(Definition)
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