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Customer's bags must have a ______ and a_______tag. Destination and ID
The ______ msut be notified immediately if any damage is done to a mobility aid Supervisor or Station Leader
What type of battery must be removed from a mobility aid? Wet
Upon removal of wet cell battery what must be wrapped and protected on the wheel chair Terminals
Gate checked materials are documented on which part of the Baggage Loading Record? Comments
The Baggage Loading Record immediately goes to whom when compleated? Captain
Allegiant Air carries.... Self-Limited cargo
Self-Limited cargo includes the following items? Allegiant Emergency Slides, Allegiant Aircraft Batteries, Allegiant Aircraft Fire Extinguishers
What is the bag free per direction, paid on the web prior to 24 hours before departure? $15 to $30
If a piece of baggage requires a heavy tag what must be done to the heavy tag? Write a 2 or 3 on the tag depending on the weight of the bag
Every bag must have ___ tags on it 2
What four things must be on an automated, baggage destination tag? Airline, name, city code, and flight number
Carry-On baggage must not exceed what dimensions.... 9"H x 14"W x 12"L
Pet carriers must not exceed what dimensions? 9" x 16" x 19"
What is the responsibilities of the Baggage Service Office (BSO) Resolve damage claims, gives customers status updates on lost claims multiple times a day and searches for lost bags for five days
What is the responsibilities of the System Baggage Services (SBS) Issues monetary settlements, Responds to customer complaints and Maintaining policies and statistical records system wide.
The main difference between the BSO and SBS is location, since the BSO is at the airport and SBS is located at Allegiant Air Headquarters True
How long does a customer have to report damage to their bag after their flight arrives 4 hours
A customer can report a missing item up to 24 hours after their flight arrived True
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